How to modify your reality consciously?

  • 2018

What do you need to modify your reality?

Surely on many occasions you have wanted to modify your reality . In this article and in the accompanying video I will try to explain how to do it.

Since the book The Secret of Rhonda Byrne went on sale and the documentary was issued with the same name, much has been said about the Law of Attraction . Both the book and the documentary suggested visualization as the main component to attract the desired reality .

In recent years Quantum Physics has shown that our way of observing reality has the ability to modify that same reality that is observed . Our thoughts create the reality we live and make us experience things in a certain way that fits with our beliefs and with the most recurring thoughts and emotions.

Most of our thoughts are negative and repetitive.

From one day to the next our thoughts hardly change and that is the reason why our reality and our life do not do it at the rhythm or in the way we would like.

To modify your reality, the first thing you have to do is observe the type of thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you experience most often. This step is essential because it will give you a clear clue as to why your life is the way it is.

What you say matters, because with that you can modify your reality

The way you speak and the type of things you express out loud offers you another very important clue. If you continually take advantage of the first opportunity you have to tell everyone that your economic situation is very bad, what do you think will happen with your money? Well, you'll hardly reach the end of the month or maybe not even that. If you repeat this type of comment very often, you may always have debts or red numbers in your bank account.

Those things you say, even if you joke, you say them because they have to do with your most recurring thoughts and your deep beliefs.

Your subconscious does not understand jokes.

Do not joke about what you do not want to attract into your life, remember that your subconscious understands things in a littoral way and he is the one who is responsible for generating your reality with the information that you constantly repeat and with the thoughts and emotions that you have more to often.

Once you have observed your most habitual thoughts and emotions and once you have observed how you speak and the things you say, you will become aware of why your life is how it is, because it will be a faithful reflection of what you think, what you feel And what you say You may believe that you are optimistic, but that is of no use, if 90% of your thoughts prove otherwise.

To modify your reality, leave out of your consciousness what you don't want

To modify your reality you have to start focusing on what you want to attract to your life, visualizing it is often a good way to do it, but it is not enough, you also have to behave like the antivirus of a computer with your negative thoughts, you have to Detect them as soon as possible and get them out of your mind.

It is normal that doubts, fears and lack of faith often appear while trying to modify your reality or to manifest something in your life, but you have to be constantly watching to banish all thoughts that make you feel doubt. If you stop focusing your awareness on the things you want to avoid, you will move them away from your life.

Your reality is going to be created with those ideas, thoughts and emotions that you pay the most attention to.

That which you pay attention to will increase in your life because energy always follows thought and the more you think of something, either because you want it or because you fear it, the easier it is to manifest in your life.

A very important trick is to focus on what you want as if you were playing, as children do. If instead of wanting it with joy and innocence, you feel you need it, you will be focusing on the need and the Universe will give you more need. So you will not be able to manifest what you want unless you can manage to enjoy focusing on what you want but accepting that it would be nice to have it, but that nothing would happen either and you could be happy even if you did not have it.

Discover some more things about how to modify your reality in the following video . If you like it and find it useful, remember to share this article and the video so that more people arrive.

Author: Santos vila Ruiz

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