Behind the Veil: A look at the phenomenon of channeling. Second Part (Spanish Translation)

  • 2017

Interview with Lyssa Royal, by Kanuni Hoshima. Second part. (In English in the original)

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From your experience as a channel since 1985, do you find any similarity in the messages that have been channeled?

There is definitely a similarity in the messages. It seems as if each channel had its own area of ​​expertise, but most messages are similar. Those basic messages include the following ideas:

- We are the creators of our own reality, and that reality is created through our thoughts and emotions.

We are part of a galactic family of which we are not fully aware. Beings of immense diversity have visited us and continue to visit us either physically (like UFOs), or on a spiritual level (how angels).

A profound transformation is happening right now, which has been called differently by different teachers. This is a tangible and real event.

We have all connections with God within us and we do not need to worship anything external. We are all part of God and we do not need anyone from outside to serve as cosmic messengers, no priest, no church, no guru and certainly no n channel.

You often mention that channeling is a process of cooperation between the guiding spirit and the channel. What does that mean? What determines the quality of a channel?

In the old middle school, the mediums were only vehicles for the messages of the spirits. Often the medium entered into a kind of dream and was not present during the message's retransmission. When the entity abandoned it, the channel collapsed from exhaustion. They had to recharge again. It was a process of separation between the life of the channel and its spiritual work.

At present, channeling is a much more cooperative effort between channels and entities. Finally, I think that this is much healthier and better for the channel. Most channels now enter a state of semi-consciousness and do not give control to the entity. The entity cannot do anything that goes against the moral code of the channel. The channel enters a receptive state and allows the entity to do the job. While channeling happens, the channel also benefits. Not only do you sleep. It benefits and grows, and the channeled energy of some

mode also transforms the channel to very deep levels.

The channel is associated with the entity, so the channel can tell you: Your energy is too strong. Can you send me less, please?

The channel can make requirements to the entity, which is more than willing to please. This is extremely important, because we see ourselves as equal to the channeled entities and work in association with them, so the idea of ​​separation has diminished.

Now, regarding the second part of your question. The aspects that determine the quality of a channel might surprise some people. One of the wrong beliefs is that all good channels must be unconscious while channeling so that your mind does not interfere. However, I have seen many unconscious channels that are not clear, and whose channeled information is critical and in some cases odious. What seems to determine the quality of the channel is how much personal growth process they have done during their lives. Have your fears and resistance and your fear of victimization worked? Have you learned to give up criticism? If they have done the self-consolidation work to authorize entities to act, they can become humble and be committed to their personal growth (even if they have seen parts of themselves that they did not want to see), then they can be very good and clear channels

It doesn't matter if a channel is unconscious, semi-conscious or conscious. The state of the channel's heart, its mind and its emotions is what is extremely important.

So a channeled entity must use channel vocabulary and is limited by its humanity?

That's right. Any belief system or discrimination that we have as human, is codified in our cells. If a human allows an entity to merge completely with its reality, the entity still has to use the brain of the channel and use the codes that are in its cells to speak and express itself. It is a biochemical process as much as a spiritual process. Coding can act as a distortion mechanism. If you wear crystals that are dyed red, then everything you see will be tinted red. Our internal coding always inks or distorts the energy that comes to us from a spiritual source. Unless we learn to reduce that distortion, it will always be distorted, no matter if we are aware or unconscious how channels.

So the channel can only be cleaned through personal work?

For the most part. According to the research I have done during the last decade, the answer would be yes. The channel must have the will to commit to its growth and work the most difficult issues in order to stay clean.

Some people have the concept that, once one has learned to channel and can access the wisdom of other dimensions, all problems will be solved. They won't have to do anything except listen to the advice. This belief is not really correct, right?

No. Believe it or not, many of my students have had that impression. Some have thought that if they became channels, they would never have any problems in their lives. Entities are not here to stop our learning and growth. They are here today to stimulate our growth. They will always tell a channel that they are here to serve us, but they are not here to take away our problems. We must learn and grow, strengthening ourselves as well as humans. These human challenges make us clearer as channels. If a student wishes to learn channeling with that expectation, he will find the process very difficult, in fact.

You have been a very public channel since 1985, what do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about channeling?

There is a lot of discrimination regarding channeled material. One of the biggest challenges has to do with society in general. The majority of society understands channeling only as presented by the media. The media portray it in a very distorted way, because the media likes to promote sensationalism and sensationalist journalism. They focus on drama rather than information or the beautiful experiences that the protagonists have had.

The biggest distortion portrayed by the media is that the channels are in this for money. I can tell you that I have not become rich with channeling and that I could get more money working as a secretary, which is precisely what I was doing before dedicating myself to channeling.

Many people also believe that people who channel, are simply crazy or have unbalanced personalities. The truth is that it is the exact opposite. I have been very fortunate to learn about the research of a doctor who studied the canalization, and found that, for the most part, healthy channels were very balanced people. They have a higher level of education and are emotionally stable, as well as how they have a good relationship with physical reality.

I would say that if people only took time to investigate about channeling before issuing a trial, they would realize that it is something very different from what preconceived notions dictate. Of course, there are also insane channels, which unfortunately, make things more difficult for other channels that are committed to their personal development and clarity.

How did channeling change your life? How did you enrich your life?

That is a difficult question because since 1984 channeling is an integral part of my life so important that I don't know what could have been of me without it.

I would say that when I started to channel, I began to feel more control in my life. I began to feel that I created my reality and that I had the power to create the positive reality that I preferred. Any challenge that arose, I had the power to overcome it and learn from it. Channeling has encouraged me to always learn from anything I experience, and it has made me more optimistic, probably more than it would ever have been in my life, if it wasn't a channel.

Do you get benefits from channeling? How do you ask the entities questions?

There are different ways.

The easiest for me is to write the question and have someone else asking while I'm channeling. The area that I would like to improve in my own channeling is the answer to my own questions.

Sometimes, I throw the question out to the Universe, and shortly thereafter I receive the answer, either through inspiration, or through a vital circumstance that they show me in the answer.

Other times, the guide comes very clearly in the form of a "ball of thought" that seems to fall into my consciousness. Once I unravel it (as if it were a ball of wool) the answer presents itself.

I enjoy the process of learning to understand the answer once it has been received. Sometimes, I reach the answers in a simple way, but if I'm not ready to listen to them, they don't make sense to me. When you learn them for yourself,

(instead of repeating the answer mechanically), the process is much deeper.

Channels have often said that they reached an agreement to work with their spiritual guides, before becoming incarnate in their current lives. Is that true for you?

I don't know if I reached an agreement to make it so public, but I feel like I made an agreement to channel. One of the entities I work with now (Sasha) says that she is a physical alien from the Pleiades star system. When I was a child my cousin and I used to make a lot of jokes about extraterrestrial beings. We used to say that we came from the Pleiades and Orion respectively. Even as a child, she already felt that connection and fascination with the stars, especially with the Pleiades.

I had an experience when I started channeling, even before joining the class. I was in a sauna, and I was relaxing. Suddenly I heard a communication that told me: Are you ready? I was scared and said: `` Ready for what?

The voice said: Are you ready to do what you agreed to do?

I don't know who sent that communication. It was clear that they were communicating by calling my number and that it was time to get to work. I was scared because he put a lot of pressure on me.

So yes. I think he reached an agreement before he was born, but I don't know what kind.

Could you explain the UFO experience you had in 1979, what was your turning point?

My father's house was in a rural area of ​​New Hampshire. It had been the first snow of the season and I was looking outside to see how much snow had fallen. It was dark and I saw a large ball of light that looked like a miniature sun. I would say it was about 500 meters away, over the forest across the street.

Maybe it was closer. I was floating. From time to time, I made some angular movements that no aircraft could do. It was very cloudy because it was snowing, so it had to be really close.

When I called my family to the window, they also witnessed. By the time they arrived, the ball of light began to release something that looked like a tear of fire. It fell towards the earth. When I opened the door, I heard a very unusual sound, like a hum that started very low in tone, and then it grew in tone and intensity until it disappeared.

He was only 18 years old, and wanted desperately to go to the forest to see him. I was not afraid. I was excited. But my father did not allow me to go out to investigate. He made no noise that could come from a conventional aircraft. The area in which I grew up, in New Hampshire, was known for its UFO activity. This really left an impact on me.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to develop their channeling skills?

The first thing that channeling will do for you, will be to accelerate your personal growth. So be prepared! If you choose to develop as a channel, you will be transformed and become a different person. The best possible reason to be a channel is to become a better person. If you choose this goal and pursue it while using channeling as a tool, it will be a very good and clear channel.

I would not recommend it to people who choose channeling to make it their profession, or to solve all the problems of their life, or for any other reason that does not include a humble service. It has to be a path of the heart. The road becomes more difficult for those whose main reason is not their own growth. This is because in order to become a good channel, you must have the will to look in the mirror of your soul and embrace even the most horrible aspects of yourself. Not everyone is willing to do that.

Finally, and still at the risk of sounding like a school teacher, if you are going to do it, you should practice, practice and practice. This is the way you will be clear. When you practice, you will have periods of doubt. Continue practicing during those periods of doubt, because the doubt eventually vanishes. But you have to have the will to do it, even during difficult periods.

People also have the misconception that channeling is only a process of connection with spiritual entities and guides. However, you often emphasized that the channeling of spiritual guides is currently a learning byproduct to connect with the Higher Self, which is currently much more important. Can you elaborate that idea?

When you focus on personal growth and clarify the blockages, the natural result is to make a connection with the Higher Self. Once the connection with the Higher Self is made, many doors will open. The door to creativity opens along with the door of many hidden talents that you don't even know you have. One of those talents could be the talent of channeling spiritual guides. If you choose to learn to channel spiritual guides and focus only on that and not focus on your personal growth, it will be a difficult path. If you choose the path of the Higher Self, then the door of the Universe will open in all its breadth in front of you.

The Higher Self is simply the part of us that has all the connections with God. It is our own individual Christ / Buddha consciousness, which we possess within. It also represents the pinnacle of human potential. The Higher Self exists for all of us and is the highest point of view of life on Earth. From the perspective of the Higher Self, our world of confusion makes sense. When you make your own intimate connection with the Higher Self, your life begins to make sense.

What role does the Higher Self play when channeling to other entities?

The Higher Self is like the guardian of a great cosmic switchboard. The Higher Self knows your way in any life, even when you don't know it consciously. The Higher Self always guides and protects you and makes sure you move in the direction necessary for your own personal growth.

When you are channeling to another entity, the Higher Self will be the switchboard that brings that entity or that gives permission to the entity to pass through you and communicate.

So the energy of the Higher Self is mixed with that of the spiritual guide that speaks through you?

Yes. The energy of the entity is channeled through the Higher Self. I describe the process as follows: I enter the altered state of consciousness. If the channeling were a car, the personality that I know as Lyssa falls asleep in the back seat, and my Higher Self is going to be the driver. The entity is a passenger in the passenger seat. The higher Self drives the Car and guides the channeling experience. The entity is the browser. It is a process of cooperation between the Higher Self and the entity. Thus, when the entity arrives, the energy will be a mixture between them.

What happens if two different channels channel the same energy? Will the channeled entity have the same personality?

Yes, but there may be subtle differences. I have channeled Bashar (who was first channeled by Darryl Anka). The Bashar that came through me and the Bashar that came through Darryl are remarkably the same entity. However, the subtle aspects of the entity were colored either by my Higher Self, or by Darryl. There were interesting things that happened. Darryl and I have channeled Bashar and channeled the same information over the space of a couple of days, not knowing that it also came through another channel. In fact, there is a sense of continuity between both information.

Could you describe your unique method of channeling?

I make a form of channeling that I call "Semiconscious Channeling." That means that I enter an altered state of consciousness but I don't leave my body. It feels like I'm sleeping and dreaming. My eyes are normally closed, and my speech patterns change slightly. When I wake up, I may or may not remember what I have said. Sometimes I have my own experiences or teachings while the guides are speaking to the audience. Normally I only remember about 50% of the channeled material. If I do not discuss it after the session, it fades from my memory how a dream fades when we are busy with our daily lives.

Before finishing the interview I would like to emphasize again that it does not matter if a channel chooses to make a conscious, semi-conscious or unconscious channel. All methods can produce clear and deep channeling. The most important key is the quality of the channel as a person and as a vehicle. In choosing a channel, you should ask yourself questions such as the following:

- “How is the personal life of the channel? Do you practice what he says? ”

- “How clear is the channel in its waking state? Is there a lot of chaos in your life, or is it a relatively balanced individual? ”

- "Do you easily tune into life on earth, or are you looking to escape from reality?"

- "Are the channel or channeled entity telling you with subtlety or by force that they have the only truth and that you must follow them to be saved?"

These issues and others will open a window regarding the quality of the channel and the channels. Do not be afraid to use discernment (as much as judgment) when you are looking for a channel that gives you useful and clear information. There are different styles for everyone. Keep searching until you find the right channel for you.

If you approach channeling with an open mind and heart, it can be wonderfully rewarding. Keep in mind that most channels do not give this service to prove anything. Since channeling cannot be proven, it is ridiculous to try to use it as a validation method.

Instead, it is a spiritual service that leads to an individual return to the inner God.

In our distant past, channeling in its many forms was a natural part of life not only for shamans and spiritual masters, but for anyone with a sincere desire to connect with the greatest part of themselves. Today's world has a rigid and dogmatic scientific perspective, but many people are abandoned because they feel the voice of spirituality within them. A growing number of people are returning to their own interior to be guided. This search will serve to reinforce the individual how to be spiritual, and when practiced with humility and an open heart, will always guide the seeker on his return home.


TRANSLATION: Eva Villa, editor in the big family


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