Archangel Raphael says: you have a power to act concretely on your physical body, in a palpable and visible way

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 You may be asked Why do I use that word? 2 You should know that on Earth, that world in which you live, everything works in reverse 3 Each of you has the power to act concretely on your physical body 4 Each of you has the power to act concretely on your physical body

Dear Earth beings, Rafael, the Archangel of Love and Healing, speaks to you, who is in charge of the revered Master of the Divine Ray of Green Light. This day I greet you, with respect and affection.

On this occasion I come to you with the purpose of letting you know that you have each of the keys, powers and knowledge that you need to get rid of not only the physical sufferings, but also of anything else that torments you during your earthly stay . Likewise, you have to be aware that you have powerful tools that allow you to heal both those around you and yourself; and that these tools are acting in order to give them a " miracle ."

You may wonder why I use that word?

And the answer in very simple, today, beloved brothers, many of you attribute to the inexplicable healings miracles, which in other words, basically consists in God's intervention on their lives. In many ways this is true; however, there is no miracle within the healing process, but only the application of a spiritual and metaphysical law which takes its source of inspiration from the unconditional universal Love.

On multiple occasions, both the Masters belonging to the Brotherhood of Light as well as my Archangel Brothers, and many other beings of light, have come before you to speak to you and teach you about the immense power you possess. the thought. Similarly , the process of creating creation through matter has been explained by the concentration of thoughts that are stored inside the ether, that is, in that element that conforms to the 5th Sun; We have explained to you how, unconsciously, you create your own reality, which is generated around your personal, professional, affective condition and of course, about your health. And it is that the immense power that surrounds your thought energies is capable of extending far beyond the state of your Being, so that it creates, shapes and orders the reality that surrounds you even in the More small details.

They must know that on Earth, that world in which they live, everything works in reverse

By this they mean that everything works “backwards”, which is because since ancient times the human being has changed the divine values, and consequently, the magnetic poles have been reversed. And since that time, individual interest has prevailed over divinity; the material world seized the spiritual world causing the energetic vibrations of Universal Love to disappear, and next to them, the possibility of the Great Beings to manifest themselves in a density as extreme as that of their planet. According to this principle, beloved beings of light, today they continue to think backwards and that is why they are convinced that they suffer from diseases that affect their organs, since they are feeding a process that turns out to be reversible .

Each of you has the power to act concretely on your physical body, in a palpable and visible way. Begin by determining and real an awareness that each of you is a divine custodian of the Flame of Eternal Life, that of which the different religions you created have spoken to you without allowing you to really understand their great meaning. You are the incarnation of God within this world, and as such, you manifest Love and Light, since that is what your ultimate goal on Earth is about after your numerous incarnations; Its purpose is to finally reach the state of the Divinity of Man.

All of you are characterized as beings that embody the Divine Light, and those who have managed to open their hearts to know the truth, manifest that Light within the world around them; However, for the mind to gain victory over matter, they must be fully aware of the immense powers they possess, while accepting and receiving them as a fundamental part of their existence on Earth.

Each of you has the power to act concretely on your physical body

In front of you is an old town, it is " the people of the Siddhas ", which conquered old age, disease and as a result, death. Currently these people inhabit a different dimensional plane and help them wake up from the duality that keeps them blinded so that they find their true divine nature. This people completely controlled their Being and had the ability to swallow all kinds of viruses and / or microbes without getting sick; Each of the secrets you possessed was then revealed to those who would become Masters of the White Brotherhood, who are currently trying to reveal them to you gradually.

They must understand that none of this is fiction, but that it is the purest realized: the other beings that lived in other worlds went through this process and now it is their turn to realize that they are beings with a great power of change; It is your duty as inhabitants of this world .

Numerous methods will teach you how to approach your physical bodies, organs, cells and even your primordial cells. In many ways, they will be able to penetrate the deepest secrets their incarnate bodies possess; they will learn to listen to their ills, to use different flames and rays of energy, different methods of prayers and transcendental meditation to be able to heal first their subtle bodies and then their physical bodies. There is a technique for each of these actions, a kind of familiarity with one or another method ; However, it is the basis of each technique and / or method that we are talking about this time, that is, to understand that the evils that affect the physical body are the results and not the causes.

Each of you has the power to act concretely on your physical body

Remember, everything that has been done can be undone! It is possible to solve everything that you have allowed to be created, in terms of physical dysfunction, by reversing the creation process. However, it is necessary to identify what is behind this process, and to achieve this it is necessary to immerse them in your cellular memory in order to understand how one or another physical manifestation occurred (accident, disease, among others) . Only then will it be enough for them to get away from the old events and accept that those conditions that affect them are a consequence of some action and have not developed by chance.

In the same way, they will have to forgive themselves, for all this; then they should consciously direct to their hands all the power that the divine energy possesses within them, in order to heal, calm and strengthen themselves. This is how dear brothers are, in their interior there is the power they need to generate real changes in their physical body, do not doubt it; trust it and they will develop it to a greater extent and in less time.

This is what the medicine of the future is all about! It is the real medicine for the soul and the heart. Feel yourself within the immense energy of Love and accept the great Divine power of the Green Ray, which accompanies you in each of the stages of your life!

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento

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