What is the BioNeuroEmoci n

  • 2018

Within the world of alternative therapies, a number of techniques have been found, some more natural and researched than others. Today we propose a new approach. Do you want to know what is or what is the BioNeuroEmoción ? We bring you all the details you have to know about it to know if you think it could be helpful in your case.

Everything you need to know about BioNeuroEmoción

When talking about BioNeuroEmoción we have to keep in mind that we are biological beings . Through this technique we learn to listen to the biology of our body. And for that, it is also necessary to think in terms related to biology. In addition, it is necessary to have vision at symbolic levels, since the receiver of all the impulses that we receive externally is the unconscious.

At birth, our DNA contains certain information from our family . Everything nature does keeps an order. Thus, we are born with the information of our family tree, and this also includes emotional shocks.

It should also be borne in mind that the purpose of the human being is reproduction, something like passing the information to the next generations to evolve learning and quality of life.

According to this theory, and others, for this all the genes of the body are programmed. Therefore, to understand this therapy, we repeat, we must bear in mind that the purpose of man is reproduction, and for that the human body is programmed.

What is the therapy?

The BioNeuroEmoci n supports its intervention procedures on pillars such as development and the advances that different sciences can entail. All that he has done has been to propitiate the knowledge that exists between the relationship of emotions and their impact on the biological functioning of the human being.

The information that our body is transmitting to us can be understood as such. If we receive bad news, we probably have stomach pains, etc. That is why this technique is considered as a new way of understanding and experiencing life.

In short, it is a new paradigm that implies infinite possibilities that we would have before us. It is a perfect method both to understand and to become aware of the relationship between unconscious emotions . And we must not forget the impact it has on the quality of life of the person.

History of therapy

As for the historical references, say we found Lipton. It is a molecular biologist who discovered that genes are nothing more than a storage system . A kind of hard drive that living beings use.

In addition, he considered that cells only have two modes of action, through attraction or flight. That is, through two types of basic emotions that serve to boost human beings, and that translate into love or fear.

Sellam's discoveries also stand out. He was responsible for discovering psychosomatic medicine . We talk about a type of medicine that almost completely endorses the theories of Hamer and Lipton.

What it does in this way is to contribute new elements that would act as the cause of the disease, as a transgenerational inheritance, and that would be the cause of the diseases, the genealogical maps or the way to face the resolution of those transgenerational conflicts.

For his part, Albert Popp found that all living beings emit light radiation . A radiation that helps them to cure certain diseases.

Uniting all these previous knowledge, plus the current advances, a new therapy, the BioNeuroEmoción, has been connected and affirmed, which allows us to work on the physical, neuronal, biological and emotional aspects of the human body to achieve a total recomposition.

Seen at Mireya Larruskain, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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