The fear of not being good enough. Archangel Chamuel, Sanada and Sandalphone

  • 2016

The fear of not being good enough, is something ancestral, which is in all of you, comes from tribal times.

All of you, were marked by group consciences, and being rejected implied beyond distance pain and fear, implied death by the dimensions of the earth, in those times of darkness .

Many of you in the middle that are approaching your authentic being, experimental a self sabotage, produced by this ancestral fear, which is in the 4 chakra.

Now with the activation of Gaia in this eclipse each one of them to reach their individual energy, their personal imprint their authentic being of light, and individuality in their memories, instead of feeling it as a gift to contribute to unity, the magic of being One in universal chain. On the contrary, the memories of fear of loneliness rejection and fear of not being good enough awake if you are yourselves….

It is now the stellar time to heal is wounded and this is the gift we offer you, a balance pillar with Metatron, Hilarión Sandalfone and Sant Germain .. (see balance pillar under the canalization).

It is time for its solar initiation and the greatest opening of the heart, and for this the 4 center must be able to receive the incoming energy, in all its dimensions, as a heart chakra , as a thymus, as an anchor point and as a point of the soul, in union with his Akashic wisdom, in the center of his back inside the heart chakra.

If thousands of years, being oneself was synonymous with pain, death, rejections and a thousand more tortures, even in his childhood even in this life they have experienced it …………

Gaia already closed its 3D vibration it is up to you to open awareness and reach it in your vibration increase, transform your being into harmonic vibration, and therefore we give you this meditation, so you can cancel with awareness ... everything that is no longer part of his solar consciousness, but is energy and pattern of tribal and human behavior .

All of you are good enough, the moment you meet, and you decide what you decide for the consciousness that you understand. Only love is real, the rest is just a mental opening of cause and consequence, which the heart does not contemplate, it is time to walk barefoot feeling each step, the path of equality of the heart of the universal vibration, in union with the planet and his being

Without expectations, without customs, without waiting, just walking, just being, just living, that's the real frequency of your day to day.

Beloved brothers, this quantum leap of Gaia between March 8 and 9 of his time and the incoming light in the portal 9-3-9, is the concrete opening space of his solar being and the great incorporation of his heart chakra, beloved being we accompany you even in all its essence and its walk.

Because they are not alone, we are at their side, accompanying in their consciences and decisions, supporting without advancing anything and without looking at others where they came here. Well, in the universe there are only moments of the present, in which people become aware of their struggle and their light, and judgment and comos ……, they only belong to the human mind that still needs to classify, and separate and rank.

No being of light, will never be looking at his past, but to heal or become aware of something, in his subtle and emotional bodies, for us life is an eternal present, which with love we can transform, by vibration, without waiting for anyone, without forcing anyone and without living for anyone, other than oneself, the individual in eternal union with unity.

Every trace every step, every moment is fine, is correct, because it is part of a greater opening of consciousness in each being.

What you call universal love, we call it love, is born from the gaze of oneself, and from the truth of each one, as to their present reality.

Love, peace, truth and respect are the keys to consciousness, because each one of us lives in parallel and in a perfect moment for what we have to learn and experience, even beings of light, we live in learning in our planes of consciousness, because universal evolution in infinite and we are all part of this beautiful path, which is life.

Beloved girl of light, there are many geometries that open in you, mainly, the golden and orange energy, mer ka bas of golden orange light, will enter Gaia in the next few hours, these light, crystalline energy will be present in you to open the consciences, of the 2 chakra, of creation, and personal vibration, the fusion with the golden ray and its creativity, the pulse of light, of its internal sacred fire that opens the doors of joy and abundance, to calm its own resources, that is the new ways of relating to energy so that your soul plan is fulfilled.

These geometries of light are universal for everyone, allow them to happen to fill you with light and energy and open up to all of them to give you their gift.

They will be incorporated into you in spaces of silence and rest, let them flow, and that they naturally incorporate all of you, beloved to be of light, thank you for all that you are all facing on a planetary level, and that so much joy bring to all others, thanks, beloved ones from the sun of Alcyon Saitn Germain, Sananda and Chamue l. And Sandalphone.

Exercise of the balance pillar or balance portal

Balance Portal

After making an anchor of light, which will consist of breathing deeply several times, and asking for a ray of platinum light to the universe, which descends, through the star chakra of the soul, in the direction of the crown and then the 7 chakras of the body, and finally the star farm of Gaia, breathing deeply several times from 3, to 9, by field and from there to the core of the earth. Where we will ask for a ray of green light or emerald frequency, which will rise through this prana of platinum light in an upward direction, and that will travel all the fields, with a breath in each one, we will feel like the energy rises and goes through you in a cascade of light that surrounds you and forms a sphere of light, or electromagnetic field or aura, in you. In our sphere we call Master Hilari n, in the name of the I am in my invocation to Master Hilari n, we breathe and check: Are you Hilari n in the name of light and love? And if he answers if it is me, in the name of light and love, we ask him to continue before us, in order to establish a balance bridge.

We breathe deeply 3 times and after talking with him. And thank you, we will call the teacher Sant Germain, with the same protocol, in the name of I am in me, I call the teacher saint Germain, we breathe and check: Are you Sait Germain in the name of light and love? and we ask him to stand behind us in front of Hilarion and we remain in the middle of both.

We breathe again and call the Archangel sandalfone, to fill us with the green ray and help us heal, that which does not allow us to move forward and place to the right of our body.

We talked to him, we breathed again and asked the archangel Metatron to come join us in the violet ray and place himself on the left side of us.

FORMING BETWEEN THE FOUR THE EXTREME OF OUR HORIZONTAL AXES OF THE DIAMANTINE CONSCIENCE, we breathe deeply 3 times and ask if they can open in us the energy of balance in the heart chakra, and visualize and feel like that energy, enters through the Cones of our heart chakra and each one will experience the work, we will feel how things are changing, opening, transforming and we can talk to them.

We breathe again and when they tell us that for today it is enough, we leave you marches and we thank you, until the next meeting this exercise, it is ideal in moments of energy portal, anxiety pains etc ... to be able to filter the energy without lumbalgias No strong pains, mua.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus


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