Launch of Blogs of the CRITICAL FAMILY. Meditation Initiative by Iberia.


From the IBERIAN CHRIST FAMILY, with joy and joy we inform you of the launch of new initiatives and information, according to the dynamics of spiritual service that we are developing.

These initiatives are the following:


These blogs contain the information and the follow-up of each of the four spiritual initiatives promoted by the Iberian Christ Family. In them you can find all the public information about the foundations, activities and proposals of each one of the initiatives and you can send your comments. Your email addresses are as follows:

  • SHARE WITH LOVE Initiative: http: // share-
  • IBERIA ACTIVA Initiative: http: //
  • MISSION AFRICA Initiative: http: //
  • Initiative THE OBSERVATORY OF THE PROPHECY: http: //


This is a proposal promoted by the IBERIA ACTIVA initiative, which attempts to synchronously bring together as many Iberian Light Workers as possible around a weekly meditation activity by Iberia.

The meditations will be held every Thursday of the year in a time segment between 19.00 and 23.00 hours. Each participant will meditate for 30 to 60 minutes in the place they prefer and at the time they prefer within the previous time frame. It will not be necessary to meet to meditate, unless several participants so agree among themselves, sporadically or recurrently. The guide to the meditation will be at the discretion of the participant, although we will publish material on Iberia, common elements of meditation and general principles to facilitate and guide a common objective this meditation .

This meditation will help notably to integrate Iberia as a single energy Corpus and activate it towards the Light, thus enhancing its power to fulfill its specific mission within the Evolutionary Plan ( more information about Iberia and its mission at

This proposal of spiritual work has been imported from our Portuguese brothers, who have been doing a Meditation for Portugal for more than a year, every Thursday, with the same intention and of the same nature as the one proposed here.

To participate in the Meditation by Iberia, the Lightworker must simply register by sending an email to Domingo D az in which he accompanies his full name, his number of mobile and the city in which he lives (only the city), and clearly expresses the intention of joining the "Meditation for Iberia".

The day indicated to start these meditations with all those registered is Thursday, June 11, the day after the Activation of the Portuguese Merkaba, which will have place next June 10, national holiday of Portugal.

So what on May 24 for these launches?

As we usually do, with much Love and Consciousness, we have chosen on May 24 to make this launch. The 24's are very special for us and we have chosen them to activate and give continuity to our most important temporary synchronic synchronization, because they tune us to the wonderful loving resonance of the 24 Elders of the Galactic Confederation and its Call to Unconditional Love, held on August 24, 2008. Since then, with the most fascinating synchronicity, on the 24th of each month in 2008 extraordinary things have happened: On November 24 we received the energetic-Critical Emanation that is called Self-denominated Christ Iberian and around which, under his tutelage and inspiration, we are creating and developing the Critical Family, whose creation, together with the spiritual initiatives that we have to promote, was instructed on December 24, 2008.

Therefore, in 2009 we scheduled on February 24 to present the Iberia Activa initiative in Lisbon; On March 24 we did it in Madrid by expanding the presentation with those of the rest of the spiritual initiatives, and on April 24 we repeated the same presentations in Barcelona. With this new release of information and initiatives today, May 24, we give continuity and validity to the loving resonance of the 24 Elders.

From the Iberian Christ Family we send you a luminous hug.

In service and with love.

Domingo Díaz Asensio



- (+34) 649102212


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