Master Kuthumi: Time That Goodness Is The Operating System

  • 2019

Channeled by Linda Dillon, March 2, 2019

Greetings, I AM Master Kuthumi, traveling brother, brother of compassion, brother of goodness, brother of learning, brother of tenderness.

And I welcome all of you because it doesn't matter what lightning you occupy, or what planet you emanate from, or in what dimension you prefer to lie, because that is the beauty of the creation of our Mother and Father ... isn't it? It is substantial diversity ... you never see one of the rainbow's rays trying to surpass another ray. Because, isn't it glorious when they witness all the colors and all the splendor and all the delight?

Isn't diversity glorious?

And yes, I thank you for having answered my call and invited me to take a step forward on this day. Yes, you can say with humility or modesty, but what I would say is: “I move forward with joy to proclaim, not only the new beginning of the Mother, but also, sweet angels of light, her new beginning. Because you take a step forward in the beauty and splendor of your lightning, your being, your plan, your path, your dreams, your desires and your fulfillment. ”

I wish to speak with you for a few minutes only about goodness . And yes, I have given this channel the mantra 'The Goodness Account' for a long time and it has been adopted by many of you.

But now is the time for goodness to become the operating system, the default, for all human beings on the planet and beyond.

Goodness must be part of every human being.

You know Sometimes you think or say, “Oh, where are our star brothers and sisters? When will I see them resting their feet on this ground? ” What is not thought too often is that there are many human beings who have also supported their feet on the ground of other places, on other planets and other ships, in other realms and other realities Now, of course, these beings have advanced, and know the meaning of goodness, and how it works, and how it looks and how it behaves.

But, I mention this simply so that they understand the expansion of the imagination, the expansion of the potential, of what is possible ... not in the distant future but right now, in their lives, at this time, in this realm they occupy, regardless what dimension they are entering and leaving.

Evolution has to do with goodness.

There has been a serious, grave disregard for the simplicity of goodness and there is often a very wrong opinion, a sense of arrogance, that to be kind you have to degrade and reduce yourself. Nothing is further from reality!

Because, in fact, goodness, kindness, compassion of the heart, of being, of the way, of expression, of every action they take, demands expansion because they are spreading, not stretching by force, but spreading in the truth, the power, the vibration, the sound, the color, the lightning, of who they are.

For a long time kindness has been despised for being considered weakness.

But goodness is expansion and power.

Goodness is not simply compassion although compassion includes goodness is careful and this has been lost. There are so many humans who say: Well, I don't care what you think, I don't care what you feel, I don't care . And they proceed in violation, in abuse, in abhorrence, because not to worry is to literally say `` what the Mother has created, with what I have the honor of occupying the planet, it does not matter, it does not count . ''

It is the supreme act of arrogance, of ego, to declare or pretend that one does not care.

Care is the trait of all angels, all ascended kingdoms, all ascended beings, and care is never myopic.

Goodness, care is the characteristics of ascended kingdoms.

And the other thing I want to say , care, gentle care, attention, kindness to your sacred self is of the utmost importance and you need to implore them to do whatever it takes to Be kind to yourselves.

Yes, as the Arc Rafael Angel has said, put yourself first because when you put others in front of you and I am not saying that there are no circumstances in which, of course, put someone else in front of you, that is also goodness and compassion.

But, as a daily diet, as a modus operandi of how to live, if you are not friendly, if you are not mentors, examples, living and respiratory entities that guide yourselves, then, c How can they be kind to someone else, genuine, true and deeply? It will only be a portion, a percentage, a minimum, of the truth of what they are capable of doing. And my beloved brothers and sisters, you are capable of much, and yes, much more than you are even thinking. They are sacred.

With the first one that you must be kind is with you.

If you were to find the most precious object of the museum, in the Taj Mahal, in the Temple of Luxor, you would be taught goodness because you are living entities, you will breathe and be gentle and respectful, and make sure that it does not splinter, neither crack, nor break, nor break an object so sacred. They would be stunned by that beautiful creation.

And yet, beloved, do they do this to themselves? Are they treated with the greatest care, respect, kindness, honors they deserve?

If they met a bird with a broken wing, they would hold it in their hands, nourish it and send it healing love and be kind even if it meant that this bird abandoned its physical form, they would do it with kindness and love .

Well sweeties, many of you have been birds with broken wings, and their wings are healing and they are preparing to fly.

But what allows that to happen is to be treated with kindness ... and then, knowing the joy, the purity, the sweetness of how you feel, then you are capable and eager to share that kindness with others, even with those who have been more abusive because very often it is they who have forgotten that goodness counts, and how goodness feels, true sweetness.

So I come this day and every day, like your calm brother, or maybe not so quiet, to ask and implore, to guide and beg you, to be treated with loving kindness.

And if you don't know how, if you have forgotten it in any way, turn to me, turn east and ask me… because it will honor me to assist you so that you are kind to you, to be able to help you, to help you in something, in ways that Be practical and applicable, because I love you, and know that you are loved and appreciated, and that they are important.

They are valued and valuable, they are worthy, they are precious.

Go with my love, and with my goodness. Goodbye.

Master Kuthumi

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SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2019) Time For Kindness To Be The Operating System

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