Transcend emotions and thoughts from within

  • 2019

This week will be different from any other, since they will be more involved in what is research and understanding through their own exploration and consequent discoveries, of what It has a greater impact than it could simply have an action such as the write .

This is due to the fact that part of the higher consciousness that is found in all of you consists in understanding things, because many of you are still using traveling mentalities that are extremely limited. It consists of a time to learn and relate again to the energetic and vibratory understanding.

Emotions = Energy = Vibrational Frequency

Everything that is not Love cannot be more than fear and separation, since all emotions start from a program that is formed in the unconscious and, remains active in the deepest part of every human being. This program consists of an ancient and entrenched belief that has become part of the physical constitution of all of you, being present in your being at the cellular level. But the time has come to wake up numerous things that you could not perceive before.

The first of these things is that they are going through a time of purification that aims to free them from all those vibrations that are inferior, since each experience that is presented within their earthly existence, supposes a fundamental part within the process through which Your Soul ( Pure Consciousness of the Creative Source ) adapts to your bodies making all beliefs, feelings and low thoughts disappear and give rise to a much higher vibration.

This is a process that we help them carry out in various ways through Transcendence, since when it comes to higher energies, one way of realizing and understanding things is to do it through the unconscious and that is exactly what they have been doing. to some extent, during their earthly lives until the arrival of our Luminous Lights, which are intended to help them see and understand.

What goes first ... the chicken or the egg?

There are beings who argue that both beliefs and thoughts generate emotions, as do others, who consider emotions to be representations of beliefs and thoughts; but the truth is that both considerations are as true as false, since each emotion is presented as the result of some belief and each belief is closely linked to some emotion, which puts them both in the same position and, presenting them as "Equals" so that without one the other would not exist and vice versa.

So by cleaning your emotions, your thoughts and beliefs, they will dissolve, giving rise to the possibility of transmuting, transforming and reprogramming your own belief systems; but to be able to do so, they must be completely aware of themselves, since by not observing themselves and what makes up their "reality", they will not know that they must change in order to move forward.

So it is of great importance that they can learn to identify how they feel and be able to discern in relation to the vibration of energy they wish to accept, so that they can transform / transcend it consciously from within.

In the same way, you must learn to observe in order to perceive all your “triggers” and what is the “program” that is running within you, and be able to give you a radical change that allows you to access much higher energies.

We invite you to dissolve your old mentalities and generate a change within your realities, as simple as that; they only have to start writing a "new story", one that is at the level of their Souls and not at the level of the human ego, that is, one that gives them Peace and Freedom.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Lisa

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