Sanat Kumara: The body structure is connected to all points of space

  • 2019

Dear Earth beings, this time we are bringing donations; fortunate those who receive them with an open heart without ever considering that they have greater knowledge and wisdom than they actually have.

For you, who give us your attention with renewed zeal and not with the discouragement of those who believe they have understood and know everything, every time we introduce ourselves we bring you a new flame so that you can obtain greater energy and find that central point that It will allow you to balance inside the infinite energy that comes from the waves of the sky and pass through the earth and then rest within your hearts.

And it is that through something as simple as the Union is, it is possible to feed each of the energy centers in space; also thanks to the union, upon receiving this energy their cells light up upon receiving a new and eternal attention.

Within these energetic currents that flow from heaven in order to reach Earth, we send each of the energetic currents that emanate from all traditions.

The devout worshipers remain without perceiving any of these currents and / or traditions, but nevertheless, they remain hugging each of their brothers with an infinite reverence and respect, since in them there are numerous channels through which the Energy is spread around your world.

This means that the structure of the body is infinitely and eternally connected with each of the points in space, the stars and the planets, which in turn connect with the brain. They should know and understand that human physiology is completely cosmic, which means that the organs are connected to the planets through the cosmic and worship body, which is because the purpose continues to be the accumulation of energy through greater devotion, since that is the real nature of the offerings.

Inside the temple, energy currents are simply offered

Hence comes the energetic configuration that humanity has in its cosmic form, through which they are infinitely connected.

Understand that this is the energy configuration that exists in each being. Remember that although we are all unique beings, it is divinity that unites us by being the property of each one of us.

Attention allows things to come alive, what do humans put their attention to? A properly focused attention will be the one that is willing to open more constantly to offer itself completely without having the need to hold on to any knowledge or belief.

The body structure of human beings being infinitely connected allows them, therefore, to remain eternally nourished and regenerated; which implies at the same time the eternal self-transcendence. Leaving aside any concept of what the cosmic body should be and reality is self-discovery, you must understand that through the union of your hearts, it is the only way to obtain greater divine energy.

Dear brothers, by understanding this it is possible to appreciate that the planets and each of the points in space are inherently connected with their bodies, through points through which energy passes.

Matter really is not inactive, nothing is, so once they can understand that they are eternally connected to the Universe, they will be able to recognize themselves and know their cosmic value.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Agnes Bos-Masseron

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