Message from Mother Mileila: The transcendence. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Welcome to this joyful moment of meeting all of you ...

The Transition ... that's the right word. Transcend, change places, because really no being dies, as I have always said, death as such does not exist; the fact that one lives in a different condition or as you call it, in another dimension, does not mean that it is not life. Life is in all spaces, at all times and at the same time in none in specific; for that reason, to say that it is over, it cannot be done that way at all.

I want to tell you that you live in a place where you need a matter to be able to develop, to be able to live, but that does not mean that those beings that do not have it are not alive; that is why when beings change to another level they are still in a different condition of life and that we could also say that it is a life, in another sense of concrete learning.

I want to say that here it comes, regardless of the learning that they pose, to the learning of human life, to experience, to emotions and to this whole circle where he discovers that there is no concrete beginning and there is no end. That is why life is a circle, it is not known where it begins but it is not known where it will end because it is a cycle, when it ends again it begins and so on.

So the transition is the best definition to say that we change to a better place. And then the question arises that everyone asks: What follows after life? And the correct answer then would be, more life but in another condition; And then what is death? It is only a definition. Even when you think that the only thing that dies is the physical body, it doesn't die either; It is still there, little by little it goes off. Many reactions also exist in the body, there is still a stimulus towards some realities at the right moment in which they are transcending and when the body seems that it no longer has vital signs, they still have them, if they want to see it it is like that part of sensitivity. That is why when beings are immediately transcending they still listen, they still feel, that is a reality. The cells still have a memory, at that moment it seems as if they were sleeping and still existing and little by little that intensity goes down as the soul detaches itself.

Well, speaking of this, those beings, which you think: how are you? Do not doubt that all of them are fine. I know that each one of you has a being and thinks: how will it have felt after that process?, rest assured that very well. It is already another reality, you are aware of what you live, where you live and how you are going to live it; It is something beyond human consciousness, there are no attachments, there is only reality.

Humans have attachment to many situations, they have attachments to places, to beings; you generate an affection, a situation of belonging with the beings that surround you, whether they are family or friends, so when those beings who suddenly leave, as you call them, to another level, feel lonely; But really it's just human attachment. On other levels they think differently, they think that it is a natural situation and that they will remain close, no longer with the role they played in this life, I mean, the one who was the father will no longer be the father just a being who is close in the sense of love, that being who was the mother no longer has the responsibility of a mother as the human thinks, but only the situation of love that exists between beings as beings. In other planes there are only beings, there are no hierarchies or order of importance, much less sense of strength, I mean, parents, children; There are only beings and that is the most important thing. And you are going to think sadly many times ... and then the one who was my mother or father no longer has that sense of protection or of wanting to be close ?; Of course they have it, but for the feeling of beings, for what they represent as such, not for paper, remember it.

Beings are always going to love regardless of their condition and their situation, they are just that ... beings, they are just that ... love ... the cycle of life in a circle of life.

Remember, the knowledge you have, is a matter of remembering.

I will be with you all ... Happy to have been here.

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot be quantified, therefore without observing at what moment of reality forever there, enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) Puebla, Mexico.

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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