Archangel Michael: stop thinking so much and relax

  • 2019

How can a person stop stressing so much and feel at peace? Stop thinking so much, because that's what this message is about.

I am the Arc ngel Miguel.

Beloved humans, The pace with which the human race goes on this earth is not healthy. Individuals must choose between two options: keep up or abandon everything.

And this abandonment must be done carefully, in order to achieve inner peace in an extremely noisy outside world.

The best way to achieve peace is to stop thinking so much. Source: Pixabay

Archangel Michael: stop thinking so much

For that you only need to do one thing: stop thinking . This can be achieved through meditation, whether in nature or in everyday life, wherever you are, through conscious impulses.

Constant observation: the key to inner peace

Relaxation and inner stillness can be achieved when the mind calms down, when you are empty and thoughts are not disturbed.

This is why it is useful to practice constant observation. This practice consists of observing everything you see, hear, smell or perceive in any other way without judging and without asking yourself why. This causes deep relaxation and peace.

"Human beings cannot relax, simply because they are constantly affected by their own thoughts."

Considerations or concerns, assumptions or opinions, evaluations or judgments prevent you from staying focused or refocusing.

Act consciously, go out consciously

The difficulty lies in leaving the usual "process of living and thinking." Therefore, those who have no experience need to take time for that. Meditation is the key, because before you can find stillness in your daily life, you need to be calm when you are alone with yourself.

Stop taking the bustle of the world requires ending the dictatorship of your own mind.

Many diseases could be avoided with proper rest

Many diseases of today originate because people no longer sleep or rest properly. External effects affect them much more than those who are relaxed and focused.

Therefore it is right that these beings of light who work towards change and let their light shine from above, monitor their well-being as well as monitor the well-being of humanity.

Only when a warrior of light comes from a place strongly based on inner strength and peace, can he fulfill his purposes.

And as long as the mind is dominant and restless, there is uncertainty everywhere and there is no security in any. Apply techniques that allow you to disconnect your mind, practice looking at situations and people without judging. Understanding something deeply means seeing it as it is, without any ornament.

You are the world

Watch carefully and without prejudice what the world is like and understand that the world is as it is because you are still as you are. Changes only occur once one has changed.

The goal is to reach the kingdom of peace

A human being who has reached the kingdom of peace is the greatest agent of change and will contribute to humanity reaching the Golden Age. You are the world and the world is you.

Far beyond mental perception lies all realization, and far beyond assumptions and opinions you will find the truth.

Archangel Michael: I will be with you to help you quiet your thoughts.

I am with you when your mind needs to remain still. My light resolves everything you are ready to release, and my presence opens the way to inner peace.

The stillness is within you, at all times of life. A flower is a flower, an animal is an animal and a human being is a human being. It is not essential to know more . It is the practice of stillness that will take you directly back to inner peace.

I am Archangel Michael ”

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl:

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Fanny Zapata, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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