The Innato, our extraordinary self-healing system

  • 2018
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When we think about the meaning of the word Innato, it is possible that ideas related to what is innate come to our mind, that is, something of ours, typical of human beings and certainly there goes the issue. In this case it is written with a capital letter because it is the proper name of something wonderful that resides within us.

The information contained herein is the result of the synthesis I have made of various channels of Lee Carroll of the Kryon Consciousness, with the clear intention of making it public knowledge for the development and evolution of a healthy and conscious Humanity that lives in the new energy neutral.

To begin it is important to know what is the Innato and for this we will define it.

What is your Innato?

  • Kryon defines it in many ways, as a beautiful system of consciousness, as a process of the body, as the intelligent body, as an esoteric central control, as the field around the DNA molecules, among others.
  • Your Innato is in the DNA, therefore it is present in every cell of your body. Where there is DNA there is Innato, it is in your whole body, it is yourself. Every part of the body is involved in the intelligent body system.
  • It is governed by the Higher Self and is allied with Consciousness. It is within you and is smarter than you. He is in contact - more than you - with the Higher Self and your Akashic record.
  • It is not a brain function but the pineal, the heart and the brain are involved, it is a triad.
  • It is the instinct that animals have and not humans, that leads them to look for what they need and avoid what can harm them.

How does your Innato work?

Your biology is designed to listen to what you say. Your Innato is ready to act according to what you say. Medicine is inside, each one with their Consciousness and intention is their own healer. What does it take to be healed? The pure intention of being healed. This is why your body reacts to homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy oils, etc. and heals when you use them with the certainty that they serve. Therefore, not believing that you can be healed is an impediment to make it real, it is not a placebo effect, if you do not think it works it does not work, what heals is the intention, the remedy is only a signal that you send to your Innato saying "I intend to heal myself" is an activation device because as you know there is free will and the Innato also works under this parameter.

Some scientists say that homeopathy does not work because they have not been able to understand how it works, they have not been able to explain it in scientific terms. However, some doctors formulate homeopathic remedies because they know they work. There was a cure for diseases before there were drugs. Natural medicine has always been an ally of Humanity because the Innate has always been within you.

In the new energy the Innato is enhanced, recalibration demands an evolved spirit. All the cells in the body are in constant communication. From the moment of birth the Innato knows what type of cell is needed and where it is needed. The Innato wants what is good for you, is ready to help Consciousness to release what you no longer need. The Innato helps you and gives you information. The cells listen to Consciousness and this creates the chemistry.

In the Akashic record there is all the information you need, so you can ask your Innato to search your memories for the lives in which you got what you need now and use it, the Innato finds it and It puts it in your cellular structure. It may not happen like magic, from night to morning because you must wait for a new cycle of cell regeneration to begin to see the changes, but I must tell you that in simple conditions such as a cold that starts or a pain somewhere in the body that appears suddenly, the effect is immediate. I say it from experience, I have been surrounded by people with the flu and / or gastrointestinal virus and I have been the only one not to get sick, in fact it has been almost a year since the last time I got sick from something. When the symptoms begin I connect with my Innato and he takes care of stabilizing me.

While it is true that since then I connect with my Innato I must also mention that by that time I began to experiment with the Egyptian sacred essences. In a channel that I received in the month of June, we were given that the 7 basic Egyptian sacred essences allow us to connect with the Consciousness of yes, with the Innato, that being 100% perfect and aware of the functioning 100% physical, touch the activation devices. The essences provide a new level of Consciousness, liquid dreams that allow communicating and connecting, receiving information, other Consciousnesses speak to you, the Akasha opens and so I could feel it when meditating with them, c How if they symbolically flew thousands of files on a computer, like flying papers.

Just like homeopathy, the 7 basic sacred essences activate the Innato's device, adjust and rearrange the systems. The effect can be immediate; on occasion when using them in therapy with a patient with cystitis she felt like everything was moving and rearranging in her belly, after this she did not get sick again. When you activate the Innato when you face a situation that previously represented pain or conflict, you can now quickly find the right answer in your repertoire, you are aware that the answer is within you. Then homeopathy or essences are an order, a command we send to the Innato.

Your cells are listening

The more efficient the DNA, the soul brings more of the creative energy from the source. That is the evolution of the human spirit, beyond biology, beyond Consciousness. Your divine part is linked to your ability to speak to your body. CEE means your cells are listening. The instructions you will hear are those given by the divine complement of human Consciousness, directly with pure intention. Communication with your cells is multidimensional, human Consciousness is also, it is part of the DNA field, it is part of your body's Merkaba.

Real love has pure intention, just like when you love someone, your divine part is in love with you and is waiting for you to love it too. When you fall in love with yourself you honor your body by realizing that there is a part of the creator in you. The contact with your divine part allows communication with your cells, they are waiting for the Consciousness to give them instructions, no matter how, out loud, with the thought, in writing, the key is love, you have to love your Enough cell structure.

The Pineal Gland, intuition and the Innato

The Pineal Gland is a crossing point, a portal of Consciousness that responds to the Higher Self, what is perceived are thoughts that come through the Higher Self. Who awakes his Consciousness increases his communication with the higher Self and intuition begins to prevail over logic and emotion. The Pineal is a bridge between the Consciousness and the biological body, stimulating it passes this Consciousness as a signal to the cells and activates the DNA. Intuition is quantum consciousness, it is multidimensional and comes from the Pineal.

We have said that the Innato is in contact with the Higher Self and the Akashic record and this is because they speak the same language, which is quite unknown to most human beings. The Innato is the instinct that animals have and not humans. There is a disconnection of the human being and that instinct of animals. Always as a human you seek the experience to learn, the animal does not need to touch the hot stove and burn, when it perceives the heat moves away, you do not. The veil does not allow you to remember and every time you were born you started again, but in the new energy for the children that are born it is easier to remember because there is greater efficiency in the DNA, they receive more intuition and therefore there is greater communication with the Innato. New children will no longer have to touch the stove and burn to learn, as they access the Akasha they already know it.

Factors that interfere with intuition

There are factors that get in the way of communicating with your Innato. One is worry, it blocks intuition. Another factor that is associated with worry is anxiety, it also blocks intuition, just as fear does. In addition, as an additional factor is the intellect, it moves you away from instinct, animals do not intellectualize and get carried away by instinct, they are in contact with their Innato, without worry, without anxiety, without fear, three things that quickly teach you when you are a child to "adapt" to the world and thus disconnect from your Higher Self, from your Pineal, from your Akasha, from your divine center within you. You want to intellectualize everything, perhaps you need to know how all the mechanisms of the engine of a vehicle work to get on it and drive? You intellectualize yourself in such a way that the Innato is trapped.

Visualize 3 labels, one says "worry", another says "anxiety" and the other says "fear", now visualize an eraser and delete each label, have peace, with it comes the intuition that allows you to connect inwards, with the divine in you, with your intelligent system, with your Innato.

Work with your Innato, activations and deactivations

To activate the connection with your Innato you say with pure intention you say with pure intention: “The one who unifies is within the total, lovingly from my essence, I activate the connection with my Innato in neutrality, I activate my intuition, I activate my pure intention and I communicate with my cells and my Innato. Get done and it was done! ” You can say it daily and ask your Innato for something you want to improve, for example, speed up your metabolism, eliminate anxiety, etc.

In front of any symptom of malaise or illness, you say with pure intention: “Dear Innato neutralizes cells, organs and systems, you know more than Me, do what you have to do to (here describes what you want to correct, for example, stop the fall of the hair, avoid asthma attacks, stop cold symptoms, etc.). Get done and it was done! ”

To adjust your body to the new neutral energy and send to the universe the signal that you are aware of living in the new energy you can say: “He who unifies is within the total, lovingly from my essence, the program of emotions was deactivated dual. Karmas, contracts, agreements, agreements, pacts to live duality were deactivated. Aging, physical deterioration and disease programs were deactivated. My body adapted to the new neutral energy. The photon light was activated in me and in Humanity in neutrality. I connect with Azúl Nácar, all my farms and subtle bodies were harmonized. Get done and it was done! ”

You can also say as Kryon recommends: “Dear Innato, today I release all the inappropriate things that make me less healthy. I release the frustration that prevents me from moving forward. Today I release all the information they have given me that is not majestic for my body. I release all the things in my akashic record that keep me from my magnificence, from seeing my magnificence. I release and release everything that says how I am, I release the inappropriate thing to give you space to act dear Innato. ”

Below you will find another connection suggested by Kryon in a channel called “Cellular Communication” made in 2014, at a university in Georgia.

Imagine for a moment that you feel alone, and maybe you speak out loud, and you will make the first contact. Regardless of your age, how old or young you are, can you recognize that you are really in love with the divine part in you? Maybe you can even visualize the face of God, however you imagine it, maybe you will see your eternity in every cell of your body and realize that there is a cellular structure that expects to hear from you. C - E - E. You start and understand that you have your phone. You perceive it and as soon as you open your mouth, the chills begin because they lifted the tube and now they are really listening to you. The first thing you could say is:

“We know each other, and I love them. I am very sorry to have taken so long to realize. I want you to start the processes that you know and I don't. I want you to join in benevolence to create health and a Human Being with a long life. I want them to talk to me in every way I can recognize. I want to hold his hand and take mine for the rest of my life. If there is something inappropriate, some chemical imbalance in my body, I want it to go away, with the appropriate time and action. I recognize that I have habits that are killing me and I want them to change. I realize that I have a very bad weight-to-height ratio. ”(Kryon laughs) When you explain that, benevolence is returned. “Dear cellular structure, I want my metabolism to reflect my magnificence. Help me have the right size for the best health. Change what is necessary, turn to Akasha if necessary, a memory of who it used to be. Change my feeding preferences if necessary. May my body crave what it needs and not what I want it to need. Bring it to a place of balanced divinity and I promise that I will speak to you every day, because I love you. ”And then, don't hang up the phone. Do not cut the communication.

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Author: Editor for the Great White Brotherhood, Diana Marcela Carvajal Díaz. Bogota Colombia.

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