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  • 2017

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service .

My partner moves aside. This is the last main channel of 2016; there will be two more, but not dedicated to one topic, as appropriate for this meeting. So I'm going to take it and do something I didn't do before: a teaching; It is a teaching about something that many have asked me, because they wanted to know something of the elementary of what I am going to talk about. Because there is a reason for this issue, which I will give you in a moment; it is related, that is, it is specific to what is happening right now on the planet; It is specific as soon as you enter another year.

I want to talk to you about energies. What I want to say is that the energies of which I speak are often the subject of controversy, because they represent very old systems. And they represent things that some believe and others don't. So I want you to feel and just listen, and understand more fully some things that probably have not been fully explained. There is a reason for all this, as you will see.

Tonight I want to talk about numerology; I want to start with a premise and continue with the definitions; I want to tell you about the numbers, tell you how this exists within the change, what it means and what it might not mean.

Numerology, defined by name, is the energy of numbers. It's simple: numbers have energy. Now, if you say that to some people, they will look at you, roll their eyes and say: “Not in my world. Numbers are only numbers; They denote things, and that's it. They join together to make calculations; that's it."
Numerology is old, and I want to start by apologizing to the numerologists, because there are many kinds of numerologies, and even those of the type I am going to give them, they are extremely complex, and I will only give them the basics. Let's start with the oldest one you can find on the planet; this system is still taught; It is Tibetan numerology.

But for some, the premise is still difficult: How can a number mean something? How can it be anything other than ink on a page, or a spoken word? And if they start thinking about it, every time they see a number, it is a normal part of a communication, whether it points to a calculation or perhaps points to a position. If you see something on “page 30, ” there is a message. Imagine a book without page numbers (laughs). It would be chaotic, they could never go back to the page they had been reading if they didn't put a bookmark. Then numbers are placed in the book; Doesn't that tell you that there is a message in numbers? The energy of a page number says: “This is the page where the things that are on the page occurred; not only that, but there is one page before me and another after me, that have different numbers. ” Then that number on the page tells a story, and in the story there is energy! Now, this is just a tiny example of how a number can have a message, how a number tells a story and not only remains there being a number. This is the basis of generic numerology. In its simplest sense, numbers contain energies that can be defined . So much so that you can derive a number and tell them a story, similar to the book and the page number.

There are generic meanings for numbers. However; what I am going to give you now, which I have never given you this way in channeling, will define the simplest of numbers and their meaning. But before doing that, I tell you that numerology exists in some systems that you would not even think of having anything to do with numbers. Have you talked to someone who knows how to read tea leaves? What are you reading? It is a combination of patterns, but more specifically, of numbers! Because they read the edges, or the quantity, and the meaning is derived based on the numbers.

They may have heard of those who cast the stones; What are they reading on those stones? Let me tell you a secret: tell the sides, as you would do with the dice. And they derive a number, and then the number has a meaning.

So numerology has many facets. The ancient numerology that we will describe is the simplest. The simplest type would be from 1 to 9. Now; As long as I tell you the definitions from 1 to 9 according to Tibetans, I will also tell you that there are extensions for everything I am going to describe, and those extensions are the complexity that we will not talk about. Not only that, but it seems that we left zero out.

The zeros have meanings, but they have to appear later in a more complex system for you to see why they exist at all. In what way we describe from 1 to 9. Then consider the era in which you are, let's look at the years in which they are, let's look at some of the names that surround you. And let's see if there is a confluence of ideas that could be similar, based only on numbers.

Some take an alphabet and assign numbers to the letters, and no matter what kind of alphabet, because the basis of the numerology would seem to be random. And yet, there is nothing random about what is the soul of this planet. Through free will, dear ones, you can create whatever you want. But if you pay attention to what is already here in Physics, in numbers, in colors, in feelings, in grids, in Gaia, everything comes together for you. And so, systems are everywhere.

If you take the alphabet and assign a number to each letter, then take your name and add those numbers, you will receive an answer. The answer is an energy that surrounds them. They could say: Well, that is by chance. And it is not! It is not even by chance that they have given them that name. We have talked about potentials, and even in this session we have talked about the fact that there really is very little chance, if they are connected to what the planet's metaphysics are. Let's take a look at this.

Number 1 Number 1 is basically new beginnings. It is the beginning of something, it is the rewriting, it is the reformulation; means new . It is the first number. This is easy. In fact, all numbers are easy, and you can remember them in the most basic, because they are easy. Then it becomes more complex.

Number 2 is duality. It also responds to free will. Thus, if they get a number 2 regarding something, they are telling them that they will be full of decisions. That duality will exist, making the riddle perhaps more difficult. Number 2 is all full of human free will.

Number 3 is a catalytic number. If you get a number 3 with respect to something, you will know that energy moves other things without changing itself; Therefore it is a catalyst. Many healers, many teachers will have the three around them constantly. Some have misunderstood this as the three spiritual systems, which also exist. You have your own, in the spirituality system in your culture: you divided God into three parts . This is a catalytic number, because the three parts then move other things. A healer with a 3 around him will be someone who helps without changing himself and everyone who goes through his life changes; that's the 3.

The 4 is a number of the Earth. It's a community, it's Gaia. It is more things than you can define, but it is a number tied to the earth. Many farmers are four. It is interesting how the four have gotten into social matters, such as the 4-H Club (laughs). Many four among the ranchers, who take care of animals everywhere. That is the energy of 4.
The 5 is the change. Pure change. When they see a 5 in relation to something, it indicates that the energy of the situation, or of the place, or of the direction, or the year, changes.

Now, there are already some - and we only have five numbers - that have said: “I really don't agree with any of this. I can live my life without knowing anything about this. ” And they are right, because they have their free will. They can pass you with a steamroller; It won't affect you, not really, because you have your own number. They are the number of the stubborn (laughs); They are from the number that crushes the numbers. That is the free will they have! You are not required to believe in these things! And they won't affect you, not really, because you go over them.

"Kryon, do you mean that if I get a change number on something, the change won't affect me?" This is hard to explain, dear ones. If they do not believe it and do not recognize it, if it is not something that is in their reality or their truth, it will not affect them so much, no, it will not. Because they are almost in another paradigm on their own. My partner was like that, until I found him. He didn't believe any of these things, he wasn't sensitive to anything. And then for him the numbers were just numbers, it was as we just described. But if these things are understood and one is part of the system, and with free will this is recognized, many things can be discovered! Because then you are on board, sensitive to what the planet's metaphysics is.

Number 6 - Hard. It is a high spiritual number, but it really means harmony. So, the energy of 6 is that of harmony.

As you can see, it would be wonderful to have some of these numbers as an address, for example, where they are from or where they are going, perhaps the numerology of a project based on its title that results in a 6, so that it is cooperative and harmonious. That leads us to something else. There are many names that develop only based on numerology. Some humans change the name they gave them, creating another name that numerically adds a better final number. You could say: “Does it work like this? “I will tell you something: a human being starts calling them by another name; that name contains an energy, because you are saying it, because you changed it, because you set the intention, and yes, it works.

The number 7 means spirituality

All things that are sevens could then have a spiritual basis or background. Good number for altars, for other types of organizations, for activities that really talk about things that are spiritual and meaningful to you.

The number 8 is manifestation and abundance. Everyone wants an 8 (laughs) and it doesn't necessarily have to be money ; They can manifest health, life, long life, they can manifest a powerful immune system, they can be abundant in the chemistry of your body that will protect them from disease. So manifestation and abundance have many meanings but they all give them things and enable them to create things in abundance.

Number 9 - the active number of the day, is completion. Completion can mean many things. It could be the end of something, but if it's completed, you're done. A 9 would be a graduation: you have finished the course. The day you graduate would be a good day 9; Talk about the end of something. And it could be mostly the end of paradigms, of systems, and it can also be the end of pain. It may be the end of a certain way of thinking. In society it could be the end of an old custom. The end of a project, the completion of something that existed before.

However; These are the nine numbers, and we have never defined them like this in a pipeline. This is complicated, so we are not going to continue talking about complications.

First: what happens when you have numbers that appear next to each other on a page? One number affects another, depending on the energy of the number . Many numbers do not appear together in sequence; for example 481. The 8 that is abundance is affected by the 1, depending on how long it has been there (laughs). They could even say that it is a quantum numerology because the numbers that surround it have an influence on it; We are not going to talk about it.

Each number - are you prepared? - It has its own astrological attributes and all the planets are involved in numerology, and that changes according to the situation, just as astrology changes from one minute to the next.

So if you really want to see the complexity of the systems, which not only identify the number and energy of something, but then go to the astrological attributes of that something, then you can redefine it and take it along paths that do it very, . very specific Those are just two areas that we won't talk about. I want this to be simple, because I want to show you where they are.

Let's start with the precession of the equinoxes. There are numbers involved; As numerology works, no matter how long the number, it is added to obtain a single number. There is only one exception for this axiom in this simplistic numerology. The exception is when you have two identical numbers that are alone next to each other: 11; 22; 33; 44; 55; thus until 99. These are identified as master numbers. Master numbers have their own identities and energies. The 11, for example, is enlightenment. The 22 is a strong duality. The 33 is the most compassionate number they have.

For those who were watching 11-11 on the clock for years, this announced an enlightenment to come. Lighting / lighting; 11-11. It meant that; do not add the one with the one to get a two, because the eleven is a master number, and then if they see it twice it is an emphasis. He announced for years, dear ones, the 11-11 lighting change that is upon you: the light will win. Now you can see why 11-11 was on the clocks so often before the change, and not necessarily after. There are not many among you who continue to see 11-11. And if they do, it's just a reminder that they are in a change that was announced.

Now, the strange thing about master numbers is that they are only identified until 33. What a coincidence, right? Let this be the active number of your DNA.

The 44 is unknown; 55 and the following will not be understandable. And what the Tibetans have said about that is that when the DNA - they didn't name the DNA, said the consciousness - reaches a certain point of understanding, the master numbers beyond 33 could be identified. In other words, they contain concepts that exceed your understanding at the moment, and it is not a matter of science. It is compassionate action, it is a behavior that you have not yet seen. It is mastery; They speak of a master's degree that you do not yet have, and that is why you cannot elucidate them.

33 is defined as the compassion of the Master ; the highest compassion known to exist in mankind is a 33. What did you think when the 33 miners left the well on earth? Did you know that those who reported that said the number 33 was everywhere? It wasn't just the number of miners: the hours, the days they arrived, the numbers of the drilling scenarios, and so on and on. The 33 was everywhere, and those who studied numerology knew what was going to happen, they knew that they would leave the earth, completely and totally healthy and safe, that there would be celebration and joy and tears. The teacher's compassion was there. Even before the drilling began, it could be seen coming, it could be felt, they would be found, they would be fine. So it was!

Do you see how numerology seems to focus on the energy of what is going to happen?

The precession of the equinoxes is a wobble of the Earth of 26, 000 years. That is a 8. As we are not talking about the wobble of the Earth, it is what happens if you managed to pass the central point: December 21, 2012. It is the history of the manifestation, the abundance that is manifested with that wobble of 26, 000 years is the Earth entering an ascended state, in master, in a DNA that will begin to access a higher rate. You are there; they passed it; it has manifested; hence the 26, 000. Have you ever related these numbers? There is nothing accidental here. The same precession of the equinox, the time it takes, for this wobble to change the heavens when traveling the Milky Way is 36 years: it is a 9. Pay attention to the Nine, because the precession of the equinox shouts Nine, nine, nine! It is the end of the old, the beginning of the new. Eighteen years to enter: it is a 9. Eighteen years to leave: a 9. The nine predominate in relation to change. They say it again and again: the old is gone.

Everything you thought about the value of being human will change, and it will be greater than what you ever thought it could be. Some love of God is going to spill into his consciousness; babies will be born knowing who they are; on the planet there will be a consciousness greater than 44, maybe 55, in which you will really begin to have the attributes of the master! They may even dominate time; Maybe even life itself. Physics will begin to be somewhat manipulable. Dear ones, that is high consciousness, and you have seen it in the Masters! It will take a long time.

Those who sowed you went through the exact same thing; they did not have a precession, they did not have a wobble of their planet; its scenario was completely different, but it came from the stars. It had to do with the nearby suns, combining in a certain way. When they did, and it was only separated for thousands of years, something happened and they made the change; The same change as you. And his consciousness began to change and transform. His story was worse than yours; We said it before. You think of the marginal genocides you had with the wars, and the pain you have suffered; They had a total genocide! And yet they recovered completely. Dear ones, those who sowed you went through much more than you. How long did it take them, from their precession, their change, until when they could sow them? I don't even want to tell you how much, because they will get depressed, thinking they have to go through so much time.

Dear ones, I want you to change your attitude towards time. You measure time according to how much you live; This is how they measure it. They consider their life expectancy and have an energy of a number of years. What if I tell you that is not correct? Because you are eternal; They will always be here. Life after life, after life, and they begin to wake up and lives remember why they are here. When I came next time, yes, will you come back, did you hear me? The next time they come they will wake up with a knowledge, and will not make the mistakes they made this time; That is the ancient soul entering a different energy. It will be the first time that when they wake up they are in change: the first time! And it will be very different from when they woke up the previous time.

That is: when they were born there was a birth energy; From this moment on, when they are born there will be another energy: they will know that they are ancient souls. They will have the wisdom of not making the mistakes they made this time; People will see them different. The children are already beginning to change now, and they are going to change so much and so fast, that there will be a day when they say they will all be wonders as they would be measured today. It is simply to grow; instead of being in the playground, they are now in a situation where they see each other and enjoy each other. What happens when they grow up? When they grow from 8 to 18, they come alive socially, and they are so different! That is happening to humanity: they will not go to war and will not kill another human being, because they know him. The other will not be a mystery ; It won't be something you eliminate to solve a puzzle. And you will look to the same thing in the past and say that it was the maximum of barbarism, and that you would not even consider it. So far from consciousness will be the end of any life; That is who you are going to be.

The 9 that represents the whole wobble; 26 years, the manifestation that culminates in the nine you see now, is the end of an old type of civilization; Everything you have been, human being, happened in the last 26, 000 years. Sow you have been in the wobble energy, as it exists now.

The new wobble has begun. You see, it still wobbles, except it does it differently (laughs) with a new number. Dear ones, I want you to look at the year they are in: 2016. What a coincidence! It is a nine. There are nine everywhere! Now what does this nine mean? It means that the recalibration energy that took place in 2012 is ending; that the frustration of trying to find a new frequency to tune in, because change has created that, is already leaving. It means that in many lives the sun is rising. And the astrology they were given today favors this. Talk about the same thing that numerology says. Next year is a 1. The cycle of the years creates that; There will be many nines and some together! But we are talking about right now: a nine. It also represents a tremendous change, because when they package something and change a paradigm to move to something else, they discover some emanations of a 5. Perhaps they are still to be seen, but they will see them in astrology. Remember this of the numbers.

You just went through an election, and the one who has been elected is the 45th president. What a coincidence! Another nine! Are you starting to see the big picture? Forced change, you might say, but it is extremely powerful; Things are going to be different than they were before. I want them to take the president: name, surname, and make numerology based on the alphabet. The A is 1, and continue. If they do that, they will find his energy. What do you think it will be? It's an 8! Abundance! What a coincidence that the energy of a random name fits exactly into the individual! That is the beauty of numerology.

And who are you, now, who can look at this and find some meaning?

Then I will close with this: everything that is happening right now numerologically, has come true and is describing a panorama of new beginnings. They are currently in a puzzle and do not see how to get out of it. I will give you some advice. In a few days they will be in an energy of 1 that shouts at them: new beginnings! Even if they are out of what can be cheerful, if they cannot find the joy factor within themselves, I want them to build an altar of joy; physical or mental, and I want you to go to that altar and thank the Spirit for what is going to happen and what is happening in your heart, in your mind, and in your life. And if they do, they will be sending a magic signal that cooperates with the planet, with El Campo, with the numerology of the year, and all those things will see their intention and things will begin to change. That is the beauty of a Physics who knows who they are. It is the beauty of a Creator who has created Physics and knows them. You see: they are related; you understand that, right? Everything is related to everything else.

When you start doing this, be attentive to synchronicities. If you wallow in the old, dear ones, nothing will be different . Did you hear that? If they wallow in the old, nothing different will happen. And they will continue on the same path, with the same problems, going in the same direction.

The altar is the altar of joy. It is the inner child, who wakes up happy and innocent of all the things that surround him and could harm him. But in your case it is not innocence: it is wisdom that can circumvent and avoid those things, that can really change your own chemistry; that can build good things for you: a longer life and the end of fears. Longer life and the end of fears; Can you believe that that is for you, listener? Can you believe that for you?

I want you to build that altar: do it on January 1st. If you don't want to do it physically because you have something negative with you, it doesn't matter: do it mentally. Place the candles wherever you want, light them as you like, make each one something special that you are achieving. But mainly that it is the joy of compassionate action on this planet: to see God working; You are watching yourself work. And things will change! Due to numerology, and the energies that begin to occur that resemble numerology, and El Campo, and all that now begins to come together in a great

6. Do you remember what 6 was? Tell me what 6 was.

The big 6 is on its way; That is: you and harmony with the planet.

You will see some new numbers on the clock, and they will mean something to you, but they will no longer be global; They will be just for you. You will begin to see numbers over and over again that are only for you, and another person will see different numbers. Numerology begins to become more advanced, more intuitive. He will tell you stories and paint you images, because it is the energy of the planet. This is who you are.
Do not take this message lightly. Oh, dear ones, they are moving towards a new beginning, after many nines, and they are completing the old. You may see it as falling into a garbage can, in a waste container; They have nothing more to do with it. See it as something new; the fabric is blank; They will build their altar and celebrate the joy that comes. Can I be clearer?

As usual, these messages in particular cause laughter to those who have no understanding. They tease. Those who do that are not judged on our part, because God is also in them. There are different levels of awakening; You have been here so long, ancient souls, that you know how things work. We speak to you. And those who do not see any of this, it will be their turn. And maybe they are new to the planet, and they don't believe any of these things. They are simply not ready.

When you were in school, as children, and reached the last grade, those who just entered knew nothing, as long as you knew so much; This does not differ from that. Those who turn away and laugh and offend you are not judged, because your intuition and wisdom tells you that this is real. All this is real.

And then some say, "I want to be part of this." (Laughs). And when they say that, they recognize it and participate. Welcome to a new planet Earth, where these energies can contribute to the harmony of your life.

That is all for now.

And so it is.


AUTHOR: Lee Carroll




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