Message Mother Mary. The road is acceptance

  • 2018

Beloved Beings of Light, in many cases several presences have been teaching you not only the importance but also the meaning that acceptance has, giving you information about everything that could occur within your lives; You must accept these circumstances and / or the different presences that come before you and not reject them, which normally refers to the typical example of the meek "spiritual" sheep and how far you will be willing to experience the suffering and / or carry out Some action for Acceptance.

Those presences that declare themselves to be very superior beings within the “spiritual” plane, seek to free them from the deception in which they find themselves due to the different beliefs that exist within their world; They want to show them and make them understand that the Light is in the hands of those who practice an unchanging meditation, with the purpose of sending love to each one of the beings in the world without a specific reason. These beings, likewise, have said many times that although they have the capacity to manifest themselves within their lives, it is you who must accept them in them, since they represent the Intelligence of the Light, so that you cannot reject it.

Acceptance is another way of conditioning

However, if you are lucid, you may realize that acceptance is another way of conditioning, because of the fact that people learn to accept the information we give them to achieve glory and spiritual ascension.

Furthermore, we wish to remind you that you should not allow any low-energy spirit to persuade you to introduce denial, anger or any other negative feeling into your lives and instead, you must consciously open your hearts to really accept your authenticity as divine beings and, listen to all that your Spiritual Being tells you from within. Likewise, we want them to be aware that as many of their rulers as the various beings that govern their world, they know too well how the process of liberation and ascension works, because they have chosen to serve the Intelligence of Light completely, by means of that. which is called as the forces acting from a higher plane to move the shadows away.

I speak to you on this subject for the simple reason that you are living a moment of full awakening for your consciences, through which you will be able to leave behind the false spiritual realities, while you understand that the only true acceptance there is, is within of all of you, since it is a capacity possessed by all beings that inhabit the Universe. You are part of the Great Spirit or Creative Source, which means that within yourself you have everything you need to successfully travel your earthly path, learning all that you chose to incarnate on Earth.

Now, it is possible that there are two identical stories experienced by two totally different human beings, who have a different perspective on the circumstances they must face during their earthly lives and in certain situations, both acted as follows:

The first person

He recently accepted a job in which he receives adequate remuneration, in addition to a certain level of security over his work. During the first years, this person is more than pleased, likes to get up in the morning to go to work, talk with colleagues, etc., and everything is going well.

However, one day, this 1st person ceases to have the same ambitions he had at the beginning and wishes to experience something new in a different place, but then becomes aware that in addition to accepting what is happening and accepting what the life, is not able to do anything about it to change it. As a result of this inaction, losses are generated due to diseases or high levels of stress and even doubts and anxiety, and although it tries to accept what life gives it, it does not work.

It is at that moment when the 1st person will go to several energy therapists for the purpose of healing / relieving their Chakras and may perceive that there is no difference.

However, he still goes to work trying to accept what happens ignoring the inconveniences that arise and increase day by day. This person, then begins what is called "BurnOut", and as always, comes to work and continues with his routine until he realizes that, in fact, he could have avoided all these inconveniences, if he had heard his Correspondence and those beings of light that are around you, since all these experiences are nothing more than Emanations of your Divine Spirit to persuade you to listen to the Internal Intuition in each one of you.

The second person

In this case, both the scenario and the experiences are the same as with the first person, although on this occasion there is an important detail, at the moment when the 2nd person finds a job he preferred to leave it aside to be able to to experience different things, simply because he chose to listen to his Intuition and began to walk steadily towards what his internal divine being indicated.

It is possible that before making this decision, this person needed to receive a small external confirmation from a close being; However, the most important thing is that this person allowed himself to listen to his own intuition and acted on it to take the right path that will help him move towards his ascension. Spiritual Being this a way in which you have the opportunity to discover and experience new adventures, without having to go to a false energy therapist could not help you to direct your life.

Some brothers and sisters live unpleasant experiences that could often be avoided by respecting and loving each other fully, being completely faithful to their divine authenticity, however, this is because acceptance makes them believe that they do not have the capacity to face certain circumstances that affect their lives and immerse them in a sort of irresponsibility and laziness to blindly accept everything that imposes on them the false reality and duality that exists in this world.

As I said at the beginning of this message, the only and authentic acceptance that exists within the Universe and within each of the existing Beings, is about the emanations generated by the Spirits. Creator rhythms, with the purpose of making them understand what is the way forward to achieve their spiritual liberation. But with all this, what we want to make you understand is that you do not have to accept anything that does not satisfy you, because you are spiritual beings of light created to achieve great things.

We must also say that the Intelligence of the Light supposes an infinite patience, since through it it is possible to find the answers they need to face the situations and inconveniences that keep them stagnant and do not allow them keep moving forward

Beloved beings of light, open your hearts to understand what your inner intuition tells you and allow yourself to act according to it, so you can free yourself from all those bonds that entails earthly acceptance.

Thank you for receiving our message!

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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