Elohim Celebrate the divine essence that composes them

  • 2015

Only Love can raise the waves of the Spirit so that it becomes One with the essence of itself. Only peace opens the way for the permission of Good, for those who live in peace live in the permit.

Only joy can connect you to the Source so that she responds instantly, for he who lives in joy lives in the vibration of all the blessings he desires!

The Universe answers them incessantly. The Giver of Good always says S . You were created in the image and likeness of the Source, therefore you are bearers of all the creative media that she possesses.

You came to this physical day to experience the new . There is no expansion without the constant presence of the new! You are in this world to exercise your great power and do that the whole time. Each of you possesses the ability to create anything, just focus your senses on that.

You have in your hands the power that generates Life in the Universe . You carry within you the force that causes the sun to be born, to the rain to fall and to the wind to blow! You carry in you the capacity and the divine gift of being happy. You have no obligation, you have no mission, you have no goal other than to be happy.

If you decide to continue that unique mission, you will generate infinite resources so that all the other missions are executed, for whoever lives the mission of being happy summons a hundred times more of that and everything. which is compatible with that.

You are the extension of the Nature of God, you are your conscience, you are those who carry the divinity that l ES into physical time . You are those who carry the physical form of the Source. You are eternal, divine, powerful and you can follow a physical journey in the accuracy of what you really are, if you know how to connect with the belief and faith to the real Nature that composes you!

Be Happy and you will be living that Nature !

Be light!


Through Vinícius Francis

Translation - Ale´ojah Silah (Shanti)

Elohim Consciousness

Elohim - Celebrate the divine essence that composes them

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