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  • 2017
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The Guardians of the Crystals - The Blue Races of the Hollow Earth

Greetings, Teachers, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of the Crystalline Service. We greet you in an unconditional love vector!

Dear humans: As the frequency of the new earth continues to increase, so does the vibrational rate of the crystals. This is with purpose, according to a plan, since certainly the great crystal fields of the planet are playing important roles in the diffusion of the crystalline pattern. By the way the conscious mineral kingdom of the Earth is waking up to new levels of importance and influence. In fact, the "crystalline" regions of the Earth are the ones that are playing the most prominent role in the changes and updates of the dimensional frequency. And we assure you that, logically, this beneficial influence and the resulting Christ-pineal stimulation are of great benefit to humanity.

Among you, more and more people feel the attraction of visiting crystalline energy fields, and by the way there is an intuitive understanding and a purpose of great importance in doing so. We assure you that there is a divinely orchestrated and purposeful call within the crystalline members of the conscious mineral kingdom to increase the generation and flow of vital life force, of encoded geo-energy, which it receives from the Earth's crystalline nucleus, of Saturn and the central sun.

In essence, the massive crystal fields of Arkansas and Brazil act as a "motherboard" to use your computer jargon. They receive codes, convert them and communicate, or project, the new crystalline pattern towards the planet and humanity in this ongoing update. They are largely monitored and maintained by the Masters of the Syrian-Pleiadian-Arturian Alliance, with the help of certain races of the “Omni-Earth plane” that could be called “Blue Beings”.

Parallels and Blue Beings

And then in this message we are asked to talk about the "Blue Beings" and the realms of parallel dimensions, with emphasis on the Arkansas Crystal Vortex region.

Humanity tends to think that the land belongs to it; however, the conscious earth that is called the Omni-Earth has many levels, many parts, that combine into a complex multidimensional whole. Earth was occupied long before human souls manifested in physicality. Races of other physical and non-physical Omni-verse systems have been visiting and certainly dwelling on the earth for billions of years. In fact, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms were well established eons before mankind began its earthly kingdom over physical domains. Physical humanity, in a very relative sense, is comparatively a newcomer.

Dimensional Clarity

In the crystalline change, from 2017 onwards, these kingdoms parallel will become more tangible for you, and in due time you will know your dimensional neighbors of the puerta de al side . There are numerous succinct energy forces that create a fertile field for parallel dimensions. Crystalline minerals, noble and conductive metals, radioactive minerals, tectonic pressures, dynamic aquifer systems and volcanism project, each of them, certain vibrational frequency vectors that can potentially become unique concentric capacitors of life forms within parallel multidimensionality. Such vectors enable anomalies in the space-time continuum and offer valid realms of parallel physical, pseudo-physical and non-matter fields.

It is natural and appropriate that the crystalline deposits of the planet are among the first to show remarkable evidence of life forms that were less tangible before.

Atlantis and the Star Nation

Due to the unique crystalline geology of what they now call Arkansas, this high frequency earth was and remains especially attractive for a lifetime. Certainly the Arkansas native crystalline geology was chosen in times of the past as a colony, not only of the Atlanteans of Atla-Ra, but also of the skin races Blue of Lumania and Lemuria, as well as the benevolent extraterrestrials of the Star Nation, of the Ellian-Pleiadian-Arturian Alliance .

The crystalline energy of the massive deposits of quartz and minerals in Arkansas and Brazil has field projection vectors that are visible (and tangible) from far above the Earth's sphere. The Arkansas double-turn vortex reaches well above the stratosphere, and forms what might be called a major avenue, a dimensional corridor, a wormhole, which facilitates entry.

Such extraterrestrials, as you call them, the Star Nation, were the first to establish bases in the area of ​​the crystals, eons before humanity entered the earth plane. The massive crystals and glass caverns of Arkansas formed some 250 to 300 million years ago, at a time when oceans and lakes of melted glaciers competed to contain the waters, with a coming and going of high and low tides. Large areas of water covered much of the area that is now Arkansas. The Star Beings established bases in the crystalline regions of Arkansas approximately 100 million years ago. The Ouachita and Ozark Mountains were much taller at that time, and looked like large islands. Underground bases were established inside the earth, below the surface waters, in huge caverns.

The Pleiades and the Atla-Ra

In fact, it was the Pleiadian presence that advised the Atlanteans regarding crystal stocks in Arkansas and Brazil ... and they were certainly responsible for much of the technology developed in Atlantis with crystalline quartz. The Pleiadians were very decisive in the early stages of Atlantis, and they dwelt in (and within) the omni-land without manifesting themselves permanently in physical realms.

The Atla-Ra, called scientific priests of Atlantis, were in fact trained by spiritual Pleiadians. They were initiated into a great school of wisdom that involved disciplines of sacred science and spiritual mastery of the "Law of One." The Atla-Ra became highly developed mystics with extraordinary mental powers; nevertheless they defended high values ​​of spiritual morality and altruistic ideals. The Atla-Ra were mystical, intellectual and benevolent scientific priests, male, female and androgynous beings, who were the initiated "Masters in Crystals". In the first 2 periods of the three phases of Atlantis, only the Law of One exercised control of the crystals, and did so benevolently. Only in the final stages were the uninitiated Arians allowed access to knowledge, and they sadly betrayed this wisdom.

Editor Insertion (Reading 440-5 by Edgar Cayce)

"With respect to the stone" firestone "( NT, stone of the fires?) Or terrible crystal that is in the experience, the activities of the entity then made the applications that used the construction and destructive forces of the period ... The construction above of the stone (Tuaoi Crystal) was oval, like a dome within which the reversal could be or was, so that the activity of the stone was received from the sun's rays, or from the stars; the concentration of the energies that emanate from bodies that themselves are fire - with the elements that are found and those that are not found in the earth's atmosphere. The concentration by means of glass prisms (crystals), as they were called, was such that it acted on the instruments that were connected to the various ways of traveling, by means of induction methods ... The preparation of this stone was only in the hands of the initiates of that time ... "

The Atla-Ra Atlanteans were primarily Pleiadian star seed. The "Dorados", as they were called, were what in these times they would consider giants, with heights of 10 to 12 feet ( NT 3 to 4 meters ), and in some cases it reached up to 15 feet ( NT 5 meters ). In general they were well proportioned, born with a natural athletic physiology. The “Golden” Atlanteans had a skin tone or hue of a burnished golden yellow, and their hair was generally blond, with an appearance similar to the “Nordic” races of the Pleiadians, for whom they had been sown… except for the skin tone. Their average life expectancy extended from 900 to 1200 years, although some who agreed to rejuvenation lived more than 7, 000 years.

Certain current seers have predicted that evidence of Atlantis will be found in Arkansas; (Editor's Note - Kryon & Tyberonn)… but we tell you that they will not be found on the surface as an archaeological remainder. We will add that the most viable “surface” remains that still survive from ancient Atlantis are visible in Peru, Central America, Egypt and Mediterranean regions, all of which were Atlantic colonies.

Ask Metatron:

Edgar Cayce also spoke of 3 Records Rooms preserved underground by the Atlantean Iltar, before the final sinking. Is any part of them in Arkansas or Brazil? Are there tunnels connecting these Registration Rooms?

Metatron response: What you call the three "Rooms of Atlantean Records" still endures, and all are under the surface. These "Rooms" are not physically in Arkansas or Brazil, but can be accessed more easily by mental or visual means in crystalline places, because the piezoelectric aspects of the Crystal Vortex stimulate and open the pineal, the third eye. However, both in Arkansas and in Brazil, there are intricate tunnel systems that connect with caverns and hollow cracks in the eras of Atlantis and Lemuria, in the form of underground networks at various depths. Some of them are remarkably preserved and are very amazing.

Indeed, post-flood North American natives knew for centuries the evidence of Atlantis in Arkansas, since the time of the former Mound Builders, who were migrants from the antediluvian Atlantean colonies in Yucatan and Poseida. Although the most famous of the mounds that last are in Ohio, Serpent Mound, the Atlantean Red Race established communities throughout North America, virtually in every state of the 48s, and in Canada to the southeast and west.

The Caverns, specifically in Arkansas and Brazil, not only contain remains, but ongoing groups and bases, which are quite active at present, although the active sections are in hyperdimensional fields. As your Edgar Cayce reported, the Atlanteans developed technology that allowed the creation of "tubes, tunnels and elevators" in the underground portions of the upper and middle terrestrial mantle.

(Ref. Edgar Cayce readings nº 2157-1 and nº 1730-1)

These tunnels and pipes are networked through much of the underground portions of Arkansas, most of them run for many miles below the surface.

Ask Metatron: There have been numerous reports of people from Arkansas who found beings in the Arkansas cave systems; most described them as "blue skinned" humans; could you please talk about this

Reply: The cave systems within the Arkansas Crystal Vortex contain many mysterious and anomalous aspects, and they actually house underground communities of what is called "the Hollow Earth." We will validate the veracity of these communities under the lands of Arkansas.

In the past there were times when the shamanic mystics of the Native Americans communicated with them. In more recent times, Arkansas residents have explored the caverns in the area, and also found the blue skinned breed. But it should be clarified that in those relatively recent incidents that have spread, these beings were very briefly "visualized" - not truly seen, were not physically found in an environment of 4 dimension, something like the resonance of what could be called the astral dimension of dream landscape. This was partly possible due to the piezoelectric mineralogy inside the caverns, to the technical energies of the New Madrid Fault, combined with the magnetic fields of the caverns.

These influences facilitate, activate, what could be called multidimensional vision, directly stimulating the piezo-crystalline attributes of the pineal gland. The encounters reported with tall blue-skinned beings in the caverns near Cushman (Glass Cave Glass Cavern), according to more recently informed speleologists ( NT cave explorers ), occurred in the same condition of visions. The visualizations experienced by the explorers occurred in an altered state, a dreamlike consciousness in high theta waves, induced by mineralogy and magnetism well above the normal beta wave, above the 3 d. The explorer's reports on the experience, which confused him a lot, were hazy and distorted in his memory, and also somewhat exaggerated and embellished over time.

But certainly the Blue Beings are indeed present, and encounters with parallel alternatives did occur, and will occur more frequently in the new energy of the planet. We will add that singularly in Arkansas and Brazil, massive crystals can and in fact they do project their consciousness in a novel format of type hadas . They appear in a myriad of projected forms, the most common ones appearing are translucent blue orbes . This can also occur in the form of rapid sparks of bluish photonics, or piezo-luminescent mini refucils, similar in appearance to what the mythology of fairies and devas calls Will of the Wisp ( NT fatuous fire )

The Blue Beings

For clarity, the `` Blue '' beings are different, both in frequency and in cycles, from the aliens that populate the underground bases in parts of the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains. As we said before, the Syrian-Pleiadian-Arturian Alliance is highly involved in the ascending change of the planet, and in the shift towards the crystalline energies of the Grid 144 in progress. There is certainly a base of the SPA Alliance below the Talimena Massif region in Arkansas. The benevolent Star Beings interacted with the blue peoples, but they are of a different frequency and nature. Aliens are forms of light, of a photonic nature.

There really are different groups of underground blue races in the world. The two main ones that inhabit dimensional caverns below the Arkansas mountains originated in Lumania and Mu (Lemuria). Both are spiritually advanced, but they have separate physiology and are in different frequency dimensional cycles.

The Lumans are the beings found in visions of images, in the caverns near Cushman, called Glass Cave and Blow Cave. They are much taller than the blue beings of Lemuria. The height of the Lumanians is 7 to 8 feet ( NT 2.10 to 2.40 m ), very thin, however nervous. They are of Syrian star seed, very old, and populated various parts of the planet in a very old era already forgotten, many millions of years before Lemuria and Mu. It is interesting that they are very similar to the blue skinned beings described in the film "Avatar", but without tails or pointed ears. His skin is smooth, and his facial features are narrow, almost feline-looking, with almond-shaped oval eyes. They exist mainly as beings of light, they do not really have a physical form, but they project an image in the few circumstances in which they encounter humanity. In their current activities, the remaining Romans are essentially serving as caretakers of the planet, working intimately with the sentient consciousness of the Conscious Earth called Gaia.

The Lemurians became underground many eons after the Lumans, and they exist in greater numbers. The skin tone of the lemurians is rather chameleon type. Those that are under the territories of North America, and specifically under Arkansas, are more turquoise green and are much lower in height. Those that exist in other parts of the planet, such as Peru and Brazil, are reddish or rusty bronchial tones. The color is determined rather by the mineral content of the water they consume. Now there is a much larger population of Lemurians from the "Hollow Earth" in the inner kingdoms of the planet, compared to that of the Lumans.

Not all Lemurians left underground; many migrated to OG (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador), and others to the surface regions of continental Atlantis. The antediluvian lemurians looked like dwarfs, very hairy, and gave rise to the mythological tales of the "middle ground" of the hobbits. As they went deeper into the earth, the interstitial pressures of the deeper underground hollows influenced their physiology to change, and over time their physical density decreased and their hair no longer grew so thick.

When the Lemurians originally arrived on the earth plane, they were mainly etheric, pseudo-physical projections or ways of thinking. They had the ability to "enter" their consciousness into botanical and biological life forms. They did not become purely physical until approximately 200, 000 years ago.

The Lemurians certainly interacted with the Atla-Ra, and helped in the coding of the crystals in both Arkansas and Brazil. At that time, both surface and underground lands populated. Although they do not belong to the Kingdoms of the Fairies or the Devas, which are also very present among the crystals, they were often considered as dwarves, although of a physical type. Its height varied between 3 and 4.5 feet ( NT 1 m. To 1.30 m ). They are sensitive and extremely passive in nature, and are still reluctant to communicate with humanity. These beings communicate in a purely telepathic manner, and are very aware of the aggressive aspects of humans.

However, it should be noted that these beings work closely with the Earth and also with the benevolent beings of the Star Nation. They are enormously compassionate, but they realize that it is not yet the right time for intentional direct contact with humans. This will occur when humanity achieves a higher ratio of light, and becomes more fluid and lucid in its multidimensional conscious perception.

In future messages we will tell you more about these beings. We will also talk about the unique Devic kingdom that conscious crystals project.


When we finish, we repeat… “As the frequency of the new earth continues to increase, so does the vibrational rate of the crystals. This is with purpose, according to a plan, since certainly the great crystal fields of the planet are playing important roles in the diffusion of the crystalline pattern. Certainly the conscious mineral kingdom of the Earth is waking up to new levels of importance and influence. ”

In fact, it is the crystalline regions of the Earth that play the most important role in changes and updates of the dimensional frequency. We assure you that, logically, this benevolent influence and pineal stimulation are of great benefit to humanity. More and more people are being attracted to visit crystalline energy fields, and by the way there is an intuitive understanding and a very meaningful purpose to do so. Dear human, we assure you that within the crystalline members of the conscious mineral kingdom there is a divinely orchestrated call for the purpose of increasing the generation and flow of vital life force, of encoded geo-energy, which they receive from the crystalline core of the earth and from the central sun.

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of the Crystalline Service. You are deeply loved. Wonderful transitions are happening, and you are on your way. Keep shining your light!

And so it is ... And it is so ...

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Translation: M. Cristina Cáffaro

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