Unique codification of the soul by the Pleiadians - Part 2

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 9, 2018

Continuation of: Unique codification of the soul by the Pleiadians - Part 1

The unique coding of the soul

The soul has a unique code of energy, light and consciousness that could be said to be similar to the DNA of the soul. These unique codes contain the true presence, energy and vibration of the soul, as well as the depths of wisdom, knowledge and truth that the soul embodies.

Within these unique codes are the soul's intentions for its existence, whether incarnating on Earth, working on the internal planes, existing within a stellar civilization or something else. The intention extends beyond the current existence they know.

They could describe it as the soul's intention for the Creator Universe or for the unification and unity with the Creator. The intention may be so deep that it may not be understood by the mind.

The intention of the soul is so deep that it is difficult for it to be understood by the mind.

This does not mean that codes cannot have a powerful and positively impacting influence on their being and their ascension now. Accepting, aligning and receiving the unique codes of the soul as a wave of energy anchored in your being can act as a powerful accelerator of your ascension and as a change to allow greater healing to be received and accepted.

Experiencing the Creator is not about understanding or understanding, it is simply about accepting and being present while maintaining the intentions and listening to intuition to guide them to display their greatest knowledge.

To experience the creator is to accept and be present.

The unique codes of your soul cannot be grasped by your conscious mind and yet you can be experienced by your energy field and physical body . For each of you the codes will be unique and will have a different impact on your being.

They will receive what they need at that time to support them . This means that whenever they connect and experience the energy wave of their soul's unique codes, they will receive diverse energies or experience something different.

Therefore, they can connect with the unique codes of the soul at any time to help them receive what they need and require to unfold their truth and unify with the Creator.

This practice can be used constantly to support its existence on Earth.

When combined with the existence from the space of knowledge and memory within you, the unique codes of the soul become a powerful food and guiding light for your realization and happiness on Earth.

“PLEYADIANS , I call your presence and invite you to guide me to my inner space of knowledge and memory, so that I can communicate with you from this sacred space of my being. Let me experience the energy around me as I receive your light and awareness of knowledge and truth of its essence. ”

Take a few moments to breathe deeply, connecting with your own energy and our presence.

PLEYADIANS, from the space of inner knowledge and memory, I invite you to support me in the activation of a wave of energy from the center of my soul, delivering the unique codes of my soul to my whole being.

Let me receive the codes of my soul with awareness of its positive and enriching influence on my being and my reality. I know that I may not be able to understand the unique codes of my soul; however, I open myself to receive any divine inspiration available to me.

I am aware that I will receive everything I need and need to support me now with the unique codes of my soul and I welcome it. PLEYADIANS, I give you all my support now. Thank you."

Imagine, feel, recognize a powerful wave of energy and light that extends from the center of your soul to and through your whole being. This wave of energy is the presence of your soul delivering the unique codes of the soul throughout your being.

Simply allow yourself to receive for as long as it is essential.

With love and truth,


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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Natalie Glasson (2018) Unique encoding of your soul by the Pleiadians. https://www.omna.org/unique-encoding-of-your-soul-by-the-pleiadians/

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