Quan Yin: The Results of Your Lighting Work Are Magnificent

  • 2018

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, October 22, 2018

You are preparing for your next actions, entering the leadership of the New You.

Quan yin

Greetings Dear! I AM Quan Yin . I AM the Goddess of Compassion and Beauty. I AM your sister in love, I AM your family. I come to bring you the energy of meekness and compassion so that you can continue on your path with wisdom and gentleness.

Dear ones, there is no need to force and push against resistance. There is no need to fight or hastily remove anyone from their path or to work so insistently against their sweet inner beings.

Now that they have matured so much, they can see that there is much power in contemplation and patience . You can reflect and contemplate any situation and wait for the deepest truth to come to you. Open all your senses, open your heart more and let the truth bubble and activate your knowledge even more.

There is power in contemplation and patience.

There is never any reason to panic or act hastily. There is no reason to feel that they are not up to their mission, or that they are not doing enough or as much as others.

They know when they are on the right path . They know when they are in the right place and when they are doing the right thing . They only know it because they feel good and light, even if the human mind is lagging behind in understanding and placing all the pieces of the puzzle.

We are always with you to encourage you and to whisper words of love and sweetness in your hearts. But it is really you who are directing the show and who are wonderfully following all the clues of your divine plan.

You know when you are doing the right thing.

I am Quan Yin, dear hearts of light, they are expanding widely and deeply, and every moment brings you more and more knowledge about who they are, and how universes and multiverses work . You are gathering and claiming parts of yourself and your soul family, you are preparing the gold web with your soul mate family, brothers and sisters, and preparing for your next actions, and to enter into the leadership of the New Being.

There is great emotion and longing within their hearts because even if they do not know how things will develop in the near and distant future, they only know that the results of their light work are beyond any expectation, greater and more magnificent than they You can imagine right now.

The results of your work will be magnificent.

This is not just waiting and repeating mantras, or what others might have told them, or perhaps what they have read elsewhere. This is a certainty that they have because they have seen small and large manifestations and miracles in their own reality. And so they will know that if they are in complete control of their life, then it is perfectly fine to expand their desires and dream big and include all humanity and the world.

So I invite you to join me in your own beautiful dragon and fly high and travel in every reality and dimension, in every timeline and story or life that needs to be healed or restored.

Let us release each of the issues and tentacles that slow them down and keep them hesitating in smallness and doubt. Let us burn every old path that can lead you to repeat the old ways of defeat and limitation.

Know that you are extremely powerful and that there is nothing you cannot achieve and raise with your love, compassion and grace.

Love is the healing balm. Love is the foundation and fuel of the new world, new and beautiful relationships and the New T .

I will leave you now with my love and strength. Goodbye!

Quan yin

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Quan Yin the Results Of Your Light Work are Magnificent. http://counciloflove.com/2018/10/quan-yin-the-results-of-your-light-work-are-magnificent/

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