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  • 2016

We come to you today with important information concerning this process that is being developed energetically. The accumulation of energies is pushing each person to raise their vibration and merge more fully with the Source of their Being, their Higher Self / Higher Self. Every Being on Earth at this time is affected by this change, all to different degrees. No one will be left out of these energy changes, and this includes the Earth, the elemental kingdom, and its plants and fauna, for all Beings have agreed to take part in this incredible path of growth of Being. How will each of you be affected? It will depend on the work you have done previously.

At this time many of those who were previously unconscious are beginning to feel the agitation of discontent, wanting to have greater meaning and peace in their lives . During this stage it is where one could experience major disruptions in his life. For others this could take the form of a loss of work, a change to another place, a change of relationship, including the loss of loved ones. Although this could be difficult for the person to understand, these changes are helping to remove all the layers, belief and personal systems that were adopted while living on Earth. Everything that is not in alignment with the authentic I / Self must come out. Through drastic changes is how one begins to question everything around him. The duration of this growth phase depends solely on the person and how easily he is able to let go of all resistance. Some are able to hear the slightest whispers of Being and act according to that impulse; others may need to be encouraged much more. Understand that there are no right or wrong ways to wake up. Each path, each choice, is an experience that provides the growth of Being. We ask those who have woken up to help guide their brothers by providing support and compassion. This time is one in which all kinds of healers will be much needed.

Some have already undergone drastic changes in many areas of their lives and are now on the path of incorporating all aspects of their Being. Every person on Earth has aspects in the Elemental Kingdom, the Angelic Realms, their Guides and the Masters . As one grows in this path one incorporates the aspects of each Being that has helped them in their path to the Self. Each aspect allows them to remember more of their divine nature and their magnificence as they return to the Source. For some this process is very easy, and for others it is difficult. This depends on how capable one is to flow with the changes and release everything that is not aligned as they capture the full magnitude of their Being. Identifying only with one aspect will not allow them to grasp the full potential of EVERYTHING THAT IS. Understand that you are all these things, and yet none of them, just as all of you are an individual, and yet all are ONE.

Others are merging the final aspects of their Being, and in doing so they are finding that they no longer have their Higher Self / Higher Self outside them but firmly anchored within. During this phase it is when one becomes the Master walking on Earth . The Being will be anchored in stages and will emerge increasingly as one who understands and clears his patterns and everything that is not aligned. During this time it is when everything previously understood and believed will be challenged. What was once believed was true is no longer accurate. Each one will be asked to master his own thoughts, and in turn, his manifestation in the hologram around him. For some, the integration of their Higher Self / Higher Self can induce anxiety because one must go inside to get a guide and trust everything they are feeling instead of looking outside. of themselves. Never before has trust been as important as it is now. We are asking these beings to assume their leadership roles and help guide others through the energies.

All these phases can physically drain as the body is receiving improvements to all its systems and releasing the unwanted mental and physical density. For many, improvements to the electrical system can cause flu-like symptoms. It is very important to stay hydrated at this time as a well hydrated body can handle the improvements much more easily. They sleep when they need it because this is essential for the changes that are happening. All have agreed at the level of Being to continue the light codes arriving on Earth and that each one helps move everyone to their intended goal.

We are very pleased with the progress being made, and like you, we can feel the momentum building with great anticipation.

His brother in the light,


Personal conversation with Sananda:

Me: I had to laugh when you said that some hear the Being whisper while others need more breath. The past few weeks I felt as if I had been through a life review, seeing where Spirit urged me, guided me, and where I ignored Him for a long time. It was as if Spirit had whispered and then screamed; Then he would have given me a hammer and finally with a combo until I screamed and let everything go. For me the combo manifested itself as an important back surgery, a summer in an asylum, the loss of my career, and then my farm. And yet, I can see now how much I have learned throughout each cycle, how much more experience I have gained, and how I use it to help others. So I am grateful for that.

Sananda: You will find that the winding path offers the greatest lessons and growth. Those who are being called to help others, and it is the case of many of you, it is essential to actually experience each level, each phase, very deeply. One cannot lead another unless he has a perspective that resonates inwardly in which he is receiving help.

Many of you are very severe with yourself, you feel that you have failed in various ways. We ask you to stop seeing yourself in this way and see in return that you were acquiring an understanding of the many human conditions and phases, and how to pass through them. Each of their perceived failures was, in fact, an experience that they were destined to have and go beyond.

Me: Thank you, that's a great help.

Me: Recently I was visited in a lucid dream state by my deceased grandmother. I was surprised because I had just died a couple of months ago. She told me that she was holding on to a deep sorrow, anger and abandonment issues of my grandfather who died just before I turned 9. She explained that I had to see this, recognize it, and then let it go. That these deeply guarded matters that I had not fully realized were still there, and were hampering the incarnation of being. I was able to release a lot after that and a deep peace descended upon me. I got the impression that it is a situation of "everyone on deck, " that everyone is receiving great help from all sides.

Sananda: Yes, everyone is being guided and helped, most often when they sleep, so it is very important that they sleep at this time. This allows them to integrate the energies, and also acquire a greater understanding of the limitations experienced from the human perspective and then release them.

Me: Not everyone remembers their dreams or is able to see and hear other beings and dimensions. Some feel they have been left out because they are not experiencing these things.

Sananda: Everyone is being helped at all levels and at the time that is most appropriate for that being. Many perceive only a fraction of what is happening. Fear makes them judge themselves against others; from our perspective, the trajectory of each person is perfect as it is.

I hope that my questions and answers have helped you as you have helped me ... I am holding everyone in the highest light and with the deepest love. Be all blessed. Thanks to all who have shared and supported this work. That is of much greater importance than you will ever know.


AUTHOR: Jenny Schiltz


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