Try to keep your Peace Center

  • 2018

Greetings dear,

We are the Arc ngeles Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with love. Today we want to talk about the calm of your peace center . The energy frequencies increase to a higher vibrational level, and offer you the opportunity to advance to higher levels of consciousness.

As vibratory frequencies increase, the conditions around them sometimes seem chaotic and unstable. In fact, when the higher frequency energy interacts with the lower frequency energy, there is a disturbance in the established pattern, there may even be parts of both models that are not compatible, and a rearrangement must be made so that the new energy is integrated.

When you are aware of this process, you can overcome external circumstances and consider them as a distant observer. This process is much easier when maintaining a quiet center of inner peace.

This center is your point of reference and retreat so you can stay focused on your spiritual path, being the center that prevails and allows you to ride in multiple dimensions. He acts as his anchor . When you have a safe sense with your peaceful peace center, you can navigate throughout your daily life and progress on your spiritual path.

Knowing that this is your reference center, you can return to a focus point whenever necessary. It also connects you to the Higher Dimensions because you realize that you are more than your physical body and the immediate external conditions that surround you.

Your inner calm center contains its Divine Spark that connects you with all that is and helps you realize the unity of all creation. With these achievements, external circumstances can be put into perspective, and you can move throughout your day while staying focused on knowing your true nature as a spiritual being.

The connection to your peace center begins with the memory that he is always there for you. You can take a rest throughout the day to connect with your quiet inner peace center. This is in the center of your heart.

As soon as his consciousness returns to the center of his heart, he begins to relax and feel calmer. You can concentrate on your breathing to help your mind and body relax, since by doing so, you direct your attention from external circumstances to your inner center.

The external conditions are still there, but they have changed their attention to a higher spiritual consciousness. As he continues to focus on the center of his heart and inhales and exhales slowly, he becomes calmer and more relaxed.

When that happens remember that it is a Being of Light

They are also aware that, in addition to their own progress, they are here to play their part for the greater good of humanity and the entire planet. You can receive knowledge and ideas about your spiritual path that will keep you moving forward, and you can communicate more clearly with the higher dimensions.

This happens more easily when you are in your quiet center of inner peace. It acts as a base on which you can climb and continue on your ascension path. You can rise to the higher Dimensions through a Light cable and return to the base of your center of calm, something that allows you to function as a multidimensional Light Being.

The more you work on a multidimensional level, the more your consciousness expands. You can receive flashes of other dimensions and star systems with more information from the Beings of Starlight at all levels, including the Angelic Kingdom and the Ascending Masters.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Diane L.

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