In the chronology of your linear time, the doors seem to open

  • 2018

You could call it the doors of returning home. The return to unity, to harmony . But remember, in the past of time and space, the door is eternally open, and you are the being of light to which you aspire to become.

The door is already open, eternally open to other infinities, to other realms. In three-dimensional reality, the doors seem to open. Do not forget, do not aspire to cross the doors as a person in search of liberation, be the door, the ocean of love, the infinite opening, the Supreme Being.

The door we are talking about is the living flame, which elevates the vibratory rhythm of the earth and intensifies the joy. Go through the door to the dimension of light and become light, service and ocean of love, recognize yourself as the totality of that Supreme Being that is life and everything.

The open door is living flame. We don't go through that door, we embody it. Embrace the structure of your brain and your heart, your cells, be light, now.

This evidence of being eternity is not an invitation to passivity, but quite the opposite, it is time for affirmation now. The incarnation is the implication . Choose to embody the fullness of the fire of love with all the audacity of the one who knows the eternal Being, in homage, service and devotion.

It embodies the splendor of the eternal Being, the magnificence and simplicity of love

Embrace your brain, light your heart, your cells and burn them in the flame of love. Intensify the presence of the breath, until the breath is revealed in your Prana nature, the flame of life. Prana is fire of love.

The body thus nourished by breathing becomes fluid and when the structure of the body becomes fluid, the structure of matter around the body becomes fluid . Because, remember, creation is not solid, creation is only the projection of those who perceive it.

Each body of light has its own uniqueness and yet maintains the infinite fluidity of light. The art of breathing is the art of love . The breath is born from nothing. Love is born of silence and remains silent. The art of breathing is the art of love.

From the fullness that I am, from the fullness of the eternal flame, the rays burst. Lightning is the precipitation of intention. The intention is the expression of the whole . Nothing is out. You could say that the rays are the structure of the cosmic body because the body is cosmic. The cosmic body is creation, the intention of creation, the expression of intention.

The rays are the precipitation of the intention

Learn the art of lightning management, so that you learn the art of creation. The first step is to eliminate the belief in space, that which is in time, in the limits. Forget linear time, forget the distance between intention and realization. This distance is illusion. The illusions seem real, right?

Find the art of the incarnation. Glorify the silence through the incarnation . Remember the eternal joy of the incarnation. Forget the seriousness. Heavy is the seriousness. Be happy, be an eternal joy. Do not forget the union of love, intention and attention. These are the three keys. Love is the master key to the fullness of love that I am.

The door is living flame. Thank you. We greet you, eternally.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Agnès Bos-Masseron

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