The Seventh Ray: Revelator of the New Age, by Master Djwhal Khul

The Seventh Ray: New Age Developer

From the writings of Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

In the first place I could say that the main current problem is due to the fact that two rays of great power act simultaneously. Its effects are so well balanced so far that there has been a situation that is described in the old archives as: “The time when the tops of the protective mountains are torn from their high place, and the voices of men are lost in the crash and roar of the fall ”. These periods only occur in rare and long intervals, and each time a peculiar period of divine activity begins. The old things disappear, but nevertheless, the old milestones are restored. The seventh ray of Ceremonial or Ritual Order is entering manifestation. The sixth ray of Idealism or Abstract Vision, is slowly coming out. The seventh ray will bring to the manifestation what was visualized and also what constituted the ideals of the preceding cycle of sixth ray activity. A ray prepares the way for another, and the reason for manifesting one or the other depends on the divine Plan and Purpose. It is not often that two rays follow each other in regular numerical sequence, as is the case now. When this happens, the effects follow the cause quickly and this could be the basis of certain hope.

Esoteric Psychology, Volume I, p. 281

One of the inevitable effects of the seventh ray energy will be to relate and unify in close synthesis, the four kingdoms of nature, and should be done as preparation to perform the long pre-arranged work for humanity, which consists in being the agent distributing energy Spiritual for the three subhuman kingdoms. This is the main service task that the fourth kingdom must undertake through its incarnated souls. The radiation coming from the fourth kingdom will one day be so powerful and its effects will be so far-reaching that they will penetrate the same depths of the created phenomenal world, even reaching the mineral kingdom. Then we will see the results referred to by the great initiate Paul, when he says that all creation awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God. Such manifestation is the irradiation of glory, power and love.

The Destiny of the Nations, p. 92/3

The collaboration of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and Alice A. Bailey over a period of 30 years, from 1919 to 1949, resulted in the publication of a teaching cluster of Arcane Wisdom, which the Tibetan predicted would be more relevant to the group of disciples who were working at the end of the century.

Humanity is going through the transition period between the outgoing Pisces era, governed by the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism, and the incoming Aquarian era, governed by the seventh Ray of Order and Organization. The Tibetan suggested preparing a compilation of all the statements about the seventh Ray found in all the books he wrote with Alice Bailey, as an aid to men and women who are determined to prepare for the service of discipleship during this time.

The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is one of the seven rays of energy that demonstrate the seven qualities of the Deity, and that consequently have a sevenfold impact on matter and the forms found in the universe. In the era that is rapidly beginning, the seventh Ray will be the dominant energy for 2, 000 years. Therefore, it becomes imperative that the students of Arcane Wisdom achieve a deeper understanding of the seventh Ray, its nature and power. In fact, as projected in the book Letters on Occult Meditation, by Alice A. Bailey, the teaching on the seventh Ray will be part of the curriculum of future esoteric schools.

An orderly beauty and rhythm will begin to manifest itself in all aspects of the life of the physical plane, as humanity acquires a greater sensitive response to the energy of order and organization of the seventh Ray, the ray of the "ritualistic decency" .

Hoping that this compilation can contribute to a recognition of new opportunities for group service, we are pleased to offer: “The Seventh Ray: New Age Developer”

Lucis Publishing Company, April 1995

Chapter One

General Declarations of Introduction

The Seven Rays

It is claimed that there are seven great rays in the cosmos. In our solar system only one of these large rays is active. The seven subdivisions constitute the "seven rays" that managed by our solar Logos, form the basis of infinite variations in its world system. These seven rays can be described as the seven channels through which everything that exists in His solar system flows, the seven predominant characteristics, or modifications of life, which not only apply to humanity but also the seven kingdoms. In reality there is nothing in the solar system, whatever its degree of evolution, that does not belong or has belonged to one of the seven rays (14? 141)

The seven rays are the total sum of the divine Consciousness, the Universal Mind; they could be considered as the seven intelligent Entities through which the plan is developed. They personify the divine purpose; they express the qualities required for the materialization of that purpose; they create the forms, and they are the forms by which the divine idea can be brought to its consummation. Symbolically they can be considered as constituting the brain of the divine Heavenly Man. They correspond to the ventricles of the brain, the seven centers of the brain, the seven centers of force and the seven main glands that determine the quality of the physical body. They are the conscious executors of the divine purpose and the seven Breaths that animate all the forms that have been created by Them to carry out the plan.

Perhaps it will be easy to understand the relationship of the seven rays with the Deity, if we remember that man himself (being made in the image of God) is a sevenfold being, capable of express seven states of consciousness and the seven fundamental principles or qualities that allow you to perceive seven planes in which you act consciously or unconsciously. He is a septenary at all times, but his goal is to consciously perceive all states of being, consciously express all qualities and act freely on all planes.

The Beings of the seven rays, unlike man, are totally conscious and fully perceive the purpose and the Plan. They are always in deep meditation, and they reached the point where, through their advanced stage of development, they are propelled towards realization. . They are totally aware of themselves and the group; they constitute the total sum of the universal mind, and are awake and active . Its goal and purpose is of such a nature that it would be useless to speculate on both, because the highest point of realization for man is the lowest point for Them. . These seven Rays, Breaths and Heavenly Men have the task of fighting with matter in order to subjugate it to the divine purpose, and the goal - as far as we can perceive it - is to subject the material forms to the action of the life aspect, thus producing those qualities that will bring the will of God to its culmination. Therefore, they constitute the total sum of all souls within the solar system, and His activity produces all forms; according to the nature of the form, this will be the degree of consciousness. Through the seven rays life or spirit aspect flows, passing cyclically through all the kingdoms of nature, thus producing states of consciousness in all fields of perception. n.

To carry out the purposes of this treaty, students will have to accept the hypothesis that every human being is dragged into manifestation by the impulse of some lightning, is colored by that particular quality of lightning that determines the shape aspect, and indicates the path that he must follow and allows him (when he reaches the third initiation) to present and fire to collaborate with the purpose of his ray. After the third initiation he begins to present the synthetic purpose for which the seven rays work. As this treaty has been written for aspirants and disciples, and not for third-degree initiates, it is unnecessary to conjecture about this final destination.

The human soul is a synthesis of the material energy qualified by intelligent consciousness, in addition to the spiritual energy that is, in turn, qualified by one of the seven types of lightning.

Thus the human being emerges, a child of God incarnate in the form, with one hand, as The Old Commentary says, firmly clinging to the rock of matter and the other submerged in a sea of ​​love. An ancient writing expresses it in this way:

“When the right hand of the material man takes the flower of life and plucks it for him, the left hand remains empty.

“When the right hand of the material man takes the golden lotus of the soul, the left descends looking for the flower of life, although it does not do so for selfish purposes.

"When the right hand firmly holds the golden lotus and the left hand takes the flower of life, man discovers that it is the seven-leaf plant that blooms on the earth and also before the Throne of God."

The purpose of the Deity, as the Creator knows it, is totally unknown to all, except for the highest initiates. But the purpose of each Life of lightning can be felt and defined, of course subject to the limitations of the human mind and the inadequacy of words. The planned activity of each ray qualifies every form that is within its manifestation body.

We have now reached a technical statement that must be accepted for the sake of the argument, as it is impossible to verify. The Lightning Lords all create a body of expression, and thus the seven planets have come into existence. We give below its main expressions:

The Sun (which hides Vulcan)







The energies of these seven Lives, however, are not confined to their planetary expression, but extend around the confines of the solar system, as well as the impulses of a human being's life - his vital forces, the impulse of his desires and your mental energies - they travel through your body activating the various organs, allowing you to carry out your intention, live your life and fulfill the goal for which you created your body of manifestation.

Each of the seven kingdoms of nature reacts to the energy of some particular Lightning Life. Each of the seven planes reacts similarly. Each septenary of nature vibrates with one of the initial septenaries, because the seven rays establish that process that assigns the limits of influence for all forms. They are what determines all things, and by using these words I want to indicate the need for the Law to prevail. The Law is the will of the seven Deities, which are embodied in the substance in order to produce a specific intention, through the method of the evolutionary process. (14? 69/72)

It is of great interest to us to know something about the energies and forces that originate the current international situation and present the complex problems faced by the United Nations. In the last analysis, the whole story is the record of the effects of these energies or radiations (in other words, rays) as they act on humanity in the many and varied stages of their evolutionary development, which extend from the stage of primitive humanity to our modern civilization; Everything that has happened is the result of these energies that flow cyclically through nature and from that part of it that we call the human kingdom.

If we want to understand what is happening today, we must recognize that these energies are seven. In various countries they are called in different ways, but for our purposes we will use the following seven denominations:

1. The energy of Will, Purpose or Power, called in the Christian countries, the energy of the Will of God.

2. The energy of Love - Wisdom, often called the Love of God.

3. The energy of Active Intelligence, designated the Mind of God.

4. The energy of Harmony through Conflict that greatly affects the human family.

5. The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science, so powerful at this time.

6. The energy of Devotion and Idealism, the cause of current ideologies.

7. The Ceremonial Order energy, which produces new forms of civilization.

These energies act incessantly on humanity, producing changes and expressing themselves through successive civilizations and cultures, shaping the different races and nations ...

The teaching concerning the seven rays is a fruitless speculation as long as it is not susceptible of investigation, of eventual verification and of general and particular utility. Much of what is written today must be dismissed as useless, and cannot be accepted as a possible hypothesis, nor does it present a truth that can be proven. (9? 7/8)

Two rays are largely the goal of human effort, first and second. Lightning, the third, is the goal of devic or angelic evolution. These three rays make contact with the two poles and the achievement of the final goal of the cycle marks the realization of the Solar Logos. This is also a mystery. The seventh and the first ray are very closely linked and the third ray joins them, so that the relationship expresses itself thus, 1.3.7. There's also an intimate relationship between rays 2.4.6; the fifth ray is in a peculiar position, as the central point of realization, the home of the ego or soul, the personified plane of the mind, the culmination point for the personality and the reflection of the triple monad in the three worlds.

1st. Lightning Will, demonstrating itself as power in the development of the Logos Plan.

3rd. Lightning Adaptability of activity to intelligence. This ray predominated in the previous solar system; It is the basis of this system, and is controlled by the Mahachohan.

7th Ray Rite, ceremonial or organization. It is the reflection of the two previous rays on the physical plane and is related to the Mahachohan. It controls the elemental forces, the involutive process and the form aspect in the three kingdoms of nature. It keeps the secret of physical color and sound hidden. It constitutes the law.

These three rays together encompass and incorporate everything. They are the power, the Activity and the Law in manifestation.

2nd. Ray Love - Wisdom, synthetic ray, goal of this system, which keeps everything in intimate harmony and relationship.

4th. Lightning Expression of harmony, beauty, music and unity.

6th. Ray Devotion to the fervent aspiration and sacrifice of the personal self for the good of all, in order to achieve harmony and beauty, impelled by love.

These two groups of rays can be related to each other as follows:

Rays 1.3.7 They constitute the great rays connected with the form, the evolutionary process, the intelligent functioning of the system and the laws that control the life of all forms in the kingdoms of nature.

Rays 2.4.6 They relate to inner life, expanding through these forms - mobile, aspiration and sacrifice rays. Rays preeminently of quality.

Rays 1.3.7 They deal with concrete things and the functioning of matter and form, from the lower to the upper plane.

Rays 2.4.6 They deal with abstract things and spiritual expression through form.

Ray 5 It constitutes the link of intelligence.

(14? 91/2)

The seventh ray

7th Thunderbolt. It is the energy of Ceremonial Order. It constitutes an expression of the will that impels towards the external manifestation; It contains the periphery and the center point. It is the will for "ritualistic synthesis", if I can express it this way; the need, the main conditioning factor of the divine nature - the need to express oneself in a rhythmic and orderly way, to encompass “what is above and what is below” and, through that activity, produce beauty, order, perfect totality and Straight relationships It is the driving energy that emanates from Being when it appears, takes shape and lives. It is the Will of Expression. Currently, as far as humanity is concerned, its highest expression is the organization. (16? 406)

The Lord of Ceremonial Order or Magic is now entering power, and slowly and surely makes His presence felt. Its influence is very powerful in the physical plane, because there is an intimate numerical interrelation between the Lord of the seventh ray, for example, and the seventh plane, the physicist, as well as the seventh root race will be in complete agreement and will perfectly express the law and order. This ray of order and its advent is partially responsible for the current trend in world affairs of establishing dictatorial governments or imposing control of a central group of government. (14? 44)

When the light of the seven rays merges with that of the seventh

lightning, then you can know the supreme light.

The implications derived from this point surprise the first glance and demand an immediate recognition of two factors, time and space. The meanings implied at this point may be clearer if I paraphrase the statement, thus giving them a sense of the meaning that they will bring to them if they buy. When the energy of the light of all the rays is expressed through the seventh ray, then the highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate the physical plane. Obviously, it will be very difficult for them to grasp this statement, since they are also the affirmation of a fundamental truth.

In a previous instruction, I pointed out that three ideas were involved to understand the significance of these revelation points that, once captured, appear in all their beauty, clarity and simplicity. The Procedure required for the manifestation of the supreme light takes place when a transient level of synthesis is reached and the seven energies merge into a great Energy Light. These seven ensemble energies have always created the supreme light at the highest levels of divine expression, but that revealing light finds Location only when the seventh ray of Ceremonial Order is active and in the process of manifesting itself in the three worlds and necessarily in the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such manifestation inevitably takes place in times of planetary crisis, when the seventh ray is active and the Sun is in Aquarius. This combination of relationships is now being established because the seventh ray is manifesting rapidly, and the Sun is in Aquarius, now beginning the Aquarian era. The objective of this combination (which has taken place six times during the period of the fifth root race) is to bring enlightenment and establish order on Earth. The dissemination of the New Invocation was the first indication of the possibility of the effectiveness of these divine propositions; its power was so great that the correct conditions had to be expected before its possible enunciation. That was the first step in the projected precipitation of the supreme light ; the second will be the reappearance of Excelso Lord, which will act as a lens through which the light can be focused and adapted to human need. The conditions that will make this great event of light distribution possible are rapidly being created. The Christ can act and act now on the thermal plane, personifying in Himself the great Point of Revelation, as He stated in the words: Will is an expression n of the Law of Sacrifice . The invocation that now ascends from humanity to the high place where the Christ dwells, focuses or originates in the plane of emotions; That is why it is said in Scripture that "the Desire of the Nations" will emerge at the end of the age. Therefore, from the astral plane arises - from the masses - the movement for Him to come. The projects of His coming are being forged in the superior analogy of the astral plane, the buddhic, or the plane of pure reason.

The motivating power for His advent is provided by the disciples and initiates, being, therefore, a joint movement, qualified by the desire and motive of the united Hierarchy and Humanity; consequently, the Invocation cannot be ignored. Astrologically the moment is auspicious; from the planetary aspect great and important events are imminent, because the planetary Logos is receiving a cosmic initiation; the energy that brings order and magically unites spirit and matter (the seventh ray energy), is already organizing human affairs, and these three great events coinciding in time and space, make it possible for the energies of the seventh ray reach a high point of merged activity and cooperation.

The result will be the creation of a direct channel for the precipitation of the "supreme light" in the three worlds and their predominant focus on the physical plane. This will create the new civilization and the new world order and make possible the new approach to divinity; The initial steps for the creation of the "new heaven and the new earth" will then be taken. It is here that they will need to carefully discern between symbols and realities; No further instructions are necessary. (6? 369/71)

Now I will refer to the purpose of the ray described in an ancient teaching, written on sheets so old that the writing slowly fades. I will translate it into modern language, although much of the meaning will be lost ...

The Seventh Purpose of the Deity

7th Thunderbolt. Ceremonial Order or Magic.

"That the Temple of the Lord be built, " the seventh great Angel proclaimed. Then seven great sons of God, in their places, in the north, south, east and west, walked with a measured step and took a seat. Thus began the construction work.

“The doors closed. The light shone dimly. The walls of the temple could not be seen. The seven remained silent and their forms were veiled. The moment had not come for the light to shine. The Word could not be pronounced. Only the seven Forms carried out the work. A silent call was issued from one to another. However the temple door remained closed.

“As time passed, the sounds of life were heard. The door opened and then closed and every time it opened the power inside the temple increased, the light increased more strongly, because one by one the sons of men entered the temple, passed from north to south, from west to east and in the center of the heart they found light, understanding and power to work. They went through the door; they stopped before the Seven; They lifted the veil of the temple, and entered into life.

“The temple was growing in beauty. Its lines, its walls and its decorations, its height, depth and width slowly emerged and penetrated the light.

“From the east came the Word: Open the door for all the children of men who come from the dark valley of the earth and seek the temple of the Lord. Give them the light. Uncover the veil of the inner sanctuary and, through the work of the craftsmen of the Lord, expand the walls of the temple, and thus enlighten the world. Issue the creative Word and resurrect the dead.

“Thus the temple of light will be taken from heaven to earth. Thus its walls will be erected on the great plains of the world of men. Thus the light will reveal and nourish all the dreams of men.

“Then the Master will awaken in the east all who are asleep. Then in the west the guardian will test and judge all true seekers of the light. Then the guardian of the south will instruct and help the blind. Then the northern portal will be wide open, because there the invisible Master will reach out to welcome, and with a sympathetic heart will lead the pilgrims to the east, where the true light shines.

"Why the opening of the temple?" Cry the seven elders. “Because the work is ready; The artisans are also prepared. God has created in the light. Your children can now create. What else can be done?

"Nothing!" Was the response of the Seven elders. “Let the work continue. That the children of God believe. ”

Most will observe that these words have a deep meaning and indicate the broad intention (during the coming cycle) to open wide the door of the temple of hidden mysteries for man. One by one we will be subjected to the test of the esoteric and spiritual counterpart of the psychological factor called "mental test". This test will demonstrate the usefulness of man for mental power and work and will prove his ability to build mental forms and vitalize them. I have dealt with this in the Treatise on White Magic, and the relation of this treatise to the magical work of the seventh ray and its cycle of activity will be increasingly evident. In this treaty I tried to formulate the rules for training and work that will allow the aspirant to the mysteries to enter the temple and take their place as a creative worker, in order to help in the magical work of the Lord of the Temple.

The names by which this Lord of lightning is known, are many, and their meaning is today of primary significance. Future work follows from the study of the following names:

The Magician Unveiled

The Magic Art Worker

The Creator of the Form

The one who confers the light from the Second Lord

The Wand Manipulator

He Who Observes from the East

The Seventh Plan Custodian

The Summoner of Wrath

The Custodian of the Magic Word

The Temple Guardian

The representative of God

The one who lifts towards life

The Lord of Death

The one who feeds the Sacred Fire

The rotating sphere

The Sword of the Initiator

The Divine Alchemist Worker

The Square Builder

The Guiding Force

The igneous Unifier

The Mystery Key

The Expression of Will

The Beauty Developer

This Lightning Lord has a special power on earth and on the physical plane of divine manifestation, and its usefulness to His six Brothers is evident. Brings up the work they must do. It is the most active of the rays in this world period, and is in manifestation for more than fifteen hundred years. It is as if he turns in and out of active labor in a rapid cycle, and His closest kinship, symbolically, relates to His Brothers of the second and fifth rays in this world period.

He constructs (with the collaboration of the second ray) through the power of thought (thus collaborating with the Lord of the fifth ray on the physical plane, his own essential and peculiar sphere). In another world period, He may change His relationship with the other Lightning Lords, but at present His work will be more easily understood when it is recognized that he helps the Lord builder of the second ray and uses the energies of the Lord of concrete thought.

The aphorisms that enclose His qualities are as follows, and were whispered esoterically in His ears, when He "left the highest place and descended to the seventh sphere to carry out the assigned work":

1. Take the tools with you, brother of the building light. Deep carving Build and shape the living stone.

Quality ... power to create.

2. Choose your workers well. Love everyone. Select six, to fulfill your will. May the seventh remain in the east. Call the world to penetrate what you will build. Merge everything into the will of God.

Quality……. power to collaborate

3. Sit in the center, the same as in the east. Notice move from there. Send your forces to fulfill your will and then recover those forces. Use the power of thought well. Sit still.

Quality …… .. power to think.

4. Observe how all the parts come into purpose. Build for beauty, brother Lord. Try to ensure that all colors are bright and transparent. Observe the internal glory. Build the sanctuary well. Do it carefully.

Quality ... revelation of the beauty of God.


5. Take good care of your thoughts. Enter at will in the mind of God. Take the power, the plan and the part to play from there. Reveal the mind of God.

Quality …… .. mental power.

6. Stay in the east. The five have given you the Word of friendship. I, the sixth, I tell you, use it with the dead. Relive the dead. Build the shapes again. Take good care of that Word. Try to make all men look for themselves.

Quality ……. Power to vivify. (14? 72, 14-88 / 91)

The realization that enlightened thinkers and subjective workers are needed in the world led those who lead to direct in some way the incoming spiritual energies, which brought formation throughout esoteric groups everywhere; tambi n condujo a que se publicara la gran cantidad de literatura m stica y oriental sobre la meditaci ny temas an logos, que en la actualidad inundan el mundo. Por eso, como trabajador interno de la vida, me esfuerzo por ense ar en este tratado la nueva psicolog ay por demostrar al hombre cu l es su equipo y cu n apropiado es para el trabajo para el que ha sido creado y que a n no ha comprendido. Sin embargo, la fuerza y el efecto de la influencia del s ptimo rayo le revelar el trabajo m gico; en los pr ximos dos mil quinientos a os se producir n tantos cambios y se podr n efectuar tantos denominados milagros, que incluso se cambiar totalmente la apariencia externa del mundo; se modifi car ny se desarrollar n la vegetaci ny la vida animal, y se expresar gran parte de lo que est latente en las formas de los dos reinos mediante la libre afluencia y la inteligente manipulaci n de las energ as que crean y constituyen todas las formas. El mundo ha cambiado incre blemente durante los ltimos quinientos a os, y en los pr ximos doscientos a os los cambios ser na nm sr pidos y estar nm s hondamente arraigados, porque el aumento de los poderes intelec tuales del hombre est tomando impulso, y el Hombre, el Creador, est entrando en posesi n de Sus poderes. (14?87/8)

FIN DEL FRAGMENTO, si deseas descargar el libro completo puedes hacerlo desde aqui:

34. El S ptimo Rayo: Revelador de la Nueva Era *

Uno de los inevitables efectos de la energ a de S ptimo Rayo ser relacionar y unificar en estrecha s ntesis, los cuatro reinos de la naturaleza, debiendo hacerse como preparaci n para realizar el trabajo largamente preordenado para la humanidad, que consiste en ser el agente distribuidor de la energ a espiritual para los tres reinos subhumanos. sta es la principal tarea de servicio que debe emprender el cuarto reino por medio de sus almas encarnadas. La radiaci n proveniente del cuarto reino ser alg nd a tan poderosa y sus efectos tendr n tan largo alcance, que compenetrar n las mismas profundidades del mundo fenom nico creado, llegando incluso hasta el reino mineral. Entonces veremos los resultados a que se refiere el gran iniciado Pablo, cuando dice que toda la creaci n espera la manifestaci n de los Hijos de Dios. Tal manifestaci n es la irradiaci n de la gloria, el poder y el amor, dice el Maestro Tibetano en El Destino de las Naciones .

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