Influences of the mind for success and happiness

  • 2018

The influences of the mind and thought generate emotions in us, and under their influence they condition our behavior and our whole life.

But thoughts are not a reality; These are creative impulses that our mind generates and that produce the reasoning by which we make decisions.

All human beings have similar abilities to use thoughts, but it is within us to use reasoning so that the influences of the mind are positive in our lives.

The influences of the mind in daily life

Our mind works at all times, because at all times we think, even when we want to empty the mind of thoughts we will find that again and again they arise again.

And our thoughts are so powerful that they can modify our habitual behavior . They can be seen drawn on our face or in the words we use when we talk to someone, they condition our actions and everything we do during the day.

If a negative emotion overwhelms us, we will tend to have negative thoughts and act according to what our mind (guided by that negative emotion) deems convenient.

These negative thoughts are the influences of the mind that we should avoid . It is necessary to free ourselves from this burden that not only harms us, but our entire environment.

For example, we live daily with certain harmful habits and customs that we have already assimilated for so long that they seem normal. We mistakenly believe that they were always with us and yet these behaviors are the result of our negative thoughts .

These negative impressions are often more difficult to detect, since they are much more rooted in the consciousness of our being, but there are also external conditions that will generate these negative thoughts that will affect our daily lives.

But whether due to external influence or internal conditioning, the answer that corresponds to us must always be the same: analyze and filter the patterns of negative thoughts and have the intention and the ability to make them useful and positive .

What types of thoughts exist?

Thoughts Needed

The necessary thought is that which we dedicate to our food or to our work responsibilities, or to the tasks that are necessary in our life.

Useless thoughts

Useless thoughts are those that have no use, neither positive nor negative . They can refer to the past and be of the type: "If this had happened to me, I would have done that or that."

Or they can be guesses about the near or distant future: “What will happen if…? o What will I do if ...?

Our inner strength and our ability to concentrate weaken with useless thoughts . A person who has many useless thoughts will feel tired and exhausted, for he will be wasting his energy on creating meaningless thoughts.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts weaken our inner strength, as they are based on negative emotions such as anger, unfulfilled expectations, jealousy, etc.

No matter how much reason we think we have in thinking that way, negative thoughts will always be harmful and will lead to negative behaviors.

Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts are what allow us to accumulate inner strength and stimulate us to be constructive and creative.

When we have positive thoughts we feel happy inwardly and that in itself is enough reward. But there are still more benefits of positive thinking:

  • Our mind is in balance.
  • We feel more serene.
  • We act positively.
  • We are more open to opportunities.
  • We make better decisions.
  • We spread positivism and optimism around us.
  • We feel harmonious and energetic.
  • We are less sensitive to diseases.

You can already observe the enormous power of our mind and our thinking . If you want to be happy, learn to manage them.

Seen in Naturopata Mas Deu, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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