Yeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe: The great mystery

  • 2016

In the Universe there is a Great Mystery; and it consists in that there is something instead of nothing, that something exists. In the Universe there is Life, Light and Consciousness ; Life dances and moves.

How has all this happened?

It is important that you first marvel at the mystery of Life, Light and Consciousness. These elements cannot exist in isolation; where there is Life, there is also Light and Consciousness. Light makes life manifest. In the Light there is a driving force that causes Consciousness to rise, until it reaches a point where it can reflect on itself, become self-conscious. When Consciousness reaches that point, Life can become conscious and is capable of shaping. Life can choose and progress; and then the formation of something called an I occurs; It is the birth of the soul.

But I must go back one step and describe the principles of Life, Light and Consciousness. From where they come? What is the origin of life? In the bosom of the Cosmos there is a void, a void that breathes: A totality in silence. That is the origin of Life; and you can connect with that origin by breathing silently. When you breathe in silence and stillness; and you bring your attention to inhalation and exhalation, you connect with the primordial Source of Being.

This silent beginning, the foundation of all Life, continues to be present in each of you. Live and breathe in yourself no matter what you do or what you don't do. The origin, the beginning, the emptiness that is there and from which everything is born, still exists within you. Realizing that frees you; and also remove the limits of who you are. Reveal the dual and relative nature of your individuality.

In that initial void, in that space, there is still no individuality, there are no unique Souls. There is pure existence or pure being; feel the mystery of this Existence; It surrounds everything. Without this Foundation of Being, you would not exist; It saturates you and nourishes you.

What is it? In this silence live the Breath of God. God is undetermined, undefined; unlimited. It has no form, it has no individuality. God is aware of everything, but in this great field of unlimited Consciousness that is God, there are pockets, or gaps, in which a lack of Consciousness predominates. That lack of Consciousness makes it possible for Life to grow and flourish there.

God, the Being, has created places where Life is unconscious, from which the desire for Consciousness and growth towards the Light can be developed. You are located in one of those pockets in the field of Consciousness that is God. God had to create a minor Consciousness so that individuality arose.

To create individual life, God had to do something paradoxical, because in His Essence, God is everything. Everything that exists is in God, both the possible and the impossible, so God had to create places of lesser Consciousness to allow the Soul to be born . The Soul is a defined and limited Consciousness that finds its way through time and space, always seeking that union with God, from which it was born. The birth of the Soul was a leap into the darkness of oblivion.

By creating Consciousness on the individual level, there is something new, something magnificent created in God: A Living Consciousness that grows and is dynamic and transforms ; and Life is change, it remains in a state of transformation. When Consciousness includes everything; and also includes all possibilities, dynamic growth from unconsciousness to full consciousness is not possible. Only through this dynamic process is the Light created in the spiral of soul growth: From its birth to its youth and until its maturity. And this growth in the field of time and space is what contributes to the Consciousness of God.

The Soul lives in a relationship of Love with God. God is the Source of the Soul, its Uterus or its Matrix; and it is the goal for which all Souls strive. And God creates the Soul to satisfy the urgency of the Soul to transform; with the resulting depth of feelings. The mystery is that God Himself, in his own way, becomes visible, tangible, experienceable, through the individual Consciousness that the Soul has. This is the purpose of the birth of the Soul.

The Soul is dragged to lose its way in the gaps of Consciousness, at least in part. This is necessary in the path of the Soul because it is important for the Soul to expand and return freely to the Divine Consciousness, to omniscience, to know everything. That is why evil, which is considered " unfavorable, " is part of his journey.

When the Soul expands towards the Principle, towards its Essence, towards the God in itself, it is precisely in that emptiness, in the unlimited and totally encompassing nature of the Being of God, where he experiences his liberation. Then the Soul has arrived at Home.

Light and darkness are elements that belong to the soul's journey. The play of Light and Darkness is created because God withdraws His Consciousness from certain parts of the Cosmos, or hides it; and there gives freedom to the game of the Soul. The Creation of the Soul is really a contraction, a narrowing of Consciousness. But that process has a purpose, because it is precisely in that contraction where there is a movement, an important and valuable process of realization; and it is that process that creates the Light.

The Light arises where the individualized Consciousness opens to the Divine Source. The more the Light is strengthened, the more Consciousness grows; and more the connection with the One is felt. Then the contraction gradually opens to Full Consciousness. This interaction of contraction and omniscience is the Essence of Creation. In that dance between the two poles, God reaches His greatest expression.


TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodr guez R. Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

AUTHOR: Pamela Kribbe


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