THE UNIT: the law of the universe. By Ra

  • 2018

Akhenaten was a young master king, prolific writer, author of the exhibition entitled "The One God, " a book of 31 chapters. He distorted all the prevailing religions, communicating to his people that the priests were no longer necessary, that God was inside each human being, and that all they had to learn, for things to go well, was to practice breathing adequate. Very wisely Akhenaten tried to establish monotheism under the aspect of the solar god. Akhenaten developed a completely new religion, a religion, that is, the Sun was revered as a unique symbol and its representative was Ra.

RA is present again in the twentieth century, as a social conscience representative of the Sun System.

In this article I will expose the approaches made by RA, from what he called The Law of One.

1. Unity in diversity.

God is unity. The Deity is universally coordinated. A basic unit underlies creative diversity. From this unit without distortion a potential arises in relation to intelligent energy. In this way, we can see that the term is somewhat dual; One use of the term is that of the unit without distortion, without kinetic or potential aspect. The other application of this term, which we use interchangeably in the absence of other terms in the sense of the vast potential exploited by energy sources, is what we call intelligent energy.

The original signifiers can, in an undifferentiated way, be called the mind, the body and the spirit. So we have, at the beginning of this galactic evolution, an archetypal mind, product of the previous octave, which this galaxy subsequently used and which acts on the first distortion to allow what we experience as polarity. Was there any concept of polarity taken from the first octave in the sense of polarity of service to neighbor or service to self?

There was polarity in the sense that the engine existed and what was driven. There was no polarity in the sense of service to one's neighbor and service to self.

2. Trinity, triodity or triads.

The Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit are the constituent personalities of the total Deity. Trinities are truths of relationship and facts of manifestation. The conceptual understanding of the association of the Trinity prepares the human mind for the further presentation of other triple relationships. There are seven triumphs that deal with the functional unification of infinity, and triodities are concerned with the dynamic appearance of experiential Deities: Supreme. Last and Absolute. The Supreme Being is a revelation of the unity of the I AM .

Body, mind and spirit simplistically describe a complex of energy centers: consciousness. The body is the density material that we experience in a given space / time or time / space; this substance-matter complex is usable for distortions of physical manifestation.

The mind is a complex that reflects what flows to the spirit and what emanates from the body complex. It includes feelings, emotions and intellectual reasoning in its most conscious complexities. Descending deeper into the domain of the mind we can see intuition, which concerns the nature of the mind that is most in contact or in line with the total complex of the quality of being. As we descend to the roots of the mind, we find the progression of consciousness that gradually passes from personal memory to racial memory, to cosmic influences, and thus becomes a direct switch of that shuttle that we call the complex spirit.

This spiritual complex is the channel through which universal, planetary and personal influences can go to the roots of consciousness, and through which consciousness can go to the gateway of intelligent infinity through intelligent and balanced energy. of body and mind.

3. The intelligent Infinity.

There is unity. This unit is all that exists, and has a potential and kinetics. The potential is intelligent infinity. Exploiting that potential produces a job we have called "intelligent energy." Intelligent infinity has a rhythm or circulation, like that of a giant heart, which begins in the central sun, as we conceive it, and the presence of that circulation is inevitable as a tide of being without polarity, without finitude; the vastness and silence strike outward, focusing outwardly and inwardly until the foci are completed. The intelligence or awareness of the foci has reached a state in which their nature or spiritual mass, so to speak, attracts them inward, until everything merges. This is the rhythm of reality.

In the sacred scriptures the term Spirit of God seems to be used interchangeably to designate both the Infinite Spirit in Paradise and the Creator Spirit of the local universe. The Holy Spirit is the spiritual circuit of the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit of Paradise. The Holy Spirit is an inherent circuit for each local universe and is confined to the spiritual realm of that creation; but the Infinite Spirit is omnipresent.

The Father is infinite in love and volition, in thought and spiritual purpose; He is the universal sustainer. The Son is infinite in wisdom and truth, in spiritual expression and interpretation; It is the universal developer. Paradise is infinite in potential for endowment of strength and in capacity to master energy; It is the universal stabilizer. The Joint Actor has unique prerogatives of synthesis, infinite ability to coordinate all existing energies in the universe, all existing universal spirits, and all true universal intellects; As Third Source it is the universal unifier of the multiple energies and diverse creations that have appeared as a consequence of the divine plan and the eternal purpose of the Universal Father. The Infinite Spirit penetrates the entire space; inhabits the circle of eternity; and the Spirit, like the Father and the Son, is perfect and immutable: absolute.

4. The distortions.

The entities that cross the planetary level have the strength of intelligent infinity through the use of free will, traversing the actions of the quality of being. Polarity is not as we understand it. Only when the planetary sphere begins to interact harmoniously with the mind / body complexes, and more especially with the mind / body / spirit complexes, is it when it assumes distortions due to the thinking complexes of the entities that interact with that planetary entity. The creation of the infinite Creator lacks such polarity. The distortions of the Law of One are three: Free will, Love and Light.

In our illusion, the whole experience starts from the Law of Free Will, or Way of Confusion. In another sense, that we are learning, experiences are this distortion. In that distortion of the Law of One it is recognized that the Creator will know himself.

The distortion of Love is the great activator and main co-creator of various creations that employ intelligent infinity; the vibration of love is that density in which those who have learned to carry out the activity called "love" without significant distortion, then look for the paths of light or wisdom. Thus, in a vibratory sense, love becomes light in the sense of the activity of unity in its free will. Love uses light and has the power to

5. The Knowledge

Teaching / learning is the Law of One in one of its most elementary distortions. Ra belongs to the Confederation that eleven thousand of our years ago visited two of our planetary cultures that at that time were in close contact with the creation of the unique Creator. Naively, they believed that they could teach / learn through direct contact, and that distortions of free will related to individual criteria or personality were not in danger; They did not think they would be distorted, for these cultures were already closely aligned with a universal belief in the presence of life or consciousness in all things. They arrived and were well received by the people they wanted to serve. They tried to help us with technical means to heal the distortions of the mind / body / spirit complex through the use of glass, appropriate for distortion and placed in a suitable series of time / space material ratios. Thus the pyramids were created. Three teachers established a planetary geomancy to achieve the network of energetic circuits of a synthetic Christ consciousness of the Earth. The Egyptians became the masculine point of this network, while the Maya-Incas constituted the feminine part of that same network. On the other hand, those of the Himalayas represented the neutral point.

They discovered that technology was largely reserved for those with effective mind / body distortion of power. That was not the purpose of the Law of One. We left your people. The group that had to work in the area of ​​South America, as you call that part of your sphere, did not give up so easily, and returned. We did not do it; however, we have never left your vibration due to the responsibility we assume for the changes produced in consciousness, in the first place, and that we later find distorted in ways not subordinate to the Law of One. We try to contact the rulers of the earth to the one we had reached, the land you call Egypt or, in some areas, the Holy Land.

In the Eighteenth Dynasty, as is known in our records of space / time distortions, they contacted Pharaoh Akhenaten.

This distortion, called "Aten", was a distortion close to our reality, as we understand the nature of our own distortion of the complex mind / body / spirit. However, it does not fully correspond to the planned teaching / learning that was transmitted. Thus we see the great difference between Aton and Amun.

6. Densities.

Love creates, by the process of vibration, a photo that is the basic particle of light. This photo, by the sum of vibrations and rotation, is condensing into the particles of the densities we experience. Subsequently, this light that forms the densities has what we call color . This color is divided into seven categories.

The first density, which is the density of consciousness, mineral and aquatic life on the planet that learns the consciousness of being from fire and wind. The spiral energy, which is the characteristic of what you call `` light '', advances in a straight spiral line, thus giving the spirals an inevitable vector towards above, towards a more comprehensive existence with respect to intelligent infinity.

The second density aspires to the third density, which is the density of one's own conscience, or self-awareness. This inclination takes place through the higher second density forms that third density beings have covered with identity, to the point where they become self-conscious mind / body complexes, becoming thus in mind / body / spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density where there is awareness of the spirit.

There are three types of second density entities that become gifted with spirit. The first is the animal, and it is the most predominant. The second is the vegetable, more especially what you call with the vibrational sound complex rbol . These entities can give and receive enough love to become individualized. The third is the mineral. Occasionally, a certain place is filled with energy until it reaches individuality through the love it gives and receives in relation to a third-density entity with which it relates.

The fifth density is the density of light or wisdom. The entity called negative or self-service in that density is at a high level of consciousness and wisdom, and all activity has ceased, except that of thought. The fifth negative density is extraordinarily compacted and separated from everything else.

The entire octave of our densities would be clearly visible if it were not because from the fourth to the seventh they have freely chosen invisibility. Our planet Earth is of third density in its existence of mind / body / spirit complexes, but it is now in a space / time continuity of fourth and fifth density.

The total planets of our galaxy, the v al ctea, which are conscious, regardless of their density is approximately sixty-seven million. 17% of first density, 20% of second density, 27% is of third density, 16% of fourth density, 6% of fifth density.

Progress through densities is sequential. A fifth density social memory complex would be composed of mind / body / spirit complexes collected from the fourth density. Afterwards, the conglomerate or collective mind / body / spirit complex operates its fusion, and the results are due to the infinite possibilities of combinations of distortions.

7. The centers and the rays.

Similar to what happens on the musical scale, semitones, or half steps, also occur in the chakra system. The chakras are like lenses, through which we interpret reality. For example, when a new being is born, all his concern is focused on the problem of survival, in being able to remain at this three-dimensional level. The next step for this new spirit is to establish physical contact with other beings. Once you have integrated with yourself and had sex, the next step is to establish your own control. This process is represented by the three lower chakras; afterwards, there is a great barrier, and there is a semitone of change of direction. You cannot cross this barrier until the three previous chakras have been mastered. Once this is achieved, you reach the fourth chakra that is at the level of the heart. The fifth is located in the neck and is linked to music; the sixth, between the eyes, is related to geometry, and the seventh, located in the pineal gland, constitutes the "third eye." At this point there is another barrier, with its corresponding semitone of change of address. Thus we arrive at the eighth chakra that is at the top of the head, and that marks our new phase in the evolution of our consciousness.

The centers are focal points, transmitters and agents for the seven lightning energies. It is generally accepted that the coronary center is the first ray coronary agent (Power), the cardiac center is the custodian of the second ray energy (Love), while the third ray (Intelligence) passes through the center Laryngeal and energizes it. Thus, colors and tones have been assigned to the centers in the order of the light spectrum, which is not possible because there is constant movement and activity. The coccygeal center is often the expression of the first ray energy.

The green ray is a ray of complete universality of love; It is giving without expecting anything in return. On graduation to the fourth positive density, the red ray is seen only as the one that, when active, is the basis for everything that occurs at vibratory levels, whose sum is the energy of the violet ray.

If an entity manifests a strong tendency to provoke positive effects on society, this will have a strong effect on the yellow ray, on its aura. Take as an example two of those dynamic souls of positive orientation that are no longer in our physical time / space. The one known as Albert Schweitzer came to a strange society and, for him, Barbara, in order to heal. This entity was able to mobilize large amounts of energy and "money" which concretized energy. He dedicated a great deal of energy from the green ray as a doctor and as a lover of his musical instrument: the organ. The yellow ray of this entity was bright and crystallized by the eagerness applied in seeking the necessary funds to continue its efforts. However, the green and blue rays were also extremely bright in nature. The highest levels, as you can call them, were active; the lower energy points, so to speak, remained in balance, and very, very bright.

The second example is that of the entity called Martin Luther King. This entity was largely confronted with quite negative patterns of the orange ray and the yellow ray. However, it managed to maintain the opening of the energy of the green ray and, due to the severity of its test, it can be considered that it has polarized more towards the positive, thanks to its fidelity for the service to the neighbor in front of a great catalyst.

8. The Infinite Being.

The infinite Spirit is absolutely universal and incredibly versatile in all its operations. It acts in the spheres of mind, matter and spirit. He is the Creator, his most notable attribute is omnipresence. As a joint creator is the manipulator of energy, it is action, movement, change, modification, coordination, stabilization and balance.

The absolute mind is the mind of the Infinite Being; It is inseparable from the personality of God the Spirit. The mind, in functional beings, is not separated from energy or spirit, or from both. The mind is not inherent in energy; energy is receptive and responds to the mind; the mind can superimpose itself on energy, but consciousness is not inherent in the purely material level. The mind does not have to be added to the pure spirit, because the spirit is naturally conscious and identifying. The spirit is always intelligent, it has a mentality to some extent. It may be that mind or that, it may be previously or exceedingly, even spiritual mind, but it does the equivalent of thought and knowledge. The discernment of the spirit transcends, overcomes and theoretically antedates the consciousness of the mind.

The infinite mind ignores time, the ultimate mind transcends time, the cosmic mind is conditioned by time. And so it is with space: the Infinite Mind is independent of space, but as it descends from the infinite levels to the auxiliary levels of the mind, the intellect has to take more and more into account the fact and limitations of space . The cosmic force responds to the mind just as the cosmic mind responds to the spirit. The spirit is divine purpose, and the spiritual mind is divine purpose in action. Energy is object, mind is meaning, spirit is value. Even in time and space, the mind establishes those relative relationships between energy and spirit that are indicative of mutual kinship in eternity. The mind transmutes the values ​​of the spirit into meanings of the intellect; the will has the power to fructify the meanings of the mind to the material and spiritual domains. It is appropriate to understand the relative and differential growth of spirit, mind and energy, with personality being the unifier of those components of experiential individuality.

Universal intelligence, is personally aware of every mind, of every intellect, in all creation, and maintains a personal and perfect contact with all these physical, moral and spiritual creatures endowed with mind in the vastness of the universes. In order to understand the Infinite Being, one must first understand the Sevenfold Being and the Supreme Being. In the union of the Supreme, the Ultimate and the complete Absolute, the functional meeting of those aspects of infinity that were originally segmented by the I AM, and that resulted in the appearance of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, could occur.

9. The archetypal mind.

The archetypal mind can be defined as that mind that is peculiar to the Being of this planetary sphere. Thus, unlike the great totality of the cosmic mind, it contains all the matter that the Being had the pleasure of offering to the great cosmic essence by way of particular refinement. The archetypal mind is, then, the one that contains all the facets that can affect the mind or the experience.

It is appropriate to study in depth a form of elaborate and organized distortion of the archetypal mind, to become able to become and experience archetypes at will. We have three basic options. We can choose astrology, the twelve signs, as that part of the energy network of our planet, and what have been called the ten planets. We can choose the tarot with its so-called twenty-two Major Arcana. We can choose the study of what has been called the Tree of Life, with its ten Sefiroth and twenty-two relationships between the seasons. Alchemy, on the other hand, is a way of understanding how our level of consciousness can reach Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is the unity of awareness; therefore, if it is achieved, we will all be saved.

There are five levels of consciousness associated with planet Earth. These levels of consciousness are directly related to the number of chromosomes that we have in our genetic structure. Each of them also dictates its own level. The first level of consciousness has forty-two, plus two, chromosomes, and is harmonious with the unity of consciousness. At this point, the collective consciousness operates in such a way that if a person experiences something, it is possible for all other beings to access that memory and revive it. That is what the dreams of Australian aborigines consist of. The degree of elevation associated with this level of consciousness ranges from ten meters to sixty-five meters.

The second level of consciousness is where we are now. We no longer possess the unity of consciousness; We are split and separated. The second level of consciousness has forty-four, plus two, chromosomes, and its degree of elevation ranges from sixty-five meters to two meters thirty centimeters.

On the third level of consciousness, which is the Christ consciousness, there are forty-six, plus two, chromosomes. Its elevation ranges from three meters thirty to five meters twenty, approximately. Here we return again to the unit of memory, but its form on the third level has managed to ascend to instantaneous manifestation. It is no longer about dreams, but real time. The moment you remember something, that something becomes real. It is no longer just about his memory, but about the memory of all the beings of Christ consciousness who have lived. Actually, on the third level there is only one consciousness that moves through all things; It is the key to memory. It is what could be called immortality.

Because immortality is not living perennially in a body, since there is always a higher place where you can go. The key is to have no fault in consciousness; in that as you go through the different levels; It does not have the least memory loss; He is able to leave it when he wishes, and continue through it to know where he has been before.

The fourth level of consciousness has forty-eight, plus two, chromosomes and its altitude ranges from eight meters twenty centimeters to ten meters fifty. The fifth level has fifty, plus two, chromosomes and an elevation between sixteen and a half meters and almost twenty. The fourth level is inharmonious, like the second, but it represents a necessary step to achieve the fifth and highest level that can be reached on this planet.

The core of personality discipline is triple. One: know yourself. Two: accept yourself. Three: become the Creator. It could also be in the form of calls: Know yourself, know the I, know the ONE.

10. Energy zero point.

The ark of the covenant was the place where the most sacred objects were kept, or Moses understood. The object placed inside gave the name "tables of the Ten Commandments." In reality there were no such tables; there was a scroll, which was placed along with the chronicles most carefully related by various entities of their beliefs regarding creation by the Creator. This ark was designed to constitute the place from where priests, as you call those who have the inclination to serve their brothers, could gain their power and feel the presence of the Creator. However, it should be noted that all this provision of elements was not conceived by the one known by the Confederation as Yahweh, but by negative entities that preferred this method of creating an elite called the "Sons of Levi."

This object was charged with power by the materials with which it was built, by being equipped with an electromagnetic field. In that way it became an object of power and, thus, for those whose faith remained intact, without falling into lack of righteousness or separation, that power conceived by negativity became positive and, thus it is for those truly in harmony with the service experience, until today. In this way, the negative forces partially achieved their goal, but the entity called Moses, of positive orientation, gave your people the possibility of following a path of the infinite Creator that is totally positive.

This is characteristic of orthodox religious systems, since all have become mixed-oriented, but still offer a pure path to the unique Creator, which the pure seeker knows how to recognize.

11. The Creator.

At the beginning of this creation or, as you might call, eighth, there was the known, which was the harvest of the preceding eighth. Regarding the previous creation, we know as little of it as of the next octave. However, we are aware of the collected concepts that were the tools available to the Creator for the knowledge of the self.

These tools were of three types. First, awareness of the effectiveness for the experience of the mind, body and spirit. Second, the awareness of the most effective nature or, if you prefer, the signifier of the mind, body and spirit. Third, the awareness of two aspects of the mind, body and spirit, which the signifier could use to balance all the catalysts. You can call these two aspects the "matrix" and the "enhancer."

In the mental complex, the matrix can be described as consciousness. It has been called the Magician. It should be noted that, by itself, consciousness is imperturbable. The enhancer of consciousness is the unconscious. This encompasses a vast universe of potential in the mind.

In the body, the matrix can be considered as Balanced Work or Regular Functioning. See that here the matrix is ​​always active, without any means of inactivity. The enhancer of the body complex can be called Wisdom, for it is only by judgment that the ceaseless activity and propensities of the body complex can be experienced in a useful way.

The Matrix of the spirit is what is called the Night of the Soul or Primal Darkness. Here we also have something that is not capable of performing a movement or work. The potential strength of this highly receptive matrix is ​​such that the enhancer can be seen as Lightning. In your archetypal system called tarot, this has been refined in the conceptual complex called "The Tower struck by lightning." However, the original enhancer was light in its sudden and violent form; that is, in fact, the lightning itself.

12. The creative Hierarchies

The law of One could be condensed into three books: The book of Form or the manifestation that deals with the twelve creative hierarchies, the book of Wisdom that deals with the twelve planets and the book of Life that deals with the twelve constellations . Also, through three laws related to it: the Law of Economy, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Synthesis. Hierarchies are the multiple groups of lives, in all stages of development and growth that forms will use.

The Rays are the primary forms of certain lives that "carry in their Hearts" all the Seeds of the Form. Lightning is vehicles and, therefore, negative receptors. The Hierarchies use these vehicles, and the nature of these lives and the quality of their frequency provide them, according to the great Law of Attraction, the necessary forms.


The law of One. The material of Ra.

The Urantia Book

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