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  • 2018

Release your divine spark of matter

General Information

Course duration : 40 days

APRIL 2018 Registration Open

Value: Spain 95.- / Argentina $ 1, 577.- / Rest of America U $ D 97.-

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Course Modality

Modality : Distance learning course / Permanent access to materials ordered in 4 modules,
Each teaching unit comprises : Main video of each module,
PDF class, activities, resources, complementary library, multimedia, online test, etc.

Tutorial Support : It is performed live in the Virtual Classroom (see virtual tour)
There, questions about the materials and activities of each module are attended.
IMPORTANT: the live class is NOT dictated, for this reason it is not mandatory
for the student to participate in these meetings, since they can also make their inquiries via e-mail.

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Foundation of the course:

Carl Jung has studied hundreds of ancient manuscripts that cryptically gave these symbolic references to the meaning of alchemy, as a Spiritual Path based on allegories and archetypes, allowing him to develop his "Analytical Psychology" following the same scales of this transformation process in search of gold that I always represent the whole being unified.

What can this course give me?

Alchemy as an Inner Path

The true essence of this " Royal Art" has to do with an intense process of self-discovery undertaken by alchemists who at all times, who embarked on an inner journey into the depths of the unconscious, discovering the secret of human nature.

Many of these search engines have succeeded in completing the mythical Great Work of which reference was always made in the occult texts of the past, reaching the Alchemical Opus, having released that enclosed divine spark in matter and thus accessing the very essence of Being; the Spirit . Hundreds of allegorical symbols represent this momentous leap from the dense of the mother to the subtle of the spirit. See more information on alchemy, read article here. .


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