Muriel's Message

  • 2011

It is not easy to make a Human Being understand everything he can do for himself, when his mind is directed only towards the outside, towards his pain, whoever the Human Being is, when he loses faith in himself, when he center moves towards other realities that are not its own reality.

We know that illness comes to you many times without warning and it is nothing more than an imbalance in your belief system, when it moves out. You can all and you must take care of yourself, your body is a reflection of what you have been through, perhaps you have spent too much of your energy and believe that it has been exhausted, maybe you hurt yourself by just having expectations that are not met in the short term, maybe you will vibrate at certain times with the vibration In entities that are not of your same vibratory level, all this and much more makes your perfection get stuck, which does not mean that you are no longer perfect, it is at that point that It is more urgent and necessary to put ourselves to beach you that not thinking, within yourself, without wasting time and effort in wanting to understand, it is simply about turning your acquired beliefs.

We are aware that maintaining the vibration continually costs you a lot, but for that every day we remind you that you are perfect, you are star seeds, that you are separate parts but that you form a whole and that everything is Divine is God /goddess.

Your Beings push you with love towards the perfect realization of your destiny, your soul assists you in everything you do, but you forget your body and then the mental comes into action that he has received many inputs external to you and the belief that you can not do anything about it and if you can, you can get in touch with me It is deep within your Being and you will know that everything that surrounds you, all your surroundings, is only a creation of the mind and sometimes that mind is manipulated for years, even centuries of beliefs of devastation.

Your ego does not allow you to believe that your Being can do something about it, your ego gives power to others when it is you who in the end can heal your body, your mind and your spirit, maybe you need You as humans touch bottom to be reborn as authentic Beings of light which is definitely what you are.

By that we do not mean that you do not accept help from your siblings very contrary when that help comes to you from love, nor do we mean that you forget to take or do therapies that can help you in the process but to all this must be added your own belief of overcoming / healing / divinity.

If you think I am sick of anything, even if only for a moment, being creators of your reality, you automatically materialize it and that is the great danger of those who are already on a higher vibratory scale, because when you think and believe you materialize automatically.

Guilt is bad counselor and many times you blame yourself for feeling bad at any level, banish that guilt then and take the reins of your life, no matter how many times you fall beloved little brothers, just get up and follow your path, the more stones you find it easier for you to get around them and the more times you fall the easier it is for you to get up.

Let each one make his way and do not worry about what they feel because each one sows and gathers his truth.

With infinite love


Channeled by Montserrat Alemany


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