Family yoga, a revealing practice

  • 2017

Today we are going to know a very revealing practice, family yoga . Why revealing? Because it brings wonderful experiences that will make the whole core, from parents to children, happier. Thus, in fullness among all, it is how you can best live in this world, right?

Contributions of family yoga sessions

Family yoga brings a lot of benefits for everyone . Mainly, it is important for the link between each member to be much stronger, unbreakable, narrow and full.

In addition, family yoga is also wonderful for communication to be more fluid . Thus, at all levels, from the emotional to the bodily, through the emotional and spiritual, each team member will be rewarded this practice with a much freer expression of their Senses and your consciousness.

In addition, yoga can also be done between families. It means that as a whole, it helps communication with other people, other nuclei and other social environments. After all, we live in neighborhoods, neighborhoods and cities, so communication between everyone is important. Thus, these exercises or asanas, together with the work with breathing, help to create more respectable environments for the human being.

And of course, since family yoga involves children, it is important to create a relaxed and medical environment for them during the sessions. In this way our little ones will enjoy the great asanas. In addition, it improves their development, both physical and spiritual and mental. And of course, they grow more self-confident, with excellent levels of concentration and in truly harmonious environments.

What does a family yoga session entail

Family yoga, during the session, has certain important implications. Let's see some of them:

  • Certain yoga asanas require parents to act as the basis. Thanks to this, the safety of the child is greatly improved, as it is a great reinforcement for him. This is how attachment is transmitted, which is essential for its total and optimal development .

  • Parents also find great benefits in family yoga. Their role in the nucleus must be amplified, so they tend to act with greater self-esteem and generosity.

  • Other positions that require cooperation of forces between young and old are excellent for the family to find a harmonious balance and improve trust among all members.

6 benefits of family yoga

But in addition to what has been seen so far, we still find many more benefits for children and adults. We are going to meet some of those we encounter with the practice of yoga asanas:

  1. It greatly improves the creativity of all who participate.

  2. It also improves the spontaneity and spirituality of the whole family.

  3. It is fantastic for emotional communication between everyone to be more sincere, direct and healthy.

  4. It is an excellent reinforcement for all family members to have a more positive image of themselves and others.

  5. It is fantastic to work coordination between everyone, both parents and couples, as the combination between siblings or between father and mother with the child.

  6. It ends up being an excellent source of mutual knowledge. That is, create a paid field so that everyone knows more about each other and improves in empathy and understanding.

You see that family yoga is a wonderful practice for everyone to live better . Your world becomes fuller, more luminous, spiritual and beautiful . So, do not forget all these advantages and throw yourself into this incredible and profitable adventure.

By Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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