What is Immovable Karma?

  • 2017
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It is interesting to analyze the subject of immovable Karma because at first glance it seems not to have congruence with the most basic definition of what karma is in which we understand it as Action.

constructive states of consciousness ...

And then how can there be a Karma that does not make direct reference to the action? it is basically because it refers to states of consciousness that are not influenced by the outside and by our emotions or feelings, it is action in the sense that we are generating constructive states of consciousness absent from disturbing emotions.

We generate Immovable Karma when we are for example in deep and attentive states of Samadhi (Meditation) . It applies to both unipuncture and analytical care, taking into account that in order to reach the analysis meditation we must have previously cultivated a concentrated and sustained attention. When meditating deeply we must experience tranquility and internal stability.

internal dialogue and drowsiness ...

It is important to be clear that this type of Karma arises when there is in us a mental state absent from afflictions or non-constructive emotions. If in our meditation we notice a lot of inner dialogue or drowsiness we are not generating Immovable Karma.

In the same way if we meditate with thoughts of resentment, aggression, desire, pride and greed, we cannot generate Immovable Karma because we are immersed in emotions that do not allow deep and sustained concentration .

On the contrary, if, when meditating, we notice that we are in a stable, calm, conscious, bright and attentive state, without sleepiness or internal dialogue we are generating Immovable Karma.

If we analyze a little, to access these meditative states we need a lot of practice and discipline, in addition to that as a plus we will be generating positive merit .

rest in the nature of the mind

Somehow it is interesting to note that when we are in more stable meditative states, there is no longer the concern of generating money, we are somehow in the present moment, resting in the nature of the mind which is, so to speak, transparent and not afflictive.

The effect of deep meditation is enormous, it generates peaceful states of consciousness in the practitioners, it allows us to remain attentive in everything that happens in our daily life and in the dream for They practice in this state too.

Deep down we can learn to be better human beings and weaken our personal importance along the way by understanding that there is nothing to pursue, nor understand, we should only rest in the stable and compassionate nature of the mind. This is also known as staying in the cool instant of the mind.

Of course, this is not achieved with a few days of practice, in fact we must dedicate some years to it, with the guarantee that it will be one of the best investments we can make. Our time and energy .

If we somehow meditate thinking "I must generate Immovable Karma" we are falling into a trap, remember that deep meditation is not conceptual, does not require instructions or rigid control, it simply flows from the depths of our mind and heart.

the process of meditation ...

In the usual order in which the meditation process is taught is:

  1. Shamatha (Unipunctual and sustained attention)
  2. Vypashana (Introspective Analysis)
  3. Tantra (Yoga of the Guru and Deities)

In this order it is how we should move forward, we cannot arrive at the visualizations of the Mentor Yoga without having acquired efficiency in sustained attention and introspective.

The world of meditation is very enriching and has an impact on all areas of our life, on the emotional, mental and spiritual. The time invested in our inner development is invaluable, let's not miss this great opportunity to grow and as a plus generate positive merit or immovable karma .

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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