Buddhist phrases that can change your life

  • 2017

There are people, beliefs, faiths and thoughts that can change your life. That is why today we are going to focus this content on a series of such wonderful Buddhist phrases that bring enormous strength to the human being .

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion, but also a way of seeing life and a philosophy in itself . It is practiced by more than 200 million people worldwide and gains adherents daily. Thanks to this, its precepts and phrases last over thousands of years.

Something that attracts the human beings of Buddhism is its extreme simplicity . Their messages hide in their simplicity a very deep meaning. Thanks to the enormous wisdom behind each word we find an understanding of our outstanding world.

Buddhist phrases capable of changing lives

For the wisdom of Buddhist words we would like to provide these wise phrases that can be very useful in your daily life. You sign up?

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

The power of not harming us is not in our hands. We could say that it is physical and difficult to avoid in most cases. But for that reason it is necessary that we spend days and years suffering ?

Actually this Buddhist phrase teaches us that suffering is a choice of your own . It is true that for a while it can be difficult to avoid, but in the medium and long term it is totally optional. If we let painful thoughts and emotions invade us, it is a matter of our own, and of no one else.

Rejoice because every place is here and every moment is now

Without a doubt one of the wisest phrases you can ever hear, be of the philosophy and religion that you are. In our world there is only the here and now, the present . Living in the past, thinking about how much it was, or in the future, believing that the next time will be better, is a big mistake.

That is why Buddhism invites the human being to enjoy every present moment, and not as if it were the last, but as the only one, because he really is the only one. The past is left behind and the future is hardly predictable. So why suffer for what came or will come .

Take care of the exterior as much as the interior, because everything is one

A phrase that for more years that pass, is still fully valid. Why do you want a pretty look if you're empty inside ? Nor is it worth working inside so much that the facade is a disaster.

The true wisdom and greatness of the human being is in balance, so work in that direction.

Better to wear slippers than carpeting the world

Today we live in too much haste, something that Buddhism flees from. This phrase reflects this philosophy very well. Why do you want to have everything in the world and go to the fullest if you don't have time or enjoy them ?

Buddhism leaves us a wise truth and lesson, dose your resources and take advantage of what you have . It is useless to have more, because we are what we are with the capabilities we have. Cultivate patience, the rest will come.

Don't hurt others with what causes yourself pain

The truth is that there is not much to add to this phrase because its meaning is very clear. If you don't like something done to you, why do you do it to others? What makes you think that others do like it?

We hope and wish that these Buddhist phrases help you in your daily life and make you happier and fuller . Without a doubt, it is a philosophy that proclaims respect, empathy and love. A way to see the wonderful life that we love to share here.

By Pedro, Editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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