Guided meditation for deep relaxation by José Manuel Martínez Sanchez

  • 2017

What is meditation? Reflections on meditation:

Meditation means keeping a conscious and full attention of the present moment. Its practice facilitates the full development of this natural capacity in the individual. *** Meditation is a state of consciousness of being that is characterized by a state of non-struggle, where all conflict is absent. When the conflict appears, it immediately ceases to be called conflict if there really is meditation, and it becomes another object of observation, which is welcomed without identifying with it, without giving it identity. *** The greater the identification with the thoughts, the greater the strength of the identification with the ego, the lower the identification with the thoughts, the less identification with the ego and, therefore, the recurrence of the appearance of the thoughts decreases, as their strength or importance diminishes . In meditation there is less identification with the ego and its thoughts, an observation is established without judgments, without attachment to the thought that appears, and in this way the repetitive and egoic thoughts, which are the source of all conflict, dissipate, because they have weakened, as has identification with the ego. The mind and the ego want to control, hence the suffering before the impossibility of controlling life. *** Wanting to control amounts to tension, to stop controlling means relaxation. And then everything flows. Without conflict. No fight It flows because it is the only natural and true way of being, the rest are only illusions, attachments, false identifications. By freeing the ego from its need to control, the self flourishes, which expresses itself in the spontaneous, in the full consciousness of being. And that is meditation. Let life be. In the purest innocence. Just relax. And then everything speaks for itself, without words. In the most authentic understanding. The one who does not judge, the one who contemplates as is this instant. ***

Meditation returns us to a state of silent and attentive presence, of calm and mental stillness capable of locating ourselves in the now.

It is, therefore, to meditate, to return to a natural state of our being, a serene being, who learns to look from an observer's vision, without judgments, that allows him to remain in a calm center, without being disturbed by the usual thoughts and emotions that arise in everyday life.

It does not mean that they disappear, but it does change our relationship with them, with thoughts, with emotions, being able to place ourselves in a vision of witness, equanimous and conscious, that allows us to integrate without prosecuting, welcoming without fighting. Being with everything, without conflict, without tensions ... From the true peace that we are.

*** Meditation is the art of being here and now, the art of having attention and living in the present moment. An art that - in its maximum expression - cannot be forced: it is natural, innocent, completely virgin; as the timeless essence with which he deals: now.

Guided meditation for deep relaxation

Find a comfortable posture, preferably lying down. Begin by taking one or two deep breaths, filling the lungs with air and emptying through the mouth extending the exhalation, releasing all the air.

Look at your body, from head to toe and let it gradually adjust, soften, allowing tensions and loads to come loose like a knot that loosen easily, effortlessly.

Your inhalation fills your abdomen with warmth and calm, and your empty exhalation, releases, clears ... Do several long exhalations, and find an internal relief, which comes from within, from your center, from the heart ... A relief that allows you to loosen, release, relax deeply.

If any thought appears let it pass, observe it, realize it, but allow it to dissipate, just like a cloud that passes to restore the splendor of the sun and the clarity of the clear sky again.

Give up any attempt to control or even try to relax. Just surrender to this moment, let the relaxation flood you. When you loosen and release, relaxation comes. Allow inner peace to surround you through the soft, slow, warm rhythm of your breathing. There's nothing to do. Let the spontaneous emerge, the freedom to be without the self wanting to take care of the situation.

Release, exhale, abandon yourself at this moment. A deep relaxation appears with increasing intensity. An overflowing relaxation, which enters through the pores of your skin, like a dim and light light. The more you enjoy this moment as it is, without expecting anything in particular, the greater the calm.

Let yourself be carried away by this natural calm, like your breathing, which appears and leaves alone, effortlessly, melodically. Contemplate this calm that is already in you, caressing your spirit, revealing your inner, unlimited peace. Enjoy this refreshing moment, this liberating rest that surrounds you, peacefully.

by José Manuel Martínez Sánchez

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