Message from Goddess Lakshmi: Don't miss this space travel

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 In this world there is a town composed of really small beings and another of very large and venerable beings, both really wise. 2 Now I will tell you about our little trip 3 This is a beautiful experience! 4 Quickly, strong energy covered us and we were aware of what we should do

Welcome dear brothers,

Today I am going to talk about our space travel, this being a topic that is not only extensive, but it is very exciting and that our world has three different alien peoples, which cohabit in perfect harmony . Here we communicate with our neighbors through the use of telepathy and the teachings that we can offer each other, complement the knowledge that we already have, as well as, what remains to be discovered.

And thanks to this, we were given the opportunity not only to discover, but also to learn how space travel works and as a result, we have created new directions that optimize the path that every living being travels to the truth.

In this world there is a town composed of really small beings and another of very large and venerable beings, both really wise.

Large aliens are quite well educated in the art of meditation, so they have the ability to reach the deepest part of their thoughts, in which each of the fields of causality unite and empathize. The beings of my world are able to guess things when they see these fields, since it is very easy for them to understand and fully assimilate what they represent. We are all beings that are really comfortable with the task of creating glorious and wonderful ships that can navigate properly around the cosmic winds and the seas of space and even, through rock particles and clouds of star dust.

The space-time framework provides a great number of ideal places to create new worlds and also new cosmic frames and one of them, is closely connected with the universe in which you live, as well as ours. However, we managed to transcend some limits, so that now the space-time factors have ceased to be limiting for our eyes, we managed to immerse ourselves within the supra, that is, beyond what is found in the 3rd dimension and It is just what we want you to achieve.

When our ship enters zero gravity, we increase its correlation field, which allows it to enter a higher energy state. All this makes our boat lighter and begins to glow brightly as we do too.

Being this time the first time we share this trip with our small and fascinating neighbors, who travel with us to expand their knowledge and enjoy a new experience that is truly exciting .

Now I will tell you about our little trip

This trip was planned a long time ago, it was destined for a beautiful ice that we could detect from our ancient world, which was located far beyond the world in which you are, even if you are It is there in the center of the galaxy in which they live . We took off with a heart full of joy and although we knew we could find dangers in our path, three young people, all from the village of small aliens, were They volunteered.

At the time of leaving, their families were really proud and also quite surprised by the courage they showed, in addition to being a little worried, of course. Since seeing the path that the little ones will travel can cause some fear, but it is always a real reward, especially in the case of three small travelers like these, who were very excited to undertake the trip and when approaching the ship, a small container made with ceramic which has an insect form, began to shed many tears of joy.

It is a beautiful experience!

The three aliens boarded the ship, along with two of our honorable adult herbaria, a biologist and of course a skilled pilot; We were nine in total.

The mission started really well, our ship sailed for about two weeks, in which it had to face several stellar strong currents. In general, we sail in small ships with the purpose of not importing in any way to the young worlds we reach, since whenever a magnificent vessel Tica lands on some planet, creates a certain weight on it and exerts pressure on its core to reduce speed at the time of atmospheric descent.

Anyway, we managed to arrive safe. The ship landed on a lovely white sphere that was inside thick mists and its beauty lit up to light the lava in front of our focus point. We started our descent, a very dangerous one by the way, within this new atmosphere; although this world had a good illumination, we could barely see clearly, since the ground was covered by fog . We explore the perimeter and appreciate the lands that flowed from the ice and we must say that our ancestors did wonders, since it was they who found this world and a stable place in which to land our boat when making the trip, exactly on top of the mountain, tall and strong.

Once there, excited, we took out all our equipment and left the ship. Instead of feeling cold from the height, a warm breeze covered us ; that world had an atmosphere rich in nitrogen and sulfur, so we could breathe calmly. Then we approached some caves surrounded by the mist from which a great green glow emanated, when entering them, we obtained numerous and magnificent crystalline life forms .

Before our eyes was a sublime spectacle of green crystals, which extended forming stars under our feet, which fascinated us in such a way that we hardly dared to walk on them.

We traveled the entire path and reaching the end of the caves, our youngest travelers showed their courage, since although suddenly the ground began to vibrate giving way to huge jets of blue steam, they continued to walk bravely until they reached the end of the caves. There we collected some samples of the water and drank it, it tasted delicious!

Quickly, a strong energy covered us and we were aware of what we should do

We made a circle and the smallest aliens began to sing, we consecrated this new world that was about to emerge and we gave all our love, before the astonished eyes of the travelers. We exalted the beauty of the caves and thanked those geniuses who were there for allowing us to land and know that world.

We could feel the great power that crystals possessed, which often stored all the memory of a world, which allowed us to feel a kind of electrical energy in the air, which was really very pleasant. Then we heard the psychic signal of our elders, who urged us to return soon to the boat, so we packed our equipment and samples very quickly, to return. Upon arrival we climbed and the ship took off in a matter of seconds. Already being out of danger, we saw a truly spectacular spectacle: a high-rise geyser sprouted from the earth and surprised us again, all that nature has the capacity to do.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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