Archangel Michael - Prepare for the Final Changes!

Beloved I am with you in spirit and grace and I bring you the Great Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and love and understanding of the new day. I bring you hope for the future and the knowledge of what has already been. I bring you content and serenity to help bring to your reflection everything that is beneficial to you. I bring you the world and everything that it contains.

Today we see the cleansing of Mother Earth intensified. She is so tired of receiving so much negative energy that she has decided to act on her own at an external level and wishes to bring to the term happy all that you came to see during this incarnation.

Prepare for a time of loss and anxiety, since the world as you know it will continue to change in a way that is already unreal for many.

You are here on this Earth because you chose to be here during the times of change. You were part of the souls that brought with them the pollutants that would initiate the changes and now you will receive the benefits.

Perhaps not the benefits that you would have thought but you will see great shaking of the Earth and a rising of the waters beyond anything never seen before.

You will see the earth shake beneath you and you will want to escape the horror of these Earth shakes.

Ah! There are those who live in "safe" areas and who will not feel the movements or see the heavens open with their torrential rains, since they will be the ones who will open their minds and hearts to the healing of Mother Earth and her children inside.

Many of you, in these safe areas, will end up discovering why you have been placed on this Earth in which you are currently. Its doors will open to those who cannot live in their places of origin due to the threatening movements of the Earth and the waters.

These souls will not only come from the West but also from the East and the South. You are here for a reason and that reason will soon be obvious to everyone.

Reflect on why the Earth is behaving in this negative way. Not only the territories and souls in the confines of their continent but the entire Earth reacting to each movement.

Changes are taking place in every part of the globe. The magnitude of earthquakes is increasing. Where before it was an average of 4 or 5, with some aftershocks of tremors and cold, now it will not be unusual to feel the Earth's shocks in a magnitude between 8 and 9. This will become the norm as changes shift from a plate tectonics to the next.

You have wanted the manifestation of these changes, so that you can see the changes on Earth. You have wished for years to see the water rise along the coasts throughout the world and now that it is happening, you are amazed by the future of events.

Be open to these changes. Observe and see everything that happens around you. Even those who are in safe areas are witnessing changes in the weather. Autumn is approaching much more than usual and suddenly, a summer emerges, in the blink of an eye. Times will change even more when winter comes after the fall season. Autumn will be long and pleasant, but winter will become hairy and you will feel the cold weather with you much more than usual. Get ready for the approaching cold winter and alert everyone around you about this.

Not only you (NT. New Mexico, USA), will go through a prolonged period of cold but also the inhabitants of the East and West who need to leave their homes, will be with you. You will find that a greater number of souls will come to visit you and perhaps even move to your region while rearranging their lifestyles in accordance with climatic and temperature changes.

As I have told you, it is not only on your continent that these events are taking place. While an earthquake takes place in an area of ​​the ring of fire, then, another will respond along the ocean. You will see more and more of this in those places where Earth movements had not been felt before.

Get ready! All those inhabitants of Mother Earth where the telluric movement has been part of their lives. Remember that you chose to be where you are, but you must now take the necessary measures to take care of yourself and others while the earth makes its movements at a faster and deeper pace than normal.

Of course, they are seeing the shaking of the Madrid fault, which had not been active for the last 100 years. We have talked about this before but the time is approaching which will become again the burdensome fault that used to be in the past.

Although 100 years ago, the failure did not do the damage it can do today. Just look at the map and see the fault line, which travels from north to south, along the Mississippi River. Even small murmurs, on this day and age, can produce cataclysmic disorders.

"Do not! They are right". It is not Helios or Akton or even Merlin who addresses you with these warnings. I am Father Miguel and Goddess Sofia, speaking to them from the heart of the Forum.

It is time for everyone to make the promise that they will move as soon as the world begins to spin. You will take with you all who will survive and take you to the safe places of this Earth.

The Earth that is dry will become wet. The skies that are always blue will darken and disturb. The world will find large cracks where plants will grow that have never seen sunlight for millennia.

The financial world will collapse, as it seems it is already being felt and the political climate will be dissolved throughout the world. Relax, observe, wait and remember that we are all with you.




Through Sally Neilson


The author . Thank you dear souls, Miguel and Sofia. The strength they have given me is strong and will sustain me. We will continue talking at a later date.

For now we leave you in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis


Translated by: Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

Bogota Colombia

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