The Keeper of the Soul Keys -Second Part- Lady Nada Channels through Natalie Glasson

  • 2019

Before starting the Second Part of the Channeling " The Keeper of the Soul Keys ", I invite you to know the first part, if you have not already done so. Read it here

Let's continue with the Second Part of the Channeling " The Keeper of the Soul Keys " ...

You are always able to see the truth or the soul and also the objectives that the soul wishes to conquer, intertwining as tapes through the physical reality and personality of an individual on Earth.

When we are able to release the stains of the past and realize ourselves with the energy of our soul, then we are able to truly project the truth of our soul as a manifestation of every aspect of our being.

"Keeper of the Soul Keys"

Achieving an understanding that there is a source within you that is very pure and sacred, that everything flows and manifests from this source, is a powerful realization.

When you then understand that everything that you are aware of yourself, your personality, emotions, thoughts, etc., is also an extension of your soul, but you have seen yourself somehow full of spots, then you will begin to see a separation between its truth and its current existence.

This separation is not necessarily beneficial, but it allows a greater understanding of their energies and their perspective now and of all that is their truth.

As guardian of the Keys of the Soul, it is my purpose that you perceive that through the understanding of your current being, you create a path of learning, discovery and connection back to your soul .

When I connect with the essential energy of your soul, I am able to see the journey or the lessons that you may need to get involved, in order to achieve a true alignment with your soul and allow your soul to manifest without being maculated by the different aspects assets of your being or by those around you.

With this understanding I am then able to guide and advise you properly, in order to share with you the will of your soul .

My mission is also to protect you and your soul, while you follow a path of clarification, discovery and alignment.

Protection, support and the creation of an environment of love are essential when you want to connect internally with the soul or with the sacred aspect of the Creator .

These are fundamental energies to create a balance and harmony that allows the essential energy of the soul to be perceived, respected and recognized by you, while existing in your reality.

I will also help as guardian of the Soul Keys, allowing them to develop an understanding of the feeling and awareness of their soul, helping in the incorporation and orientation of their soul .

When an individual invokes my energies to help him with his alignment with his soul, then I will work with him for a long period of time, as this practice is not something that can be apprehended instantly and needs dedication and acceptance over time. .

Very often he will appear at different times in his spiritual growth to direct him along a certain path, which increases alignment with his soul .

The Keeping of the Soul Keys

If you feel a connection with my energy, then you may wish to use the following invocation to assist in your connection and allow me to channel the appropriate waves of energy into your being along the next week.

In the communication next week I will then help you to invoke my energies to help in a greater alignment and understanding of your soul, as I described in my communication.

“Lady Nada, I feel a strong desire within me, to reach a deeper connection with my soul and with the aspect of the Creator that is very pure and divine, existing in my being. From the purity of my heart, I ask you to help me and guide me in this process of clarification, understanding, awakening, discovery and alignment with my soul. ”

To begin this process of connection and alignment with my soul, please channel the light of your soul, the eighth ray of light, the light of the Christ consciousness and the light of the Creator deep into my being, to raise the vibration of the soul my energy, to increase the volume of the light that I maintain and clarify all the unnecessary energies of my whole being, thus manifesting a pure and clear vision that promotes the presence of clarity within me.

Let me experience its light flowing through my being now, when I affirm this invocation, when I sleep and at appropriate times throughout my day.

I understand that the energy I receive will help in my connection with you and prepare me for a greater connection with my soul and with the sacred aspect of the Creator within me. Thank you. So be it.

We are going to embark on a journey of soul alignment, together as one.

I am Lady Nada

End of the Second Part of the Canalization the Keeper of the Keys of the Soul

How did you like this second part? Remember that both parts complement each other, so you will have to be very aware of the first part of Lady Nada's Message Channel through Natalie Glasson about “The Keeper of the Soul Keys .

We wish you abundant successes and blessings, a Hug of Light!

Translated from Portuguese to Spanish. I share the original source here.

(As guardian of the Soul Keys, it is my purpose that you perceive that through the understanding of your current being, you create a path of learning, discovery and connection back to your soul)

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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