Saint Germain ~ Accept yourself as an Alchemist Master! - Part 2 of 3

  • 2017

Channeled by Linda Dillon, August 10, 2017

Saint Germain : You know that human beings have a long and arduous - really boring - history of hiding. What they are doing now with their alchemical self, fluid in all dimensions, is that they are being seen . They are not hiding their light under that proverbial basket. They are allowing themselves to be seen.

Time has passed - yes, light workers / bearers of love and those on the fence - you have overcome the time you were trembling, fearful or worried, worried about criticism or ostracism. .. avoiding! A very popular hobby on Earth! Now you are allowing your light to be seen, and in that you are saying to that "handful" of billions of people: "I invite you to let yourself be seen, and more importantly I see you, I accept you and I give you love."

That does not mean that you are inviting them to move with you. God forbid! You need your sacred space to do this work. But what you are doing is that you are operating from the upper octave, you are operating in the Nova Land, and you are saying: “Yes, they may have erred, they may have murdered their lover and beheaded many, they may have enslaved and murdered. ”I don't give you permission to say 'okay' or 'yes, we will forgive you' - even if you do! [chuckle]

What they are doing in this alchemical moment, in this magical moment of your creation - and mine; yes, I will come to that - they are saying: “I know it is detritus and I know that that is not the truth of your soul, so why do you let that happen? Because playing this role of evil monster or boring participant on the planet is not really rewarding, and it is not really, and it certainly is not a genuine reflection of Mother / Father / One. ”

So they are inviting people to reveal themselves . Now they are receiving enormous amount of help, yes, from the Mother, from your stellar family, even from the elements. People have thought of magic as the manipulation of the central elements. Let me talk about that for a moment.

Add the element "Love" to your alchemy

When you manipulate or change the manifestation of an element, what is the element you are adding, that invisible element that turns it into magic, which is simply something that you still do not fully understand? It's love So think about it in a practical way. You are adding a literal element. And although we often say that it is pure energy, you can think of it and take it as a molecule and add it. And that's what you do when you add love, whether you're writing in the wine or in the air, and you're communicating that love to whatever you're transforming.

And you, my friends, by choice have come as alchemist masters because they are changing the entire planet and people accordingly. It is a company of such substance, sometimes I just have to think about returning. And I'll come back after this turn ends, but not before. I am not suggesting you have an easy job, you don't have it. But stop fooling yourself, stop refusing and say, "I accept it. I AM an alchemist teacher. ” And you've already done it. You already work with that element that you are adding to change everything.

My job, my chosen mission, in complete surrender to our Mother and many, is to be the Master of the I AM. What does this mean? And I can say the same of others and I will. The job of being the Guardian of the I AM is to instill it, and in this phase of my trip - my trip and yours, but my trip - is to instill it within the hearts and minds of all mankind, that divine, complete knowledge alignment - just as Yeshua's job is the installation of love and Christ Consciousness, just as Sanat Kumara's job is installation and understanding and operationalization - What do you think of this word? of the Universal Laws ... I can go on and on. But that is the work of a teacher.

It is not that I am sitting on a cloud or spaceship somewhere simply by spinning my thumbs. I am so actively involved with each and every one of you, and sometimes I have allowed this 'distance', if we can call it that, from the teacher, from the ascended teacher . But what I say to you - and me, by the way - is that our missions are completely wrapped in each other.

So: alchemy, yes - magic, yes - creation, yes - I AM, yes!

Now I got carried away, dear Suzi. Where do you want to start?

Suzi : I could let you continue forever! It seems that we are getting a more refined definition for alchemy, and that there are many things we do and have been doing that can absolutely be described as such . Would that include revisiting a moment in our past to rewrite the event and change its effect on our behavior and belief system?

Saint Germain: I would say yes, with a warning. Now, this is a very important question, and it is not only related to you as master alchemists, capable of transforming / transmuting / transubstantiating, but also part of your journey. But are they able to do that? Yes Now think about it this way. And they have done so in some of their circumstances, so I know what they are referring to and the answer is yes.

Suzi : Thank you.

Forgive and you can heal

Saint Germain: But let's talk about this because we talked about lives when you came back home and said: Hmmm, it didn't work very well . So often - and it is good to have distance and perspective - so often human beings look at a situation - and even restrict it a bit and call it a different situation Easy, heartbreaking, abusive and intrusive, and say: Oh, let me rewrite that.

Now, rewriting in terms of t that no longer restricts and harms you is perfect, but try to erase it so that you have no memory of it d let me get rid of it is not the way to proceed because -and that is why hindsight is beneficial when you look at what has happened in your life, even when it is terrible and logical And yes, many of you have experienced it, just like me! He has made them to those who are, and made them compassionate and wise and kind and gentle and loving, so he has in fact expanded your access to that element of love.

So you never want to erase it. Do you understand? Yes Rewrite how it affects you? Yes But never delete it. That is why I want to clarify why there are many of the listeners tonight who will say, Oh well, let me erase it from my board.

Suzi : Well, if I can clarify that I am thinking of a particularly hurtful event between my sister and me when I was a child, and basically I revisited it as my body of light, I saw the pain involved and sent love to both parties to see really that my sister was suffering and that is why she would say such a horrible thing, and that it basically went to my bones that "nobody cares what you have to say . "

Saint Germain: And not only entered your bones, sweet; it entered your heart and your mind and your emotional field, and at that moment it influenced your path . And what you did is that you took it as an absolute truth - and it had nothing to do with the truth . So the alchemist that you are - and I want to say this for all of you - came back, sent love, added the element of love and changed it.

Suzi : Yes, yes, yes, so I no longer have that belief. It is gone.

Saint Germain : That is correct. The experience and what he taught you and brought you to this day we are talking about was not so. So there are many of you, for example, who have been sexually or physically abused, abused, raped, beaten, and you have - and really, I understand this with compassion - have great difficulties because they could be in the middle of that process.

Forgiving and sending love to the abuser, be it a father or a sister or a friend or a teacher, have a hard time saying, "Now I am going to send love to everyone involved . " And yet, dear Suzi, in your example it has been shown and shared, you are allowing yourself to be seen, and you are saying, “You know that, I did it and I feel so much better, ” and in doing so, you have also done it for many others. .

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Dillon. (2017). ST. GERMAINE ~ ACCEPT YOURSELF AS MASTER ALCHEMIST !. 9/1/2017, from Council of Love Website:

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