Message from the angels: Do not fear, change is a gift

  • 2019

My dear friends, we love you very much. Breathe and feel how we hug you with our love. Release your tensions, fears, worries, anxieties and stress. Inhale with us. Now relax. Energy flows rapidly on your planet . In many cases, this generates old fears, old problems and things that you thought you had overcome. One of the biggest fears on your planet is fear of loss. What happens if I lose my boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse? What if I lose my son?

What happens if I lose my job? What happens if I lose my house? What happens if I lose my health? And yes? These fears, based in the earthly world of illusion, control you in many ways. The truth offers freedom .

There is absolutely nothing in this world that lasts forever

Can you imagine living the same life, with the same goods, in the same circumstances, for eternity? You would go crazy bored because it is the nature of the soul to create. Can you imagine playing the same role, in the same character, for all eternity, without having the opportunity to start from scratch and try new perspectives ? Can you imagine having to remain the same person to please the same people now and forever, with no room to grow?

Dear ones, changes are what allows your mind to grow in a greater awareness of your true nature . Through change, you are witnesses to the many forms and faces of the Divine. Every living being, every inanimate object, every blade of grass, every mountain, every animal, is just an incarnation of unique love. When you look in the mirrors of creation, you gain a greater awareness of the true inner being. The windows of the Divine will change throughout your life, but the one behind them remains constant. People can come and go, but the Divinity that animates them can never leave them .

Things can come and go, but the love that lives within each small subatomic particle and the vital principle that organizes them prevails. The same love that animates all creation is One, looking at you through countless eyes, manifested in the oceans, trees, breezes, mountains and smaller single-celled animals. In every thought and every breath there is only one love. Your soul will feel very free if instead of fearing change, you embrace it with all your heart .

Trust that change is the result of your growth, individual and collective. Trust that the changes, when hugged with love, will eventually lead to a more conscious and happy life. Things can be undone. Expect new, better and more practical things to be attracted to your life. Jobs can come and go. Understand that you have overcome them and that you will be guided to the best. You will inevitably lose things, people, jobs, etc.

You will have thoughts that come and go. The beliefs you have and the person you think you are can change. You will grow throughout your life by continuing on a progressive path of awakening spiritual consciousness . Change is the nature of life in your three-dimensional world. Instead of "holding on" to the past, channel it crying if you feel sad and then continue. Accept the changes as best you can and wait . Due to the growing nature of your soul, you will find even greater expressions of love that fit in your life.

God bless you! We love you so much

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Ann Albers

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