We help you experience this passage towards your Spiritual Ascension

  • 2018

Dear earthly brothers, this time we greet you, since as usual, we come to you with a message that will help you experience the current passage that will lead you to your Spiritual Ascension ; because this, like all the messages we have given them before, is intended to guide human beings to awaken and develop their consciousness as a Divine Being.

Although a large number of people have not yet managed to understand who they really are; There is a huge amount of beings who decided to open their hearts and love each of the creatures created by the Great Source. These beings are characterized by being those who brought the messages of Life into their world, such as Jesus, Buddha, Master Saint Germain and the Archangels; it is those beings before whom mankind kneels and prays in order to help him experience his incarnation on Earth in the best possible way, in total Harmony, Happiness and Joy.

It is not bad to ask these beings for help; however, the main help comes from the deepest part of their being, from the great Divine Spark that allows them to live and be part of God's extraordinary creation. When you constantly ask for help from beings outside of you, you may receive it at some specific time ; However, after a while, they will not be able to receive such help if they do not seek it themselves .

We invite you to make an effort and look for it in the deepest part of you. Remember that God is within you!

Beloved beings on Earth, it is essential that you understand that the immense flexibility of existence is, at some point, to ask for help from certain beings considered superior to humanity; However, the only one that is really superior is within you, in your center, in your heart and in each of the cells that make up your physical body. That Higher Self is yourselves, even though you cannot really accept it.

We know that for several of you, superiority is around you ; but dear brothers, you are not able to imagine the immense power that dwells in you which allows you to give life to that Higher Self that you are, but you must remember that you are not superior to others, but to what you think you are. We invite you, beloved beings of the Earth to not believe less or dwarf what they are; none of you is less than the one next to you, because they are all divine sparks, they are divine beings, they are part of God.

So why do you still believe that there are such differences between you?

The answer is simple, all this is due to the human adversity that places before you the duality that makes you think that the other is " superior " because he is supposedly more intelligent, has a greater amount of goods and much more, but none of that It is true, since by believing in it they are relying on material things that are completely devoid of common sense. In reality, material things do not imply any kind of power for the human being, since despite having a certain material level it is worth asking, what is the use of all this, if in the depths of your being you are not able to recognize and use his own inner power, that which gives them superiority over all material?

But it should be noted that although there is awareness of the Divine Energy that inhabits the human being, it is not necessary to “make fun” or leave aside the material, since this is also part of the divine existence on Earth, but not That is why we must consider that materialism is the center of Life. It is necessary to understand that it is part of the experience that is lived on your planet, it is necessary to be able to live in a more comfortable way, however, you must be aware that the material should not be allowed to become the most important its existence and a certain level of superiority.

It is essential that they understand that any human being, regardless of who he is or the position he occupies within society, is a child of God; each one of you is a child of God and that is precisely the Supreme Superiority that you possess. Evidently and from your childhood, you are taught to believe that those who possess wealth are superior to you; However, each of you is equal to who is around. Materialism, in many cases scandalous, turns out to be superiority, since materialism exactly as it is currently being experienced, is a weak and small reflection of the superiority that you truly have as divine beings.

It is necessary to understand that all human beings have within their being and their hearts the most beautiful thing that any creature could have and is: " the Light and the Love of God ", which gives life its true meaning. Dear Earth beings, you need to understand that none of you is superior to the other beings around you because of the material possessions you have; each one of you, no matter what part of your planet you are in, you are all Beings of Great Divine Superiority thanks to the Love and light that dwells in you, and emanates from the Great Creative Source.

By saying `` Superiority '' we mean the difference between the minimum earthly superiority and the immense celestial superiority

Which and by accepting it, will allow them to more easily reach their spiritual evolution . They must understand that only their Superiority of Consciousness and their level of understanding of Life is taken into account when they evolve and move towards their spiritual Ascension where they will finally discover the beings that really are . Likewise, when we say Ascension, we refer to Ascension that your divine spirit will experience towards other evolutionary energies of great power at the spiritual level and it is precisely that Ascension the one that is currently in progress.

We know that you can go around numerous hearts and minds; however, and because of the immense Energy that emanates from it, this Ascension manages to manifest itself on Earth as the true Reality of Life.

Although a part of you cannot really understand what Ascension is about, although several of you do not believe in it and think it is an illusion, we must say that Ascension is a very real process . Currently, Ascension is a reflection of what happens on planet Earth and the humanity that inhabits it; Therefore, we ask you, beloved beings who become aware that it is not possible to experience Ascension and know their true Spiritual Superiority if they are not able to know who they really are.

Dear brothers, we accompany you with Love throughout your Ascension process, and guide you so that you can achieve it in the best way. Remember that we are always by your side and send our energies of evolution.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento
MORE INFORMATION at: https://www.messagescelestes-archives.ca/nous-vous-aidons-a-vivre-ce-passage-de-lascension-spirituelle/

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