Muriel's Message: What is the meaning of life and existence?

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 They will not leave traces on the earth, although it is possible that they leave temporary traces on their space and time 2 How can God be aware of what is not? 3 This is the point where the separation is generated within the original separation 4 Why have the upper planes been placed under your feet?

Hello beloved, I speak to you, Muriel and I am present today to talk to you about the meaning that existence has, but I will say it in a different way, since in fact, it is time to do it, which is why we have been during the last months exhorting them so much that they acquire a greater and more conscious knowledge about their own conscience and that is not the first time we say it, given that approximately every 25, 000 years, we repeat this lesson .

Frequently you wonder what the meaning of life and existence in this world is and our answer to it is as follows, nothing, as long as you are chained as human beings. What we are trying to say is that you imagine leaving a trace of your passage on Earth forever, to do that would be to think that this planet will exist forever; however, nothing is permanent within this world, even within the galaxy to which they belong, which will last about 3-4 billion years.

Being human beings keeps them somewhat limited, since their galaxy, like their world, will evaporate and end up disappearing at some point; so they cannot leave traces on Earth.

They will not leave traces on the earth, although it is possible that they leave temporary traces on their space and time

The only thought of God: Who would it be, if it really wasn't what I am ? With that thought he created them within this plane, that thought gave rise to the Universes with its many dimensions, galaxies and spaces, which in any case, were created especially, since the only thing that was really created by God were the spaces of separation Whom you call God, we usually call it the Source, since it is he who is in charge of feeding us, constantly offering us his energy and in reality we have never been separated from him, being this subtlety that has given rise to the origin of separation planes.

That same thought of God existed in the Cosmos for billions of what his seconds last on Earth, and because it has already ended, God finds himself again, only within different dimensions, spaces and times. That millionth part of a second, within your world will last about 14-15 billion years, being that time when you will finally join us and today you are beyond half of that time, so They can be glad that each time they need less time to be with us. And I must insist on the word " Time ", since they must understand that this is relative and in less than they think the time they need to join will have arrived.

But within that story, what is the source that initially talked about? Obviously, it was the Divine energy, which can only be a point of light ; however, it is a point of light that is in fact everywhere, since it made God think: Who would it be, if it really wasn't what I am? The truth is that in fact, it is not possible that it is something that is not ... I do not know if so far they are following me, what I am talking about is a 4-dimensional phenomenon .

How can God be aware of what he is not?

The only possible way is to make oneself believe that he is not really him, but the truth is that God, being the only Creator, really cannot do that. That is why, this is usually called crazy thinking; If you imagine two people saying that you really are not the people you are, you would think that those who say it are not aware of themselves, however, as soon as you become aware that you are not separated, you may be aware of yourself. same .

So, why do it? Do not forget that the thought of God remained one billionth of what the seconds on planet Earth last and that time itself is, in fact, a dimensional element . The truth is that you human beings, during the separation, have inside a program inscribed in the deepest part of their being, which is the reverse program of what the Source said: Who would it be, if in Wasn't it really what I am? However, you have a program that says: Who would do it if I am not what I am? A bit complex isn't it?

This is the point where the separation is generated within the original separation

Actually, you are the same God, who recreated the same error of separation and in reality what you believe, constantly recreates the same error, so that it is really you who generate the error. That is why we mentioned earlier that in its human incarnation the meaning of existence is nothing. This is because they often keep repeating the same error. Which turns out to be very funny about you, that is, within the planet Earth there is so much space and yet you find yourself continuously oscillating between a Divine world and a physical one and again a Divine one, etc.

Why have the upper planes been placed under your feet?

Because you are constantly making the same mistake in order to recover your divinity, which mentally tends to rise, to guide your thoughts towards those thoughts that you usually call " superior "; however, and when these thoughts manage to rise, they give them the ability to enter into the cosmos, which is within the universe, which in turn is within the Omniverse, who is part of parallel worlds.

The distance is quite long right? That is why they must look inside, within their internal roots or within the roots that are in the ground, so they can connect with the crystals that are part of the planet Earth, and thus obtain information about their Divinity in a way much faster than when using quite high vibratory systems.

In short, the meaning of existence has to be linked to energy, but why? The answer is simple: to finally leave behind the wheel of karma, to be able to leave behind that need or act-reflection that your being has to constantly reincarnate within human bodies, to experience the subtle plane of this world. Once your time in this world ends, you think of returning to change a certain aspect and try to improve it, but how many lives do you think you have? And most of you do not reincarnate 3-4 times, but about 20, 000. That is why the sense of existence and life within this world is about recovering through your Divine energy.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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