Message Jesus: Love is the key to spiritual awareness

  • 2018

There really isn't any of you who don't have a single reason to be grateful, so go inside to this quiet and safe place where you can, if you wish, access your spiritual guides and mentors and p Have them call their attention to an event or aspect of their life for which they are eternally grateful. Then say Thank you for that and not even feel very grateful, the simple fact of saying thank you is comforting because it opens you when it comes to receiving the love that surrounds you, the love that awaits your acceptance of His constantly offered hug.

Please, thank you for everything that is good in your life

Love is the key to spiritual consciousness because everything spiritual, everything that exists, rests in Love and that is that love is sweet, kind, compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, and yet He is the most powerful energy, the Will more powerful because He is infinite, and there is nothing outside Him.

He does not impose or ask for anything, but within the illusion he can pretend that He does not exist and in doing so, discards the joy and happiness of his life, replacing them with the fear and anxiety that he denies or tries to hide or in front of which Remove as the helpless victims of some frightful monster.

However, love is having untiring patience

He will wait until he chooses to accept it, because he will end up doing it, after which, the boundless joy will be eternally yours . Are you sure it's not enough reason to say thank you ?

Because love is the source from which everything that exists flows, it makes no sense to deny it, avoid it or hide from it and that is to do it is to be like a child hiding his face behind his hands, believing that what already Can't see no longer exists. Mankind has chosen, collectively, to take his hands off his face to see his Mother again looking at her with adoration and that has been hiding from his Mother for too long, but She never lost sight of her, She never will do and your awakening will be divinely assured.

It often seems that he has waited endlessly to experience the infinite joy of being eternally in the Presence of his loving Source and this is due to the fact that he continues to cling to the unreal, to the illusion with all the deception and all the tricks offered. by proclaiming them real. The bodies are part of the illusion, without them you could not make a correct experience and are prone to diseases, pain, suffering, aging and decline.

You identify primarily with them, instead of simply seeing them as temporary vehicles that allow you to experience what is not real and their defects terrify you because your life is so short and you are very vulnerable in such a vast and complex universe .

Of course, it is a great paradox for you to have to try to understand it, but if you want to accept life as it is presented, if you want to accept that you are really eternal spiritual beings with a temporary physical experience, your terror of death dissipates, because then they perceive very clearly that death does not exist.

You have chosen the easiest path, that of withdrawal

However, at this stage of your evolution, you have chosen to withdraw en masse from the illusion while preserving your physical bodies and in doing so you will move into a world of suffering, mistrust and betrayal to an environment of peace, beauty and abundance for all. They have traced their way to this moment through many crises, disappointments and catastrophes as they struggled with the concept of releasing their fears to return to the loving embrace that God offers them at all times and share it.

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