If separation is an illusion, then unity must be the alternative

  • 2018

What some teachings indicate in this regard is that they are living, that is, that we are not the ones who act, but rather that the source / Consciousness directs our experience or in other words, we are the universe that lives through the eyes of a third person.

In Buddhist circles we say: " events occur, actions take place, but there is no individual action ." In general terms we can say that the universe develops exactly as it should be and since we are the universe we live in, we are exactly as it should be".

This is an excellent summary of the understanding of the illusion of separation

There is something we will emphasize, and then we will seize the opportunity to express something else that is implicit.

First and as we have said here on many occasions and also elsewhere, we share the truth in all the cultures and languages of your world. We've always done it, but now it's available to anyone who wants to see and hear.

And also these widely taught concepts of the illusion of separation that have difficulty crossing also involve unity. If separation is an illusion, then unity must be the alternative .

If we say that it is only a postulate, then most people can accept it, but it is an intellectual understanding . Many people over the centuries have managed to overcome this difficulty to reach an understanding through experience. And that's where humans have to do with that, rather, it's where you have to go back.

There was a time when the predominant worldview was that everything was conscious and could communicate. Some vestiges of cultures still understand it . However, most of them have been ruthlessly stripped of this view.

It was said that the "primitives" "worshiped" all these false gods . They never understood that they were grateful for the forces and processes that contributed to the abundance in their lives.

They tell you that many were " sun worshipers ", but we wonder what is the most important and absolutely necessary source of energy for everything in your world? What do you need to maintain your life? Why give thanks for the sun's energy not being evil? As far as we know, none of these people thought their star was the ultimate creator.

Can you see that if societies learned to appreciate and give thanks for everything that sustains life, they would stop destroying their home? Trees, water, air, fertile soil, animals, plants, fish and birds contribute to your life. In most cases, they do it without gratitude or appreciation . We see that as the situation in the world becomes increasingly desperate, the situation is changing.

Are things evolving fast enough?

And now we are going to make a statement that can push the limits of your credulity a little further.

These things that we have not mentioned, these metals, these crystals, these stones, these mountains, these rivers, these seas, in fact, all the “things” with which you can put your hands or eyes on them, are aware. All are made of energy. It took more than a century for this to be accepted almost universally, but now he knows that everything and everything is energy.

All energetic beings are just other states of consciousness. His " primitives " were not really that primitive after all.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Ron Head

Original URL: https://messagescelestes.ca/le-conseil-en-reponse-a-quelques-questions-10/

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