The Aquarian Disciples on the Path of Light-Master Djwal Kull (The Tibetan). Part IV

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 You really are part of a universal life. They are here in the planetary system - Earth - taking a necessary, perhaps programmed, journey, but then evolution will lead you to other points in the universe. 2 Therefore, little by little, you will recognize that your action is accompanied by other beings, it is nourished by force and light by other beings, and this is very important for those on the physical plane. 3 Then, when you return from a group experience, you feel moved and sensitized by a special state of consciousness in which emotions, feelings and mind bring you fullness and peace. 4 Any questions?

Channeled Messages of the Masters of Light

In Portuguese the original.

Humanity currently needs this job and a lot! The Great Plan is being developed and this group action is part of it. If there are many human failures, many group failures, humanity will lose many opportunities and the planet too. In the event that this occurs, it will be very costly for humanity to resume the same conditions and regain lost opportunities.

In this way, the work that all soul groups are doing on the planet will be strengthened . All groups will be further strengthened and will have the necessary support of all souls that are part of the Luminous Units, among which is the School of Universal Wisdom of Synthesis.

The entire movement of the Angelic Hierarchies, of the Energy Hierarchies is also oriented towards action in this humanity. Many beings from other constellations, from other systems, are also working because they love this planetary system.

You are part of universal life and it is important to think about this. Your spirits came from somewhere in the universe and came here, to Earth, but you are not the only ones who came out of a certain star and came to that planetary system. Your home star is connected with all his sons and daughters, his brothers and sisters who are working for this humanity. And, obviously, he will always bring whatever is necessary to help both those who are part of his stellar family as well as all the souls that are part of humanity.

You are, in reality, part of a universal life. They are here in the planetary system - Earth - taking a necessary, perhaps programmed, journey, but then evolution will lead you to other points in the universe.

Student 1 - Teacher, all this process that is taking place in humanity is strengthening and moving souls and spirits that have a link with each one of us within the units, isn't it? Within the family system souls that are also linked to these processes are helping more, is this? Are there stronger connections with souls that have affinities from other lives and that can further assist group units?

Master All souls that are part of your family system but that are in the astral plane or in the mental plane are attracted to you, who are here in the f plane Physical, in an action as it is oriented towards humanity. You are in a very strong Critical Action and souls are attracted because you also work in this action on the astral plane. As you are on the physical level, they are attracted to join forces with you spiritually and to contribute.

The souls belonging to the Family System that are in other planes contribute spiritually, and that makes the family system gain more agility, speed in their karmic issues. Because there are souls in the family system who have a lot of spiritual strength but had difficulties in the course of the Way in other lives. In this way, many souls benefit because there is a movement within the family system from the most subtle levels and that flows into the system on the physical plane giving it much spiritual strength. Did you understand that?

Student 1 Understood. That was what it seemed to me. So that action here in the physical plane is gaining strength for the group units, because each one is gaining stronger connections with other souls that are helping to move better, isn't that right?

Master As you work spiritually and become more aware of your inner unity and the action of other spiritual units that surround you, obviously you are strengthened and begin to recognize many Beings of Light that are very familiar, that is, they have a connection with your souls there are many past lives.

Therefore, little by little, you will recognize that your action is accompanied by other beings, is nourished by force and by other beings, and this is very important for who is in the physical plane.

The soul is reaching a movement that strengthens its mental action . And so, the soul achieves in that continuous action (individual, group) strengthen that higher mental field that is closest to the soul. This is also a conquest for the disciple: he has his mind clearer, cleaner, stronger, to meet internal needs.

The mind is at the service of evolution and is at the service of the soul also and that mental quality, to which I have referred, puts you in a position to manage emotions differently, because Emotions can be on several scales: they can be on the lower scales or on the upper scales. The human being will always have emotions, always! It is part of its creation.

As the mind becomes clearer, stronger, and emotions are managed through the higher energies of the mind and consciousness, they manifest and express themselves with a more loving and more conscious content.

Everyone is getting there. It is a matter of taking steps: nothing is achieved at once, in a week, in a month ... Nothing is achieved in a magic pass . It is a matter of self-observation and recognition because the mind will be faster, faster and faster as it is accompanied by this action of the soul itself.

This is a tonic of the Aquarian era : the mind becomes more dynamic, stronger. And this opens up several fields of consciousness because there is a greater integration between the physical, the emotional, the mental and the buddhic . Thus, consciousness expands.

Many think that it is the opposite: that work with conscience precedes work with the mind. This is a mistake. First the mind is strengthened and then the consciousness. Well, if there is no energy-spiritual integration in the mind that organizes and strengthens emotions, it is not possible to access very high levels of consciousness. Therefore, when we live a group experience you are reached at all levels: in deep, superior emotions, in true feelings and in all aspects of your mind.

Then, when you return from a group experience you feel moved and sensitized by a special state of consciousness in which emotions, feelings and mind bring you fullness and peace.

It is a comfort for the personality to have a faster mind because he is very hungry to learn, to know, to know. Therefore, the infinite will be before it because the mind can work, know, recognize and expand knowledge. All this action that is given individually and in a group is working for wisdom.

Humanity will reach the stage of resuming wisdom. We must resume wisdom. It is very soon yet, but wisdom is already in motion in those souls who are working with conscience.

Any questions?

Student 2 - I have. It is not a doubt, it is a curiosity in relation to my relatives. For example: some that are very radical (of the Catholic church) and there are others who do not accept when the disembodiment occurs that the soul goes to another universe of experience, then ...

Teacher - That is, there are many divisions within the family system.

Student 2 - Yes, but it is improving. It was like this: they did not accept when I study spiritualism, but some still think that I am a spiritist ... so they were very radical, but it is improving ...

Teacher - These divisions within the family system, as I said, tend to decrease at this stage and in the following stages of the Aquarian Era.

Student 2 - And when they pass to that side, are they still the same or can they change?

Teacher - The personality they have here in the physical plane will be diluted and the soul will begin to acquire astral consciousness once they are in the astral plane.

Student 2 - I have a sister who was very much with me ... I dream a lot with her talking things, talking with me ... Then I think she changed ...

Teacher - The personality that each one has in the physical plane is diluted in the astral plane. The soul gathers all the necessary experience ...

Student 2 - Division was just what they learned here, right?

Teacher - No. I am talking about the fact that the divisions that exist in the family system have the possibility of diminishing. You are attracting new forces to your family system ...

Student 2 - And they are watching ...

Teacher - They are receiving.

Student 2 - Yes. After the exercises aimed here at the family system, she improved a lot. They never messed with my choices again. They improved a lot, a lot.

Teacher - Right Any more topics?

Student 3 - Yes. I wanted to ask about that disciple's need for group work. For me, this trip to Brazil brought me an awareness of how much physical contact was needed in group work. And I am thinking that there may be other souls - old students, new students - that they have not had contact with the School for a long time and that they may be in the same situation. What can be done to stimulate or bring these souls to the core of the School?

Teacher - This is already being done. Spiritually, as the School is reaching these advanced levels of group work, all souls that are spiritually linked to the School of Universal Wisdom of Synthesis are connected. You, for example, who live in Romania, are connected. You receive in your country the group strength and all the individual forces to help you there. These sent spiritual forces will move your spiritual action and facilitate that paths open for you, for your life, for your spiritual experience, for your path.

This action of connection with the souls or with those people who were part of the School but who are currently absent, for various reasons, is constantly done. They may be physically absent but spiritually they are not.

There is a link between souls, a link with spiritual energies and with the work process of the School of Universal Wisdom of Synthesis. The group work that is being done mobilizes and sensitizes those souls who seek the School in some way but cannot come or those who are far away.

Student 1- Teacher, and in this question of her, there is a need ... for example: souls are touched and found in other parts of the world and have no physical condition to be here. Within the experience that grows in groups, are they mobilized to look for other similar souls in the regions where they are? For actions to occur and these souls to be more present, is this necessary?

Teacher - Yes, yes. Today, the spiritual development of humanity is very different from the spiritual development of the past. Today, when a soul enters the path - from its search - it begins to gain strength and awareness, it feels the need to join other souls. In the past a disciple knew that his path was individual and he stayed forty years, fifty years working alone. Today, the souls that are entering the path feel an urgent need to approach other related souls.

Student 1 - It's that, I'm sorry. There is no way to isolate yourself, right?

Teacher - No. A disciple has a new movement in Aquariums. The disciple is part of something greater and always seeks to compose unity, participate in unity, always adding up; This is the movement of the disciple. It is possible to see in spiritual experiences how the energetic movement of this aquarian stage leads souls to move and group, isn't it? This is the natural movement that will happen with all souls according to their evolutionary levels. This is the aquarian demand. Even the New Race is going through great preparation. They are aware that the action is group.

Student 1 - Teacher, in my search path I always gave preference to the spiritual part in relation to the social part. It always was, always. I've always been like this. For example: the School is far from San Pablo and I cannot do both at the same time: the social part and the part here. I choose to come to school when I have birthdays, weddings and everything else. I come with love, but people seem different to me, feel my fault and criticize me, but I always prefer to come here than go there. Here I think I help them more than going there. I choose to come here but I am doing what my conscience asks.

Teacher - In this life you have decided to give priority to the soul, right?

Student 2 - Yes. In the first place the things of God come and the rest comes in addition ... It was always, always like that, since childhood.

Teacher - Then, always follow the soul.

Teacher - We are past the schedule, if they are interested we can make another one next month. And until then you will have time to think about these issues. This will help and further expand understanding.

Thank you very much and may our light be with you!

Master Djwal Kull (The Tibetan)

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of

SOURCE: Channeled Classroom broadcast on 05/03/2017 at the School of Universal Wisdom of Synthesis; Channeling of Lourdes Rosa; Fourth and last part.

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