Humility as an area of ​​opportunity

  • 2017
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In these times when some spiritual currents and religions affirm that selfishness is the fashionable feeling and motivation, we could reflect a bit about the antidote to humility.

stability and equanimity ...

Regardless of whether we approach this concept from a theistic or non-theistic point, the importance of humility is still the same. It is said that a person is humble when in spite of recognizing his aptitudes and valuing them he remains stable and equanimous in the manner and time in which he expresses them.

Humility should be conceived as a means and not an end, that is that somehow humility should permeate our daily performance and we should not understand it as something that will take us to discover or achieve, in fact just as selfishness is an attitude and state In the face of life, humility is something that is there in our ultimate nature or Rigpa.

What does it mean to be humble?

But what does it mean to be humble?, it is common to confuse it with submission, shyness and low self-esteem, but if we really analyze carefully, in these times to be humble requires a healthy and firm self-esteem, absence of shyness and submission.

Humility implies constructive intention and motivation . It is to assume our talents and defects in an attentive, conscious and respectful way.

We are also confused to think that being humble implies that we should allow our environment to tip us all kinds of abuse, perceiving disrespect for ourselves with humility is a wrong point of view. Being humble means that we have learned to respect ourselves and others.

thanks and appreciation.

For example, sometimes when an important teacher offers us his teachings, it is common to bow in respect and humility. The important thing here is to take care that it is not a false motivation or something that everyone around us routinely does, it is something that should be full of thanks and appreciation, because in reality the great teachers They don't care about praise, they are interested in our inner growth, so bowing in humility to the only ones who benefit is ourselves because it's a constructive emotion that opens space in our mind and heart.

When humility is genuine, it feels within us with a deep gratitude to what we have been given, to all those around us and ultimately it is a state of deep acceptance and happiness.

It is not economic poverty…

In some cultures the humble is understood as poor economically speaking and this is another wrong point of view. To be humble you do not have to lack support, in fact many generous people are grateful to have economic possibilities to help others and prefer to remain anonymous. This attitude is humility and genuine generosity.

Many spiritual practitioners confuse our motivation and unfold actions of mind, word and body permeated from an ego-centered view of ourselves, that is, it becomes more important that they see us make prayers, obeisances and offerings, because others will say “what a great practitioner it is ”, it is very important to take care of this aspect because we will be losing our direction on the path with this false attitude. In fact, it is one of the dangers that practitioners face when they notice considerable progress in their spiritual development.

without recognition or retribution….

Somehow the advances in our development are noticeable in our daily act, without the need for our entire environment to know, the great masters of the East maintain a humble attitude and if we look closely they do not talk about their belongings, their achievements, their lineage, their monasteries or their donations, they simply know that they have a long way to go … that is humility.

This is how we can understand humility as equanimity, integrity, self-esteem, generosity and patience ... something very different from what we think it is.

The great recommendation is that we opt for humility in all our actions because it becomes an engine that opens the doors to our personal development, we will save energy for constructive activities and the most important thing is to remember that generosity and humility expand the space in our mind .... selfishness makes us narrow minds without space for ourselves or others.

So if we decide to face our life constructively, we must not forget to carry in our luggage a high daily dose of humility and generosity.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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