Maestro Saint Germain Simplified Life Increases the Light !!

  • 2011

My Gentiles:

When they are resolutely moving towards the development of Their Essential Beings, they often stop this sublime development by the obstacles they face, the misunderstandings and mocks that flaunt those who still sleep covered with the steam of their same dreams. “More when you see even a few moments the Light of the Presence One, the sublime look of someone who has realized some aspect of that Light in their daily lives, they feel intensely attracted to magnify and sustain it in yourselves !” AND THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST SACRED LAWS, THE RECIPROCITY LAW !!!

The being of Humanity or Being-Human, has learned to follow and copy those things applicable to it many times without making differences with respect to which they could also be prosecuted or sustained, they simply follow that impulse magn tico and acting suggestively generally in group form .. That is one of the manifestations that are being abolished by the evolution of the Races, not being the incentive in any of its aspects for future races !!

The first step towards steadily heading towards the encounter and subsequent merger with the Primordial Being itself is therefore individuality, not in the aspect of becoming islas departing from all because in this New Great step forward and upward God's Plan has decreed to be immersed in daily life, while the Light of consciousness is expanding One and that implies leading an absolutely simple life, fulfilling each one the various obligations acquired and improving at all times all the actions, giving the environment the joy of having you!

The Blessed and Beloved Master Kuthumi summarizes all this in a few words by saying Live ordinary life (common) in an extraordinary way .

Remember that simpleness is anchored in greatness. The strength of an ancient millenary tree is compared to the lightness of an easy butterfly, which is similar in nature? The same light spark that encourages all life while multiplying and diversifying in millions and thousands of ways. As they get closer to the Universal Consciousness, they will easily be stripping off all that are useless accumulations weighing on their subtle bodies of Light ... The experience of living the life of the Presence of God, will be completely assimilated by the Quaternary of Manifestation to the extent that you yourself allow SHE to act and let you take again the command, control and command in your lives THE FINAL VICTORY IN THE LIGHT OF GOD, WILL EXPERIENCE IT IMMEDIATELY !!!

Some students feel the intense desire that We Ascended Beings communicate with them, to clarify doubts, guide them and advise them . BELOVED Children, WE DO IT CONSTANTLY !!! but not in the usual way in the human experience, we speak to you in the Higher consciousness, in those noble and pure thoughts and feelings, in every act detached and full of kindness and help to the neighbor ... and in very rare exceptions and only when it is Usefully necessary, we transcribe some seed ideas to be developed by that servant, instructor or facilitator who is giving a solid help to the Human Beings and whose work is absolutely disinterested, loving, comprehensive, tolerant and generous, let's see part of the ancestral Wisdom to pave the way ..

In daily practice you will be amazed when you discover the varied range of nuances of the “soul” that each one has ..., beautiful beauties, splendid qualities, treasured in the intimate Being ... which will be shown before your eyes when you yourselves give them cause and place .... Are they not essentially Spirits in the form?

Bless you, Saint Germano, brother in God, in Unity, in the Synthesis of the Era while I leave this decree as a gift:

Presence I AM loved !!

Fill my being and world

With the Perfect diamond gem of your immortal perfection

and make me the same at all times!


Santiago, Chile, June 2011.

Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

Foundation "Activity Saint Germain."

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