Amethyst Archangel: Healing of Lack of Trust, channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
Table of Contents hide 1 Confidence 2 Transformation 3 Trinity Archangelic 4 Discovering the Strength of Your Trust 4.1 Do you trust that the Creator provides you with everything you need and require in your daily reality? 4.2 Do you trust your skills and your internal guidance? 4.3 Do you trust the world around you, both physically and internally? 4.4 Do you trust yourself? 5 Experiencing the Healing of Trust of the Archangelic Trinity

July 21, 2017

Angelic blessings flow to you from my Being; I AM Amethyst Archangel, the Twin Flame and the feminine aspect of Archangel Zadkiel. We are the angelic representatives of the 7th Ray of Light. Our mission for all on Earth is to support in them the transformation, purification and birth of the Divine. Through our Light and the energy we transmit, we help the present moment of Ascension in the depth of your Being.

I appear before you with the Archangel Faith and the Archangel Hope; Together we create a trinity of Angelic Light. Our trinity magnifies the Light that we transfer and express. The Archangel Faith is the Twin Flame of the Archangel Michael; and the Archangel Hope is the Twin Flame of the Archangel Gabriel. Together we create a powerful Source of Light that conveys qualities of trust, belief and transformation. We believe that these energies together magnify the Divine within you and re-awaken your memory of your truth.


To be One with the Creator, to recognize the Sacred Light within your Being and manifest Divine Guide, it is necessary to trust ... Trust yourself, your abilities, Humanity, the presence of the Creator for you; and in the support of the Creator to provide you ... When you trust you take root, you accept yourself and feel connected to your inner World and the external World. Trust can unfold your natural inner Essence and allow you to love and respect yourself, feeling that you deserve to be in Divine connection and communication with the Creator, regardless of the way the Creator assumes.

With confidence, conviction, hope, certainty, security and confidence in yourself emerge from the essence of your Being. When you feel and recognize these qualities in your Being, your energy field expands; you become expansive, open, friendly, communicative, generous, outgoing; and free from illusions and self-sabotage. You interact with your inner World and with the outer World in a new, positive and loving way, which means that you attract the abundant, very strong and satisfying energies of the Creator to flow to you and through you. Everything you feel magical, synchronous and guided, which creates much joy in your Being and deep connection and observation of the Creator.


The incorporation of trust and conviction allows transformations to take place in your Being. With the transformation process old stagnant energies, blockages, limitations and illusions are released; then to fill the void new energies manifest themselves or aligned with the Creator. Transformation is the transition within your Being from limiting energies to liberating ones. When the transformation occurs, you flood your Light Being and information that accelerate your Light and align you with aspects of your Being inspired by the Higher Light ... Then a new sense of Self manifests as a Divine Spiritual Being.

Archangelic Trinity

We, the Amethyst Arc, Angels, Hope and Faith, incorporate the qualities that can lead you to a greater memory of the Creator. We want to share our Light with you to support a powerful liberation, purification and healing in your Being. Many Lightworkers lack confidence; and this can cause many difficulties in your reality when you try to follow your inner truth and guidance while in the World you do not feel supported by the Creator. When there is a lack of trust, the general internal feeling is to be without support and fear. The Creator trusts you completely and absolutely. The Creator has no need to doubt you in any way, although think otherwise; This means that the Creator is always supporting you in all aspects of your life. In your Being, healing of your inability to recognize the support, Love and Presence of the Creator in you and around you is required. With the memory of your inner confidence in the Creator and in your connection with Him, you will realize that you are in constant communication with the Creator.

We, the Archangelic Trinity, want to heal in you areas of lack of trust in your Being, in Humanity and on Earth; in doing so, trust, hope and transformation will emerge and be activated, which will naturally occur in everyone.

Discovering the Strength of Your Trust

In time of silence or meditation, from a state of peace and Love within yourself, ask yourself one by one the following questions and observe your reactions and thoughts; and see if your truthful answer is 'yes' or 'no'. If your answer is 'yes', ask yourself what percentage you trust.

Do you trust that the Creator provides you with everything you need and require in your daily reality?

Do you trust your skills and your inner guidance?

Do you trust the world around you, both physically and internally?

Do you trust yourself?

See which active question in you more feelings of mistrust ... Then see how this affects your actions, your experiences and your daily reality ... Does it create patterns or habits that you would like to abandon? ... Or internal feelings that prevent you from achieving your goals ? ... Try to see in your reality the presence and manifestation of your lack of trust ... Do you have a lack of confidence in another area not covered by the questions? ... Your connection with the lack of confidence within you will allow our healing to penetrate more deeply while you are already opening to experience it.

Experiencing the Healing of Trust of the Archangelic Trinity

Invite us to be with you:

“I invoke the Archangel Trinity, the Amethyst Archangel, the Archangel Faith and the Archangel Hope; So they are with me now. Please dissolve in me the energy of lack of trust with your powerful healing Light. Help me to have access to the expansive well of trust within my Being; and feel completely supported and loved by the Creator. I am ready to release the cause of my lack of confidence now; and to remember my true eternal and complete bond with the Creator. From this healing space I can recognize my confidence in the Creator and in myself; and also allow the necessary transformations to occur. Thank you".

We, the 3 Archangels will introduce ourselves. Imagine, feel or recognize our presence as a triangle of Light in whose center you are. The triangle reaches above you and extends to the Earth.

An additional triangle of Light, which is like a pillar, flows down through your chákrica column.

A 3rd triangle of Light penetrates your Being as a smaller pillar of Light that flows into an area of ​​your body or your Aura, or into a Chakra where the lack of trust originated and where it currently is. Imagine your lack of confidence as an energetic mass to which the triangle of Light surrounds and embraces. We, the 3 Archangels, will be present in the nucleus and in the cause of your lack of trust. We are the triangle; With the brightness of our Light we will free and dissolve your lack of trust as well as all its manifestations and the energies connected with it. Take a deep breath and be certain that a deep and powerful healing is taking place at the core of your Being, which will have an effect on the way you interact with the Creator and with the World around you.

In eternal trust and healing,

Archangel Amethyst.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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