Earth message: The elimination of Gaia's 3D matrix

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 We are your galactic family and we know the perception of time that makes up reality 2 Being aware of that, your reality will begin to understand more than one perception of time at a time 3 The planetary body of Gaia suffers with each thing or every decision we make 4 Why have not humans captured the attention, the fact that their actions significantly affect the planet where they live, why are they so harmful?

Dear brothers,

Recently I heard in my mind a message from the vision of the Earth ( Gaia ), which was published in the elimination of the 3D matrix . As far as I understand, this 3D matrix consists of an elaborate construction after having lost the protective layer of the Earth, which generated the fall of Lemuria and subsequently the fall of the well-known Atlantis .

When Atlantis fell, Gaia was leaning on its own axis, which caused a great decrease in the overall capacity it has to heal itself, as well as in the ability it has at the last moment to activate the divine plan, which would increase its resonance level within the frequency field that the 5th dimension has .

Dear brothers, the fact that many of you are not yet aware of reality and that is why you are wondering what you have to understand, means that you have just begun to receive the information that you have mentioned before. That is why we should ask you to write the message that we are giving you in a special way, with the purpose of reminding everyone who has access to it, that as long as each of you moves deeper into the “back waters ”That make up the fifth dimension, the perception of“ sequential time ”they have will be completely challenged.

We are your galactic family and we know the perception of the time that makes up reality

We, your galactic family, know your perception of “time” in the 3rd and 4th dimensions that make up reality and we know that this perception has generated that many of you are “ addicted ” to the sequence, as well as the changes that They are produced in a totally orderly and, above all, sequential way. But as more people become aware of this, they realize that time is not ordered and that it does not have a place in some sequential format .

By being aware of that, your reality will begin to understand more than one perception of time at a time

You were created to understand this change, by means of time zones with different perceptions of “ time ” that are around the entire universe, but that understanding will be progressive or rapid according to capacity and if each of you is closed-minded or open In fact, in an hour it is possible that all humanity thinks that they are in a moment, since time is relative and it seems that it lasts a lot or that it goes very fast depending on the case, that is why much of you manage to give realize that time passes very slowly when doing something they do not like, but being doing something that if they like time seems to " fly ."

The previous example is a small version of what will happen over time, however, your perception of the course of it will not be linked to what you do, but with Your own awareness about frequency . When your consciousness joins the slow wave beta, the perception that you have will automatically be aligned with the lower frequencies that reality emits. On the other hand, at the moment when their consciences spread towards their higher gamma waves, the perceptions they possess will be in harmony with the higher frequencies of reality.

The reason for this change in their perceptions is that the 5th dimension of time is propagated to the 3rd frequency dimension of their world through the four elements of Gaia . Do not forget that Gaia is about a living being, in the same way as each of its inhabitants.

However, natural beings have never believed that they could dominate Earth as it has tried to do with humanity and for most of its existence on this planet. Natural beings, even without having the human capacity to think r, are able to notice that all life that exists within the planet is part of the Earth, which means that if a is divided tree of the earth, Gaia suffers in the same way that the tree suffers . If there is a war between two parties, regardless of who the winner is, Gaia will always be the one who loses because of the enormous damage that people have caused to his planetary body .

The planetary body of Gaia suffers with every thing or every decision we make

We, as representatives of Gaia along with all the galacticians, have visited your planet trying to prevent all those wars and conflicts that you usually generate within your planet, affecting the atmosphere of Gaia, as always human beings, Regardless of their purpose, they turn out to be winners of some battle against their own kind and where Gaia always ends up losing that fight.

Luckily, this circumstance is about to change, since all humanity can have the opportunity to observe, damage and / or dominate Gaia completely, although that will change. Human beings will not only be able to observe and document the damage they have caused to the Earth, but they will also have the ability to understand and remedy the damage they have caused to their own brothers.

Why have not humans captured the attention, the fact that their actions significantly affect the planet where they live, why are they so harmful?

The answer to that question is very simple, what happens is that the " current world " is damaged by being carried away by the dark forces, that is why Gaia has tried to find ways to send fundamental information to different parts of the universe whenever the they harm Which results in an immediate and general relief, which the Earth has in asking us to intervene so that you, the human beings, wake up to reality and understand where your ambition of power is leading you . You need to listen and understand, not to share all this information, since it will be available for most of the cultures that are yet to come.

It is true that ancient cultures did not have the same benefits that current culture possesses, however, these " prehistoric cultures " always listened to Gaia through heaven, earth, climate, animals, etc., and followed her, That is why despite being ancient cultures they had very advanced knowledge for their time.

The reason why the modern world is so far from reality, is because people need to study, get and read many articles, in addition to talking with a lot of people, while archaic cultures were in direct contact. with the four elements of Gaia: Earth, fire, air and water, so that in order to understand reality and cease to depend on its conception of Time, it is necessary that " today's humanity " learn to listen and understand Gaia, equally they need to learn to listen to what the ancient civilizations try to tell you through the remains they have left.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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