Knowledge means love and love is a connection, this being an obligation

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 I come to help my brothers during the lifting process 2 Knowledge means love and love is a connection of both 3 Why is your solar being heading the earth? 4 The people around you will help you strengthen the bond of love with your solar being

Dear brothers, I greet you and welcome you to be protected and organized within the vibration space of the constellation Orion, in which I am staying, this being a spiritual place .

I Christ'al Chaya, I love not only teaching, but also rigor, a Melchizedek of the Golden Brotherhood of Orion and I have come to you, the brothers of the earth, with the purpose of helping you during the lifting process, facing to that memorable need for cell integration.

I come to help my brothers during the lifting process

Dear brothers, I want to help each of the members of this trip and obviously, so that together we form a pillar for the regulation of the six main portals and I have to say, that very soon, by the fall of this year, they will be offered the instructions and protocols that could be required to be in the six portals, in this way they will be able to do within them a job, a specific job and they will also be made aware of the involution actions that are contained in their DNA, which will be they will materialize due to the presence of the people around them.

I will be accompanying you in this hard work, where you can remove from your DNA any code or part that has been touched by the demonic hand. These codes in your DNA are codes of the demons of Lucifer, germs that have been combined with the seeds of the Christ consciousness that you have inherited from the Khéopsis line, the line that provides the seeds of knowledge that allow you to find the ability to find the space radiation of you and also get the path of your salvation .

Knowledge means love and love is a connection of both

Knowledge means love and love is a connection, so it is an obligation of love to have knowledge about this and although due to the violation suffered by women in several countries, in addition to the interference of the evil in their codes, it is possible that the children that they have in their bellies, do not have seed codes, but instead, they have been transmuted into germs that are in the main Khéopsis line, simply, because these codes have not yet reached their total potential and its total radiation.

Although these women experienced rage during the time of their rape, the codes of the devil were conceived and they received them as their own codes . However, now you have the ability to accompany you brothers, to clean those traces of the devil. This is because knowledge is no longer strange to you, since you are your own knowledge, you are breathing that knowledge, all for the common good, that is, that he uses the knowledge he has and puts it at the service of the union of the cosmos.

Why is your solar being directed the earth?

Currently, you also received some characteristics from your solar being, but why does your solar being try to contact you who have incarnated? Since 2010, the subathemic particles of the fine diamond that was in the environment of its planet, contain the elevation of its more archaic programming.

However, and when we talk about archaic, we clearly do not refer to your parents, siblings in the stars, but to the energy that these already adult individuals, equally exist in various fractions of yourself, are multidimensional parts of their be solar, which have risen or are in the process of elevation and this is because these parts rose to disseminate information about that ascent, while their solar being gradually manifested.

And that elevation usually affects the plan of the same duality, because the earth, in some way, still vibrates through its old matrix, as it happens with all its solar being, which carry with it a whole memory of those fractions of souls who went through traumas, because they were in contact with galactic wars that preexisted the earth plane . These fractions are delayed and undoubtedly, trying to reach the portals of solarization, because their units belonging to the evil code serve as decoys and imitate entities with the purpose of preventing you from following the mandate of your solar being and fail to reach your elevation.

Delicate atoms are diamantine atoms that collapse, which now allow them to reveal not only their earthly Akasha, but also their galactic Akasha through their root karma, which and as a consequence of the involutive structures that are contained inside, they cannot be recognized within the earthly plane. Today, its DNA is not able to withstand and even transmute the nature of involution structures that are contained within the memory of its fractions.

That is why we offer our help to calibrate your DNA again within the set of matrices that have your galactic DNA, which consists in the design of your own divinity. When your DNA is calibrated again, in the design that has its galactic DNA, it tends to be fortified within the relationship it has with the Divine Presence, with the “ I Am the Divine Presence ”, which refers to an expression from energy solar, when any of you manages to find yourself exactly inside the source, the Divine "I Am", the only presence that has never known any change, the only one that has not been contaminated, because it is internalized within your solar being and with which his galactic being lived alongside his fractions and multidimensional actions that have been ascending and revealing his divine presence.

The people around you will help you strengthen the bond of love with your solar being

Likewise, after calibrating their DNA again, the love bond they have with their solar being will be reinforced and at the same time it strengthens this love bond, it also favors the complete liberation of the demonic content that has been inserted deep within the Christ matrix. of his DNA . It is necessary to understand that the matrix of which I speak, is like a group that has several codes of the matrix of the Teacher, being a matrix that has different codes.

It can be said that the matrix consists of a container while the codes represent its content and it is possible that the container, that is to say the matrix, has cracks or lesions, caused precisely by the interference of the demonic codes .
When working with the fractions, you are working with the contents of the container, which means that the codes that the Master matrix possesses are worked. While working with the codes of the devil, you are working directly with the container and not with the codes of the matrix .

I invite you to delve deeper into your own galactic DNA, so that you find your release.


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