Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service, by Archangel Raphael

  • 2019

Dear Natalie Glasson wishes to share with us all the message that Archangel Raphael has wanted to express through her, "Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service", you will love it!

Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service

Greetings and love extend through my being of the Angelic Kingdom .

The Angels of Love and Healing want you to remember them; They want to share their support and companionship with you.

They recognize that they are Angels of Love and Healing on Earth who wish to magnify their power and personal fulfillment of how they can help the transformation of all, especially Mother Earth.

I, Archangel Raphael, come to you with the message of the Angels of Love and Healing, as well as my own guidance and inspiration on how to support the healing of yourself, humanity and Mother Earth.

Many souls on Earth experience deep internal pain due to the way Mother Earth is treated and the suffering experienced by many humans and animals.

Souls like you want to be at service, release the burden of suffering and restore power within those who feel helpless while providing healing to those who experience pain.

You may believe that there is a lack of knowledge about how to work in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth or that there is a beauty on Earth that many cannot see.

You may be focusing on your own inner spiritual evolution and yet see small changes in the reality that surrounds it. Regardless of the thoughts and feelings I have about humanity and Mother Earth, I, Archangel Raphael, want to re-awaken your inner power of service to support you in making a difference in the world you love and care for. You are looking for the same consciousness, energy and source as everyone and everything around you.

You are an expression of the Creator, as everything you find is. Deep in your soul is the energy of unity that unites each soul.

This same unity allows you to join the energy of all to create healing and transformation, not only to support the ascension and well-being of yourself, but to all humanity and Mother Earth.

I, the Alexander Raphael, wish to share with you ideas that encourage you to be at service by accessing the energy of unity and unity that exists within everything.

Not only will you get the feeling of being part of a greater whole, which is the Creator, but you will also begin to understand the reason for the suffering and chaos you recognize in the Mother Earth and humanity.

When you see through illusions, it is easy to generate or encourage healing to create truth and satisfaction for you and others, connecting with the essence of Being of service.

Support, Love and Acceptance = Unity

… The love and acceptance of the Creator are the result and experience of remembering the energy of the unity that flows through your being and all aspects of the Creator, is the essence and the response to everything, even seemingly mundane physical challenges .

Everything has a purpose, everything they have experienced, their current desires and desires, as well as everything that humanity and Mother Earth have experienced is for a reason.

Everything you recognize on Earth as suffering and pain, especially in humanity, is due to its separation from the Creator .

It is important to realize that this separation was a choice, it may have started with a small spark of anger or a moment of feeling alone, this wound grew in power causing feelings of isolation, separation, having to handle everything yourself and feeling as if You are powerless to do it.

When you lose your conscious awareness of your natural unity with the Creator and all that is the Creator, you no longer feel supported, loved and accepted .

Receiving the support, The love and acceptance of the Creator that is naturally given and shared with you, whatever you think it is or choose to create, is the essence of life.

Without the support, love and acceptance of the Creator, it is as if you are cutting off your oxygen and waiting for you to continue as usual.

The support, love and acceptance of the Creator may also feel little value as you move through your physical reality.

However, it is his life line, his essence, his well-being and his power that helps him live a life of fullness on Earth.

The support, love and acceptance of the Creator are the result and the experience of remembering the energy of the unity that flows through your being and all aspects of the Creator, is the essence and the response to everything, even the physical challenges seemingly mundane.

We can understand that your inner energy of unity is your tool to heal yourself, others and Mother Earth.

Feeling supported, loved and accepted is the result of persuading your tool of unity, it is the experience of these three energies that produces a deep re-alignment with your inner unity and the unity that everyone experiences.

Many souls want to experience the support, love and acceptance of those around them, this is possible, however, first, it is necessary to directly receive the support, love and acceptance of the Creator in their being, which allows them to dissolve all The separation wounds.

Then there is the need to connect with the unique and beautiful energy of the unit within your being. It is through their experience of becoming familiar with their inner energy of unity that support, love and acceptance are given.

With this important gift, you recognize your inner power and the truth of the Creator beyond illusion.

Therefore, everything and everyone in your reality becomes a reflection of your inner truth, sharing with you the support, love and acceptance in every moment of your life.

You will recognize then that you are in the divine flow and that it is through this process that healing can be obtained for all.

Therefore, you have the tools to heal and be at the service of humanity and Mother Earth .

Step by step guide to healing and beings of service for you, humanity and Mother Earth

When you see through illusions, it is easy to generate or encourage healing to create truth and satisfaction for you and others, connecting with the essence of Being of Service.

In meditation or time of silence, ask the Creator to fill you with the purest vibration of support, love and acceptance .

Imagine the opening of your heart chakra revealing a great well that collects the energy that the Creator shares with you.

Feel the abundant energy of the Creator filling the well within your heart chakra and overflowing your whole being.

If desired, repeat:

I am fully supported, loved and accepted by the Creator

Continue this process until you really feel or recognize the presence of the Creator.

Say with meaning:

I ask my soul to guide me now to the source of unity within my being, so that I can bathe in its essence and radiant radiance.

Imagine that you exist within your heart chakra as a miniature version of yourself beside a shallow river.

The river is a pearly white color, you can stand on it and just cover your ankles. Allow yourself to follow the direction of the river, enjoying walking through a shallow liquid light. This river will take you to your inner energy and source of unity.

When you reach the source of your unit, you will notice that it is so vast and expansive, since it is connected to the unit within each human being, being of the Light, Mother Earth and the entire universe of the Creator .

It is at this moment, if you feel ready to allow yourself to move and experience the vast expansive unity that is the Creator .

With the support, love and acceptance of the Creator and your connection with the unity of the Creator, it is necessary that you begin to give yourself this sacred energy and power to yourself, knowing that you are worthy and deserving.

Then, give the same energy that Mother Earth abounds with, since she is your loyal companion on your soul journey to Earth.

Keep Mother Earth in this sacred energy that is being channeled through her being, allow Mother Earth to transform, heal wounds and align herself with her energy unit interior that is similar to a mirror of its unit source.

Only when you feel ready, send the same energy to humanity and all the souls on Earth let the energy flow through you and keep all souls in this sacred light.

You will be able to observe as they begin to heal, transform and re-align with their internal unity, which will mean that they are choosing unity instead of separation.

You may also wish to give the same energy to all beings of service and love within the Creator Universe as an expression of gratitude for your constant support and connection.

Take the time to return your attention to your own unit energy, explore this energy. If any separation energy that you experience in your own reality, recognize within the realities of others, within humanity or Mother Earth, come to your conscience, guide the separation energy in your inner unity for transformation and healing.

Remember that what you see, feel and recognize within others, exists within your own being, that is why it has reached your consciousness .

Everything that does not exist within your being does not enter your consciousness.

Know that you can be at the service of humanity and Mother Earth just by looking inside your being, recognize the separation and unity that is present and align with the support, love and acceptance of the Creator.

I, Archangel Raphael, am present to serve you,

Archangel Raphael

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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