Archangel Raphael And Archangel Michael: Say "Yes!"

  • 2019

Channeled by Linda Dillon, February 2, 2019

Sweet angels, are you ready and willing to accept?

Archangel Raphael :

Regards. I am Archangel Raphael . Welcome, dear brothers. Yes - healers, doctors, creators, expanders.

And I come to talk with you - yes, of course, everyone is present - but I also come to talk about the healing of the human heart, the human soul, the human psyche, the collective of this magnificent and beautiful planet called Gaia because, as you well know, my mission, my service ... my love for the Mother is to be her Healer - and this includes this collective, this planet, this galaxy, this section, this part of her infinite and eternal cosmos.

Now, I do not come today because there is an urgent situation emerging, it is not that the collective is in the emergency room - although we have often wished it really was!

I come because there is a change in the realm of human consciousness, as our beloved Mother has said, and the change to the consciousness of creating and co-creating with the visible and non-visible realms, of materialization - bringing to physicality - what has been worked, prayed, in the invisible realm for so long.

The change of consciousness is knowing that they can create, co-create, manifest in the physical world.

And this is a significant advance, particularly, it could be said, for those Gaianos who are awake and who are in a place of balance by assuming their Divine Authority, their right of divine birth, at the deepest levels of humility and compassion, excitement, exuberance and action.

Now, why I, as the Archangel of the Emerald Ray Healing, of the Heart Center, why do I talk about this? Because it is vibratory and this is the topic that has been emerging lately and a greater understanding of the need for the vibration - the frequency - of the human race to rise, clear, "dust off" and elevate.

It is necessary that the frequency of humanity rise.

The Mother has sent healing to this glorious planet and to the collective of the human race. And let me say, modestly, that this healing has done a remarkable job in improving human collective vibration.

But those of you who are doctors, my beloved brothers, understand - and that is why I am talking about this, of this day, because I also know that you will share it - that there is a point where the patient, the recipient of the treatment, needs to say "Yes, " there has to be a choice of free will, this voluntary embrace and the acceptance of healing.

The patient has to accept the healing.

And, in this case, what we call " healing " is simply the elevation of human vibration . And in that "yes" of humans - and, if I may say so, of the community of lightworkers and love possessors - what they are doing is becoming the incarnation of the New You, of the New Being, of recognizing the divinity and allow to activate what has always rested within.

It is like a graduation ceremony where students say: “Yes, I have learned what I need to learn, I have done my homework, I have done my essays and I am prepared and welcome to the next step of the sacred spiral, to the next level, to fully commit to what is to come ” … not spending time simply ruminating about what has happened or not, about what has happened in the past.

Healing is the elevation of human vibration.

Learn those lessons, gain that insight, but move towards higher vibration because in that higher vibration, in the vibration we call love, the potential and the reality of being able to create more and could even say m s with less is fully present . not only partially present, but fully present.

So the deep embrace of the higher vibrations is and has been a gift for each of you, and for all mankind.

The question I ask you is: Sweet angels, re you ready and willing to accept?

As the Arc of the Healing, yes, beloved friends, that the answer of many is absolutely, yes! There is no place for the old paradigms of lack or limitation n, shame or guilt or fear or anger or any of these.

There is no place for the old limiting paradigms.

And while saying "yes" - think about it this way: you are saying "yes" to millions of people who do not understand as well as you that conscious choice is part of the process and is also part of the path and the reward.

So I appreciate it, beloved ones. They are doing very well - despite all the odds, they don't know the meaning of giving up. Perseverance - and I say this as someone who has served the Mother forever - perseverance is a powerful gift and the quality, strength, courage, consistency they have practiced is stellar.

Perseverance is a powerful gift.

There are big changes happening on your planet . Perhaps the most significant is, say, the obvious arrival of his Star Family and his friends - not as a loot hidden in the ground, but as an advance in the fullness of his "olive branch" and his offer of community and unity, of love, of friendship, of cooperation, of sharing technology and wisdom…. and the stories, the stories, the sharing of what lies beyond what people call galaxies.

The star family is coming with their wisdom.

And so, beloved brother, I am with you and I am with the totality of humanity. This is the time when I step forward in the name of the Mother and we will be resurrected and you will be resurrected, and everything is in order - everything is in development - not as a distant horizon, but right now .

That's why I came. It can be noticed…. I do not speak often - only when necessary. And now it's one of those times.

They are deeply loved, honored and respected. I love you, my friends.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Michael:

Greetings - I am Miguel.

Welcome to all of you. They have been faithful, my friends. And yes, I know, they are exhausted. And that's why I arrive today, not to fight, but simply to feed them, perhaps to play my harp or to invite them to listen to the heavenly choirs with me, because their sound and light can heal and elevate from the tired soul to the most exhausted .

When my brother Rafael talks about raising the vibrations, he is not adding a task, a job, another mission, because this is as natural as breathing . But it is the consciousness, it is the awareness of each of you as independent sovereign beings who have the right - and the choice - to simply increase their frequency, and who are at a point of awareness, of waking up, where this is really capable of be elevated by a choice and conscious decision.

Raising the vibration is as natural as breathing.

It is a choice that is based on the consciousness of association, of unity with us in the sweetest harmony of our Mother, of our Father, of the One. Therefore, it is not an action or a company that requires effort, but rather what What it requires is a point of choice and decision and a “yes”.

And you and me and all of us who serve - it is inconceivable that you do not say "yes", because the deepest longing of your heart and our heart is to elevate to a vibrational rhythm that is harmony - it is the song - of the Nova Earth.

The deepest yearning of the heart is to raise the vibration.

So I also wanted to elaborate and further clarify this aspect of raising the vibrations - it must be done in joy, in laughter and in sweetness . It is as if you had just been invited and were on the move, or perhaps even attending, to the coronation - not of some distant deity or monarch - but of autonomy, the sovereignty of your soul .

Archangel Michael

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SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2019) Archangels Raphael and Michael say yes.

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