Colors to dress each day of the week, and how their influence affects us.

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Do you know why it is important to know colors to dress every day of the week?

We live in a world surrounded by stimuli. And we go through it, exchanging energy and being affected by the things that surround us. And every day new factors are discovered that influence us.

Within these factors, we also find colors.

Disciplines such as Feng Shui already tell us about this influence, and also offer us a criterion to choose the colors to dress each day of the week.

Colors are the impression of the particles of light that capture our eyes. These capture and interpret the wavelengths of the light that is reflected by the bodies. That is, the colors have a vibration.

This vibration, this energy, is what comes to us and ends up influencing us, in the way we behave and feel. For this reason, it is not a bad idea to become aware of the colors we use in our day to day .

Having said that, we invite you to know some colors to dress every day of the week so you can get the most out of them.

Colors influence us and what surrounds us

There are different disciplines that tell us about the importance of colors, and their direct and indirect influence on us. And among them, Feng Shui is one of the oldest.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of Eastern philosophy, in which the harmony of space and time is sought. In this practice, colors also have a very important importance. And this is so since they exert direct influence on the energies found in the environment.

In this art, colors are also associated with the 5 elements. And these in turn have a direct connection with the feelings that affect us, and the organs that compose us.

Thus, different shades of a specific color can be used to balance a certain element. And in that way, balance our body and our spirit.

Chromotherapy is also an alternative therapy that is based exclusively on the influence that colors have on us. And he applies them to balance the chakras and achieve good health in our body.

The ancients knew it, and we are also witnesses. The colors interact with the energy that is inside and around us. And we can use them for our own well-being.

Colors to wear on Monday

Monday comes from the Latin ' Lunae dies ', that is to say ' Moon Day '. And this is the star star of this day. Therefore, it is a good time to allow the manifestation of feminine energy . The feminine energy is related to sensitivity, softness and light. Therefore, this day is special to wear white clothes.

In turn, the silver accessories will also look great, and will give you a touch of shine that will shine on Monday.

Colors to wear on Tuesday

We continue with the colors to get dressed every day of the week, talking about Tuesday.

Tuesday comes from the Latin Martis dies, that is, Mars Day . Mars, the imposing god of war, refers to firmness, strength and intensity, mainly associated with male energy .

On this day, it is a good idea to use strong colors. Therefore the colors to dress on Tuesdays are those of the red range . Colors like orange and pink can also be a great choice, as long as they are intense shades .

Colors to dress on Wednesday

Wednesday comes from the Latin ' Mercurii díes ', that is, ' Mercury's day '. And this day is usually a great invitation for reflection, introspection and inner development . On this day it is a good idea to wear colors that convey serenity, such as the different shades of brown .

And if you are a friend of the practice of meditation, or want to start to know it, this is the day for that.

Colors to dress on Thursday

Thursday is one of the most productive days of the week, so from the colors to dress each day of the week you should pay important attention to this.

Thursday comes from the Latin ' Jovis dies ', that is ' Jupiter's day '. This star is often associated with the energy of motivation, enthusiasm and vitality . Therefore, the colors to dress on Thursday are those of the blue and purple range .

These colors will be a great help to start new business or look for work.

Colors to dress on Friday

Friday comes from the Latin ' Veneris dies ', that is to say ' day of Venus' . And the goddess makes this a great day to celebrate love and beauty . Therefore, within the colors to dress each day of the week it is the turn of the pink color .

This is a great day of the week to work relationships. And to devote a good amount of time to those activities that have to do with creativity . Take advantage of these colors to do it.

Colors to dress on Saturday

Saturday comes from the Latin ' Saturni dies ', that is to say ' Saturn Day' . The influence of this star usually comes from the hand of greater sensitivity in our intuition. And the colors to dress on Saturdays are black and the darkest shades of gray.

This is a great day to catch up with your family and friends . And be aware of how they are doing in your life and what you can do for them.

Colors to dress on Sunday

Sunday comes from the Latin ' dies dominica ', that is to say ' day of the Lord ', although in ancient Rome it was called ' dies solis ', ' day of the sun '. And this is a great day to bow to the Astro King, to celebrate life and guide our goals.

In this case, within the colors to dress each day of the week today we will choose those that invoke energy and vitality .

Therefore, this is the turn of yellow, light orange and gold colors . And it is a day to share and show a smile of gratitude for everything that has been given to us in life.

Color considerations for dressing every day of the week

Now you know. Apply this knowledge to take advantage of the advantages that different influences can provide in your life.

Colors can be a source of relaxation, intensity, strength. They can dye your days of what is oriented with what you are looking for . And so they can become another tool in your search.
Take advantage of it.

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

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