Jesus Message: You must accept the change as it comes to you

  • 2019

You have lived many lives without knowing that you were here and now you have the opportunity to meet again, but above all, not to repeat everything you've been through, everything you've endured, everything you've been done . That is why you must accept that you are in a period where you can really change things and begin to understand, but above all, feel, what it really is and what you can do to change.

However, this change brings with it something different, and it is that it has already begun, therefore it should not be subject to conditions and less fears, because this will effectively ask you to accept everything that has happened in all strata of this century, of this dimension.

That is why dear friends, it is important to understand that change can never be subject to misrepresentations of any kind, much less commitments . You must make the decision to decide what you really want to live and above all, stop living.

For that you might not want to remember what connects you with everything that made you a human being who worked in this world since it is still in the confinement of all those who want you to be as they want, what you are, because of all modes this humanity is moving towards its own change that will take place anyway, and everything will be destined to be different than it is today.

According to Jesus you must accept the change, do not overlook it

Therefore, you have the option to continue in what is still alive or to change dramatically without continuing to live what you have lived for so long, for that you must make the decision to want to change, but without conditions, without deductions, and especially without commitment, since to meet you again you will need to abandon everything that you have been, but above all to access your own conscience, to be something more than Human.

In addition, you will require that you learn again to feel what you are from all eternity, and without fear of allowing yourself to live it gradually and stop guiding you, always going gradually so that you can always go further since everything you have been, everything It is happening here and everything you no longer have to live and feel that in you resides in a power that can make you conceive all things differently and transcend all situations in the moment, gradually vibrating an increasingly expressive vibration and each more exponential

This leads to stop identifying with anything and being in perfect correlation with what you have in your heart to live and always create in consciousness, always in power so that you can be aware of who you are and then express yourself in many others. levels where everything will agree for you in this reality and in many others, interact with all the teachers that may be in the moment of consciousness.

You must also accept this change and not let yourself be trapped by the interference of your human personality, but above all in the shadow that tries in vain to keep you in what you were as limited and submissive humans always remembering that what you do not understand now is that this world is in transmutation and that you have the opportunity to return to your own consciousness .

So everything that is revealed is guided according to your choices to return to the consciousness of being, return to your own source; therefore identify yourself with all that you have lived here on earth and all the living conditions that you have allowed yourself to experience.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Yawaeh

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